Co-op Hack’n’Slash Victor Vran Leaves Early Access

Co-op Hack’n’Slash Victor Vran Leaves Early Access

Despite past experience, some games do indeed come out of Early Access, with one of the latest off the rank being Victor Vran by Tropico developer Haemimont Games. While it may have missed its planned May release by a few months, the extra polish looks to have paid off for the co-op action RPG.

Available on Steam for $US17.99 and GOG for $25.29 Australian (or $US18.42), Victor Vran‘s more standout features are its classless character system, online and local co-op (the latter limited to two players) and an interesting difficulty mechanic where you can voluntarily use cursed items.

The story itself isn’t anything to write home about, with the player cast in the role of a demon hunter whose only recourse is to beat the living snot out of his opponents. However, you can heavily customise the way in which you deliver your mucus-bashing.

For example, each weapon type has its own play style and special abilities, while “destiny card” and “demon powers” allow you to further tailor exactly how your protagonist does his business.

I played it for a bit during Early Access and although buggy, it showed a lot of promise. Being able to tweak so many aspects of your character means multiplayer is plenty of fun and you never feel like you’re not unique in some way.

Victor Vran [Steam and GOG]

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