Tell Us Dammit: Games Of The Year So Far

2015 is only four (almost five) months in and I already I feel like it's been a better year for games that 2014. Here's hoping this keeps up.

What are some of your favourite games of 2014 so far?

Bloodborne goes without saying. I think it's a bit of a masterpiece really, despite the loading times! OlliOlli 2 just feels like the refinement of an idea that I was already in love with and I've started playing Titan Souls, another game that I love. So far so good. And when you consider that The Witcher 3 is less than a month away. Man...

Really it's been the last couple of months that's really kicked things into overdrive. What have been your favourite games of 2015 so far?


    Life is Strange with Pillars of Eternity a close second.

    Well, if Bloodborne goes without saying then here's my games of the year list so far:

    Honestly, its been a shocking year so far. I literally have nothing to play at the moment

    Gotta be Bloodborne. Still bashing my head against walls in Chalice Dungeons. Still having fun!

    Well let's see:
    Still playing Insurgency
    Gotten into a group for ARMA 3 that does co-op missions
    Doing a Let's Play of the PC version of Oddworld New 'n' Tasty
    Killing Floor 2

    Sad thing is i haven't bought any new releases this year, GTA V PC maybe but thats more a re-re-release than anything else.

    Sorry, just remembered Dying Light.

    Also why did i get a downvote?

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      Because your post doesn't have Bloodborne in it anywhere. Pls fix.

      I'm kinda hooked on Dying Light at the moment. Loving the parkour system.


    I suspect that Witcher 3 (May), Batman: Arkham Knight (June), MGS V (September) and Doom (November) will come close though. Unless Project Trico rears its head at TGS.

    EDIT: Also not to forget the promising indies such as No Man's Sky, Rime, Firewatch and Everybody's Gone To The Rapture.

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      @DC we got another firewatch buddy here!

        We'll have to teach them the handshake!

    Bloodborne and Hearthstone (mobile)

    No doubt about it.

    The game I've played the longest this year is Oreshika but I wouldn't really consider it my GOTY. I've mostly been catching up with older releases this year as a lot of the new stuff isn't that interesting. Even Bloodborne, as pretty, streamlined and fun as it is hasn't really kept my attention. I think it's that it's different, but not different enough to previous Souls games to feel like I'm not just eating my fourth helping of ice cream.

    With the exception of 45 minutes of Bloodborne, I haven't played a single new release this year yet :/ Played stuff that was re-released this year, or came out late last year. Weird.

    Given the patching of some of last years games... can we include them in this year?

    If yes, then Halo.

      You're voting for a re-release game that needed 6 months of patching before it became somewhat playable?

    All I've played this year is DA:I, pokemon and ps plus freebies. I'll play bloodborne when they fix the loading time issue (long loading times really irk me). No game of the year for me yet. I think Witcher will be hard to top though.

    Every one keeps talking about Bloodborne, saying how awesome it is, I see it on every higlight reel, everyday there's a new post on it.

    I'm just here, thinking what the hell is everyone obsessed with the game?

    Then I continue playing GTA V.

      Same, I haven't played it so I can't judge it but it's looks pretty standard to me. I guess it's a game for people who like dark souls. Not ma thing

      It's pretty great. I barely played 5 hours of Demon Souls, about 1/3 of Dark Souls, but did almost everything I could in Bloodborne. Something about it was much more accessible than the other Souls for me.

      I'm starting GTA V on PC for the first time this week. Seems interesting so far

        Yeah I've always wanted to get into dark souls but found the genre a bit unforgiving. Though I might give Bloodborne a go down the track.

        You should love GTA. You can spend hours doing nothing and still have fun.

    Pillars of Eternity. I've enjoyed it more than anything else so far. I found bloodborne too repetitive and incomplete to be my GOTY, still enjoyed it though.

    Bloodborne is a given even though I don't even think I'm halfway through it, but my favourite game so far this year is definitely Axiom Verge.

    I don't usually get into the 'MetroidVania' stuff, I generally start them and then fall off pretty quick. I'm close to finishing Axiom Verge, and simply DO NOT want it to end. Every new item or weapon you get is surprising and different; some items in particular have left my jaw hanging open with how awesome and inventive they are.

    And the music, dear god, the music. One of the best soundtracks in years. If you haven't already, PLAY IT (or get it when it comes out on Steam)!

    Bloodborne is not just my GOTY but possibly GOAT. It has just the right mix of horror and adventure elements, third person action (my favourite) and combat. The combat is sublime (although transformed charge attacks with the rifle spear can make any non-boss 1-on-1 pretty easy). And that art direction! I'd give it serious weight as a 'most vibrantly creepy game world' contender. The fog that drifts across the streets, the hissing of hidden serpents in the forest, the groaning of demented troll beasts and the ominous thump-thumping of a snatcher coming to steal your soul...

      Same, I put it on par with MGS 3 and Wind Waker as my favourite game of all time.

    Captain Toad: Treasure Trackers. Duh.

    Which also seems to be the only game I've bought this year, actually :P

    I don't know if we're talking about the same year, here, because for me it has been a complete and utter wasteland, with the exception of Bloodborne. That is literally the only full priced game I have purchased. It's brilliant, yes, but other than that this year has been a waste of time.

    Yes, there is some cool looking stuff coming later in the year which may or may not be great. But if we're talking what has actually been released, it's Bloodborne followed by meh.

      Totally agree man. It's been freakin pathetic! I have nothing to play ....

        Well I'm still playing Bloodborne, plus I'm also playing a lot of PES 2015 (which came out in 2014) and sometimes a bit of BF4 (which came out 2013!).

        I tried the BF Hardline beta which was ok but not enough to inspire me to want to actually buy the game.

          Hardline is actually pretty good. But I'm kinda done with it, one of those games I'll go back to every now and then. But for me, that's it really. I have money to spend and nothing to spend it on.

    so far the only games I have played in 2015 are :

    Bioshock infinite DLC Ep.2
    Assetto Corsa
    Borderlands Pre-Sequel
    The Witcher 2

    Given that Ride is the only 2015 release in the list, then I guess so far that is Leading GOTY by default. Now I like Ride don't get me wrong, but I really hope it's not actually GOTY...

    - Ori and the Blind Forest
    - While not technically released (early access) - Darkest Dungeon

    But probably Witcher 3 or MGS5 when they come out!

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    Dying Light for me hands down

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