Australian Mario's Pain Is All Too Real

If Mario was a rough and tumble Australian plumber he probably would drink at The Dock in Redfern. There's no doubt in my mind.

So a heads up — this is one of those 'let's-place-Mario-in-adult-situation' comedy sketches. I know, the internet had enough! Down with that sort of thing!

But this one is good. Really good even. At a couple of points I even found myself laughing out loud.


It was the part when Bowser started ordering some food.

World. Class.


    I can only think of how much money it would cost to license that song.

    That was surprisingly good

    Hahaha the westie shirt. Awesome. Also, Bowser kinda reminded me of Kyle Sandilands. lol

    I'll pay that, it was actually really good :) Nice twist.

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