Watch The First Live Playthrough Of Horizon: Zero Dawn

We've already seen footage of Horizon: Zero Dawn being played, but that was at E3. And the developers were playing. What does it look like when some random player gets a hold of the controls.

Turns out it still looks pretty good.

I have high hopes for Horizon: Zero Dawn, although I find myself wishing that Guerrilla Games had just chosen either 'Horizon' or 'Zero Dawn' for a title instead of smooshing them together.

It has dinosaurs. Robot dinosaurs. I feel like this is important. I feel like not enough video games have featured robot dinosaurs in the past. I'm excited about these robot dinosaur developments. Maybe it will become sort of new genre.

It's probably worth noting that the quality of this video is pretty bad. Which sucks because Horizon: Zero Dawn is such a gloriously good looking video game. Regardless, this is well worth watching.

Via DualShockers


    You had my attention with the primitive setting and utter lack of zombies....

    You drew me in completely with the robot dinosaurs given I've pumped over 530 hours into ARK...

    You just sold a copy to me when you said "Complete open world"....


    If you announce co-op multiplayer, you'll make me pass out...

    Last edited 21/09/15 1:45 pm

    This is going to have to be something really special to get me excited. Right now it just looks like a reskinned Shadow Of Mordor / Arkham Knight / Mad Max. That sort of experience is fun every now and again, but not three times a year like these publishers seem to be pushing for.

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