Mad Max: Fury Road Looks So Goddamn Great

Despite my initial cynicism, Mad Max: Fury Road just keeps chipping away with these incredible trailers to the point where I'm just at fever pitch. With a young kid, trips to the cinema are few and far between, but Mad Max: Fury Road? Day one. Absolutely no doubt. This movie just looks amazing.

If this movie sucks I'll be so disappointed. So disappointed.

Why am I so excited? I think it's just how inventive it all looks. The design, the characters, how everything looks. If you had told me a couple of years ago I'd be more excited about a new Mad Max movie than a new Star Wars movie I'd have called you crazy, but that's where I'm at right now.


    Star wars is milking the proverbial nostalgia teat, whilst mad max is organically reintroducing its amazing universe. Can't wait.

    it'll be the quieter character moments and great dialog that will make it a great movie

      And because it's Tom Hardy, you know he'll pull it off his side of things. Have you ever seen Locke?

    I go to the cinemas twice a year. Maybe.

    This is, without a doubt, one of those times.

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    I'll probably see it just because I watch a lot of movies but I actually think it looks pretty average. I can only hope that @buzzman is right and that the character interactions lift the movie above the, what appear to be, cringe-worthy and uninspired action sequences.

      Do yourself a favour, before you go see this, Watch Mad Max 1 and 2 for the first time or again. Mad Max 3 is not so great, but you could watch that too.

    I feel I am missing something with this movie. the ones we normally go to the movies with are super hyped about this movie but I just feel I will be seeing it because it is expected not because it looks good or anything I would normally want to watch (note my rose coloured glasses has tuned out any bad points to Jurassic world so who knows what goes on inside this brain)
    I have no prior care either to the previous mad max's ( I vaguely recall snippets of mad max 2 as a child but again there wasn't ever really any love of that movie, it was just a movie) so I don't know if that plays a part why my enthusiasm level for this movie is no higher than 50 shades of grey

    "With a young kid, trips to the cinema are few and far between, but Mad Max: Fury Road? Day one." I'm just going to assume you're implying going to the cinema on your own. XD

      Once you have kids, going to movies by yourself is one of life's greatest luxuries.

    do i need to have seen, or at least remember, the originals to make sense of this movie?

      No not really, but I would watch Mad Max 1 and 2 for sure just to enjoy good 70s and 80s Aussie action films and whilst your at it try to find the movie called STONE its a classic Aussie 70s film.

      Definitely watch Mad Max 1 & 2. Mad Max 1 is great and Mad Max 2 is one of those few amazing sequels that make the earlier movie even better

    And then they did this site as well:

    Showing off the vehicles. This site (except for the horrible load times) is awesome, especially for the 70s/80s style Aussie vernacular.

    Some of those set pieces look incredible. It bothers me a bit, though, that so much of the action seems to focus on Charlize Theron's character. I get that she's the more marketable cast member and a central character but, still, the movie's not called Mad Max for nothing.

    What i love about these trailers; I still have no idea what the movie is actually about. Trailers these days show 99% of the movie in 3 minutes...

    1.45 Far Cry 4 auto crossbow and single handed grenade launcher

    I am so fudging keen for both this and the game. I loved mad max as a kid and i'm pretty sure its why I enjoyed "RAGE" by idsoftware so much. Super keen

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