Windows 10 Will Come With Candy Crush Saga Pre-Installed

Briefly: Um, no thank you.

This is also somewhat disturbing:

And that's not all: over time, other King titles will also be coming to Windows 10, which should mean hours (and hours... and hours) of fun for all sorts of gamers. Stay tuned to Xbox Wire for more news on Candy Crush Saga for Windows 10, and other King titles!

Candy Crush Saga is Coming to Windows 10 [Xbox]


    Nobody tell him about Minesweeper.

    Seriously though, I don't like the game either, but you can just uninstall it.

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      You don't understand. Candy Crush is the catalyst of the industry. We must withhold the mobile market, lest we be consumed and wither away...

        It's kinda the point of the unified platform though. Any game written for Windows mobile devices will be compatible with Windows desktop PCs as well. To be clear, I hate Zynga and King with a passion, and no, it shouldn't be an automatic install and I think it's a bad idea, but it's closer to the "meh" end of the care spectrum than the "pitchfork" end.

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          Evil wins, when good does nothing. We must stand together and fight back against the tyranny! Come my brothers (and sisters since I'm not GG) rally and take up arms to fight the oppression!

            Yes, if we make enough noise, hopefully they will release a tool to remove it!

          I'm a day late to this little storm, but surely under the custom options I can skip installing it.

          Seriously, Microsoft are currently the big advocate for clean install windows PC's without crapware. This, is crapware. That's the big issue here, why should I care if it's HP or Lenovo pre installing crap, or Microsoft?

            It is a bit unusual, especially since they removed most of the games from Windows 8.

      Well that's one better than U2 - I still can't get rid of that shite album

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      Minesweeper didn't come with Windows 8, it's free in the store for you to download if you choose. Like Candy Crush should be.

      I'll be one starring and uninstalling this crap.

        I installed it and it just crashes/freezes every time I try to start a game. Got a pretty top laptop as well, it's weird.

      I like to think that King's wasting millions of dollars with this, trying to get their titles automatically installed on pc's.
      So I'd call this a win really

        I hoped it was a sign of desperation too, but it's also possible Microsoft is paying the game costs out of Windows sales revenue, which is bad =(

        Even if they are, drop in the bucket. The company that made Clash of Clans is making something like 5.5 million A DAY.

        I wouldn't be surprised if this is similar to the games with gold revenue model. Microsoft buy a heap of licences at bulk discount prices, King makes their revenue through in app purchases.

    Was this meant for your facebook, but you had the wrong window open or something?

    But the dirt will never wash from my hands.
    In my heart... I will always know that it was in my home.

    Thank you so much Luke for the in depth analysis and discussion points presented in this truly well written article!

    Did you ever complain about solitaire, minesweeper or hearts being pre-installed on previous windows? Stop being offended by anything and everything Luke, this ain't tumblr

      Those games didn't ask for more money.

      Ever used Windows 8? They haven't been pre installed for a long time.

    Another pseudo windows bashing article. How quaint.

      Calling it an article is being extremely generous, I think.

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    If this is one of the original games that installs as part of your upgrade that's one thing but if they are able to trigger automatic installs of crapware on my Windows install at any time I am going to be rather unhappy.

    Jesus, can't we escape Don Mattrick?

    I thought we were told that games like Candy Crush WERE REAL GAMES?

    Why are you complaining about getting a free real (TM) game (TM)?

    Unless these cow clickers aren't real games?

    I'm so confused.

    So there IS bloatware in windows 10 after all...

    why not my dad plays windows chess every day for the past 5 years

    Odd that they're putting that in and not bundling in Minecraft

    Obviously another line of code to stop this install if they decide to bundle this with their enterprise product.

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