Mario In Unreal Engine 4 Just Ain't Right

Video: Would you look at that. Turns out the uncanny valley works both ways. YouTube's Aryoksini, the guy behind the Blender version of Super Mario 64 from last year, demonstrates why we like our Mario games in colourful cartoon kingdoms and not realistic office buildings, kitchenettes and museums.

Aryoksini rebuilt the Mario animations from scratch (he's got experience with that) and grabbed a bunch of environments from the Unreal marketplace to make this bizarre mash-up of Mario and reality.

Really makes one appreciate Nintendo's art direction, doesn't it?


    He looks very happy in such realistic conditions.

    I like how Mario constantly Tea Bags when hes standing still.

    Well at least someone is using the latest technology to build a Mario game!

    I'd imagine this is what we'd be getting if those crappy Mario CD-I games were a success!

    all he's done is import the model and move sets. environments are standard Unreal engine assets

    Now if he was using a more detailed Mario model, like from Smash Bros, then it might not be so odd.

    That actually looks good, I'd play it. Makes me want a Mario RPG.

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