Bloodborne: The Kotaku Australia Livestream

Bloodborne is almost here! But me? I've been playing it for about four days and I love it. I'm sorry, but I love it. Today I'm going to livestream a couple of hours of Bloodborne for your entertainment. For those worried about spoilers, I'm going to start a brand new game from the start, so you won't be spoiled too much.

Join me!

Watch live video from Markserrels on


    to watch or not to watch......that is the question ?????

    sooooo tempting.....but..but spoilers...........but bloodborne.......but spoilers...... but (and so on and so forth)

      No! We need to stay strong man. We need... to fight the urge! Only... one...!!

        (I tuned out so I didn't spoil anything, thank god for work being busy otherwise I would have watched the whole thing)

        any word on it breaking street date ???

    I joined about 10 seconds before "thank you so much"
    best stream ever

    You should've kept going until you properly rage quit :P

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