This Slick-Looking Warhammer Strategy Game Is Being Made In Australia

You know that problem I was having keeping track of all the new Warhammer games? It's worse than I thought. Guys, there's one being made in Sydney. Yes, that Sydney. It's called Warhammer 40,000: Regicide and it's being put together by the folks at the (appropriately-named) Hammerfall Publishing.

According to the official website, Regicide is based on a game in the Warhammer universe. The description compares it to Chess, though there are more grenades and power swords than pawns and bishops.

Going by the below image, that sounds like a fair way of framing it.

It'll also feature "dynamic tactical abilities". If you watch the explainer video above, you'll see you can execute XCOM-style attack orders, such as snap shots, though special abilities are also available to give you more character and race-specific options.

The game will have a single-player campaign with one of the Warhammer universe's more well-known squads, the Blood Angels, while multiplayer will come in the form of two modes: "Regicide" and "Classic".

The former appears to be the default way of doing things, while the latter provides an experience more akin to "traditional chess rules" with "brutally violent kills". So a modern-day Battle Chess? Sign me up!

Warhammer 40,000: Regicide [Official site, via RPS]


    Why chess, just why?

      Chess might seem wierd for 40k but it has a solid set of rules to work from and it looks like they've tied the 40k feel (psycic abilites, granades with AoE effect, etc) into the base rules really well. Certainly looks better than some of the other recent 40k games.

      As usual with 40k things though, I'd be even happier if it had some Eldar :P

      Yeah the chess style killed it for me and I am a long time Warhammer fan. Each to their own but I will be skipping this.

        If you were a long time warhammer fan, you would know that in the lore, regicide is heavily based on chess.

          That's not really fair. Regicide only appears in Dan Abnett's stories, even then only two or three of them from memory. It's pretty obscure. GW has been disappointingly hands off on managing a proper canonicity in 40K as well, because some of Abnett's stuff contradicts other material and I'd rather see an actual historical record of some stuff instead of "it's all canon because it's all spin told from an in-universe perspective".

            That's how real history is told tho. All history is told from the perspective of the winner, NOT the good guy. There is a massive difference in that view of things.

              I know, and while different in-universe perspectives is interesting enough, I'm more interested in the canonical version of events. Just like in real history, there are many perspectives but only one true set of facts.

                There's plenty of other references to regicide outside Dan Abnett's books.
                Graham McNeill mentions is a lot (especially in Outcast Dead), and I'm pretty sure it's in the Caiphas Cain books too. It's far more wide spread than one author.

                I admit that it's never properly explained but the groundwork is there.

                  I thought Caiphus Cain was one of Abnett's characters but I was mistaken, that's Sandy Mitchell.

    HI guys, if you have any questions :) the dev team are here to help, let me know and I'll do my best to answer.

      so do we have to buy the game twice to play on different devices? or is this a free to play game?

    Looks pretty cool, I'm a 40k fan (I have a pretty neat Ork army and I loved Dawn of War) so I'm interested in checking this out.

    As much as I'm a fan of Warhammer 40k games, I won't be picking this up. I know I'll play it once then never again like most games of its type.

    Graphics are beautiful but not sure I can be bothered buying something similar to chess

    Is that a Dreadnaught as the King/Queen in the picture above??

      No, looks like a Force Commander and a Chaplain probably.

      The opposing team appear to be orks. Looks like mega armour.

        On the Ork side the "Rooks" look like Mega Armour. The "King" and "Queen" from the shots and video look like a Warboss and possibly a Doc or a Mekboy.

        oh yeah, I thought they looked like marines (though with slightly different units than the Blood Angels) but taking a closer look they're definately Orks >_

    No offense to the devs but...
    I look forward to the closure of the studio once this game is finished.
    Because that's the way it works right? Australian studio makes successful game based on an existing franchise, then gets shut down soon after release.

    I am a GW fan and while I am signed up for Regicide already, this gameplay already exists on the app store. Check out AErena. Seems to be the same gameplay or close, but I am still going to play Regicide when it comes out esp. if they don't seem as money hungry as the other.

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