Hand Of Fate Headlines The Xbox One’s New Indie Game Bundle

Hand Of Fate Headlines The Xbox One’s New Indie Game Bundle

Aussies will be able to buy an exclusive Xbox One bundle consisting entirely of indie games such as Threes!, Jackbox Party Pack, and the Brisbane-made, critically acclaimed Hand of Fate.

In addition to the Xbox One, the bundle will include a HDMI cable, as well as #IDARB, Warframe, Jackbox Party Pack, Threes!, Never Alone, Smite and Hand Of Fate. The package will set you back $499 and is available from today.

Both Smite and Warframe are free-to-play games, but the bundle includes some in-game store credit. Your Smite account will get 400 gems — enough to buy two characters right off the bat. In Warframe you’ll start with 170 platinum credits, which won’t get you much at all. But hey, it’s a game about farming.

As for Smite, it depends heavily on player population, but the local community on PC has been growing strongly. I’ll be keen to see if the Xbone scene does the same.

There’s a decent spread in the other games, too. Threes! is good for small bursts, Hand of Fate will let you get a bit more serious, and Jackbox Party Pack is a good option for when friends come over.

Check out the bundle here.


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