Super Mario Odyssey New Gameplay Footage Is Fire (Literally)

Nintendo is on a roll, and next up is Super Mario Odyssey. It continues to look spectacular.

Today Nintendo put up an 18 minute presentation for the game.

Surprise, surprise: it looks unreal.

For those of you looking to skip the chit-chat, the new gameplay kicks off around nine minute mark.



    Christmas is going to be massive with LoZ: BotW and Mario Odyssey.

    I've already seen the 18 minute gameplay presentation for Super Mario Odyssey but damn if I was wearing Cappy the red Mario cap I would definitely turn into Godzilla the Tyrannosaurus Rex but the Luncheon Kingdom full of food I love it how Mario turns into a lava bubble and even turning into Chef Bro tossing frying pans as hammers but as Super Mario Odyssey producer Yoshiaki Koizumi said it will be a while until Super Mario Odyssey comes out on October 27 so it shouldn't be long until the game gets released on October 27 so I am looking forward to a new Mario adventure so I just want to say thank you Yoshiaki Koizumi for all the hard work you've done at Nintendo and remember to keep up the good work.

      James, my man. You know I genuinely love your enthusiasm, but dude your posts would be much better for discussion with us if you used some full stops! For all I know you' re pretty young, but you are so close I just had to encourage you to give it a shot. For the record, I am a big Nintendo fan too.

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