Here’s The Killing Floor Live-Action Short Film You Never Knew You Wanted

I always found live-action advertising for games interesting — as potential customers, in-game footage is always more valuable, but putting actual people in odd situations and applying a dash of special effects will earn you more coverage with mainstream media. This real-world take on Tripwire’s Killing Floor might not be the best translation of game to film, but I’m sure its shlock zombie aesthetics will win it viewings in unconventional places.

According to the video description, the sub 12-minute clip was a team effort between developer Tripwire and a production outfit by the name of “Type AB”. Entitled “Killing Floor: Uncovered”, it takes us on a first-person, Blair Witch-style journey inside a secret biotech facility where everything goes horribly, horribly wrong.

Tripwire’s VP Alan Wilson provides this reasoning for the gory short:

“We’ve wanted to open up the whole KILLING FLOOR universe for the longest time. There is just so much fun that players, fans and we can have with the whole thing that we jumped at the chance to do an actual live-action piece with these guys,” … “We want to tell more stories in the KF universe, about the characters, the bad guys. Big stories and little stories. So we really hope that KILLING FLOOR: UNCOVERED is just the first of many stories to come, in many media forms!”

It features sections inspired by the film version of Doom, so if your stomach isn’t comfortable with bouncing footage from the main character’s perspective, blocked by a pair of arms and the back of a handgun, this is not for you.

Killing Floor: Uncovered [YouTube]

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