This Bloodborne 'Choose Your Own Adventure' Is Still Super Hard

Hey you! Yes you. Play Bloodborne. It's great.

Oh. Okay. You don't want to play Bloodborne. Why not play this super cool 'Choose Your Own Adventure' version of Bloodborne instead?

Bloodborne is difficult. We all know this. Why not completely remove agency and let a handful of choices do the playing for you!

This series of videos is pretty cool. I love the perspective and I love the pacing of it. It really gives you a chance to focus on how much insane detail has been placed into this universe. Bloodborne is such a good looking video game.

I died in this. A lot. I make bad choices in life.


    Bloodborne is such a good looking video game.

    So fucking good. I don't think anything's topped it yet.

      Only game I have played 3 times in a row from start to end :D

        I started Old Hunters on NG++ ... ;_; I'm still scared of even fighting the first boss, lol. I get almost one-shot by the trash mobs with the Beast Hunter weapons :[

        Last edited 20/01/16 1:36 pm

          The first dlc boss I found to be the hardest. Only way I beat it was when i summed another player to help me out.

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