Wasteland 2 Upgrades Free For PC, Mac, Linux

Briefly: Wasteland 2 is getting a slew of upgrades on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but inXile's revealed PC, Mac and Linux owners will get those upgrades for free. The game will be getting updated graphics, new voice overs, gameplay tweaks and more.


    A link to the announcement?

    A date when it's happening?


      Where do you think you are?!


        Hahahaha sorry brainfart for a moment. Been doing essays already for two hours, dropped the kid off to school...

        Should have known better than to actually expect this from kotaku...

        Thanks for the reminder cubits :)

          We've been focusing our training efforts on serrels, but he's seemingly swimming against the current.

            It's the Sporran, it keeps the rest of them from enveloping him with lazywriters syndrome somehow...

    Considering the email that Kickstarter backers received yesterday had *all* the info about what's coming up, including trailers, this is the laziest of clickbait articles.

    Pick up your game.

    Keen! I super enjoyed Wasteland 2 after it's initial launch as i got it for cheap, the longer i wait to continue my 2nd playthrough the better it gets =)

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