Remember This?

Congrats to macross781, who correctly guessed that yesterday's Remember This was Snatcher. Great job, and well done to everyone else who managed to guess correctly.

Good luck with today's effort!


    Final Lap Twin
    or breath of fire 3?

      Hey, that's not how it works!

      If you're gonna be that guy and guess the same game every week, you're not allowed a regular guess as well. ;p

        well now that I have learned the ways of guessing I will do one or the other, but never both :)

          You can always post your proper guess in a separate post! ;)

    Mario kart 64 or Mario kart double dash?


    The Neverhood?

      Totally The Neverhood:,-Vista,-7-and-8-Step-11.jpg

      Well done. All that green made me think of the Actua Golf demo I had on a PS1 demo disc. That got so much play in our house.

      Last edited 11/02/15 12:40 pm

        Nice, I thought it was a golf game too!

      Daaaamn I knew it looked familair. That's the second screen isn't it? I think I only ever played the demo...

    Landscape Simulator 2: Paths

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