This Is The Last Week To Get Your PAX Australia Pass Mailed Out

This Is The Last Week To Get Your PAX Australia Pass Mailed Out

If you want to avoid the queues to get your PAX Australia badge this year and you still don’t have your ticket, this is the last chance.

PAX Australia has helpfully reminded everyone this evening that you have until Sunday to purchase your ticket and have it mailed out to you.

You can purchase a ticket after Sunday, of course, but you’ll have to pick it up at the registration desks when you arrive. As someone speaking from prior experience, trust me: you don’t want to be lining up that long.

Single day passes cost $60, with tickets for each of the three days still available. Three day passes are all sold out, although international three day passes are still available for foreigners.


  • A little off-topic: There are heaps of cheap 1, 2 and 3 day passes on the tree, so it’s not hard to get your hands on tickets this time of year

  • I wish they sent out the other passes through the mail too. Having to go down on Thursday, navigate to whatever dark corner the media are hidden in and picking up the pass is a bit aggravating; especially when you have bad hips & knees like I do. That walk all the way around Jeff’s Shed was a killer last year.

    • Or that all the scalpers got burnt after last year’s increase in availability, so aren’t vacuuming them all up in the hopes of turning a profit this time around.

    • They’re tracking about the same as last year. There’s a mega-rush on closer to the event.

      Still, I’m surprised they do as well as they do given its on Melbourne Cup weekend. Even those of us who live in Melbourne have to wince a little bit at the flight + accommodation prices for that one weekend of the year.

  • I live a 5 min stroll from the place! So pumped for this year!
    Will be traveling solo so if any Kotaku buds wanna meet up and make the lining up less tedious with pointless and witty banter… it would be much appreciated 🙂

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