A Cool Documentary About One Of Australia's Most Successful Video Games

Fruit Ninja is five years old. That's kinda weird.

Usually these anniversaries are weird because they make you feel old. This one feels like the opposite. Fruit Ninja feels like it's been around longer. Fruit Ninja feels like this ubiquitous object that's been around since the dawn of time.

This 45 minute documentary is a celebration of Fruit Ninja's first five years, but it's also a history of Halfbrick as a studio. It features interviews with all the major players involved in the creation of Fruit Ninja including Halfbrick CEO Shainiel Deo and Luke Muscat who was the lead designer on Fruit Ninja.

It's a must watch for anyone even half interested in the development of video games. It's actually quite inspiring. The idea that this game — which is this colossal, cultural mainstay — started out as a little flash game being made by a handful of people is crazy. There are a lot of cool lessons to be learned in this documentary.


    Good to know that whilst Australian game developers don't often have a hit with console and PC games, they have good success when it comes to mobile gaming. Thinking of all of Halfbrick's games, and also stuff like the Real Racing games.

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