What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I've finally retired from the Rocket League game, at least for a while. I'm now in the sneaking, interrogating, shooting, tranquilising game.

Yeah, I've been playing a lot of Metal Gear Solid V.

And that's almost certainly what I'll be playing this weekend. When my child is asleep. When he's awake? I'm going to probably play Super Mario Maker. I've had a copy since the beginning of this week but haven't been able to drag myself away from MGSV at all. This game is ruining my sleep schedule in a really big way.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Finished The Witcher 3 (including platinum trophy) – Woohoo!

    Total play time ~300+ hours. I have spent over three months with this game. It was quite a shock to finally finish it. At a bit of a loose end, but I think I'll go back to my MGS4 playthrough (maybe restart it). I'm also near the end of my Persona Q playthrough, so thinking about my next portable game. Maybe Steins:Gate or something like that.

    Possibly some Skylanders Trap Team or similar with the kids.

      When you finish the main quest line, can you go back and finish off the higher level witcher contracts? Or does the game just stop?

        You can keep playing as long as you like. Of course, depending on which ending you get, you might not want to :-P

          I don't have 300 hours, just want to get that Gold Trophy for Level 35 (and not really interested in New Game Plus!)

            I'm also surprised the end game starts at just EXP level 22, there doesn't seem to be many quests in the 27-30 range to propel to Level 35. Could be wrong.

            Last edited 11/09/15 1:15 pm

              Most of the final main quests for me were level 26-30, and they will give you good XP. I went from about level 32 to almost level 35 in the last 3-6 hours of the game. Even on Death March, playing the end game at my level was a piece of piss except for one notable exception involving a teleporting sub-boss.

      I'm proud of you!

      Just hit 25, up to date with all side quests. Just... Chugging along.

        The good news is that (if you are going for platinum) playing fairly carefully you can get the platinum in a single playthrough with only an hour or so of extra grind after you complete the game. I hate games where you have to faff around forever until the game becomes meaningless to you (like some of the Assassin's Creeds).

          Oh, I'll have to go game plus if I want the platinum. Only on the second highest difficulty.

      Hey congrats! Platinum is impressive. I finished up last Friday and loved my ending.

      Had the ending with Ciri becoming a Witcher, I was pretty happy with that. Was so scared I would get some rubbish ending with a few of the choices I made along the way

        Mine was Ciri becoming Empress, which was rather sad in a sense, but I felt that at least she made her own decision and Geralt didn't stand in her way.

    Mario Maker.

    What are your NNIDs for levels?

      It also shares individual course codes, so write them down as they appear.

    Now that I've finished all my assignments for the term (yay, year 12), I finally have some time to continue playing Mad Max. Also might finish R&C: A Crack in Time and start Nexus and maybe start the first Metal Gear Solid

    MGSV, Mad Max, Rocket League, and (hopefully) Super Mario Maker.

    MGSV. I've played for 64 hours and I'm only 54% through the game.

    Aside from that, maybe Shadowrun on D&D Sunday. I'm kinda not really that interested. The mechanics are way more complicated than it needs to be, to the point that the other players heavily suggest focusing on roleplaying to avoid the combat (what kind of advice is that?).

      Damn. I'm about 70 hours in and sitting on 32%. Although I do leave it idle sometimes and I repeat missions constantly for better scores and assets. I don't think my base should be almost fully upgraded at this point.

        I also like to sit in the chopper to listen to all the podcasts.

          I'd love to get a companion app that syncs my unlocked tapes to my phone so I could listen to them on the way to work.

            the MGSV app does let you listen to the tapes, but only streaming.

            Unfortunately doesn't work with PC, incase you're a PC player.

    Doing quests/exploring the new areas available in Destiny, maybe raiding. I have a friend's buck's party starting at 3pm tomorrow that will consume a chunk of my gaming time, but I have Monday off of work so I guess my weekend is really just being delayed slightly.

    Got a bunch of pesky social things to attend this weekend, but I'd much rather stay home and play MGSV. Got ~30 hours clocked and am up to mission 14. So many things to do!

    Also I've set my helicopter music to the Austin Powers theme and it's just the best.

      Don't tell me me that's in the game? I'm assuming PC version...

        Yeah on pc there is a folder called custom soundtrack where you can drop mp3s, personally Im rick rolling myself every time I'm extracted.

    Finally put Witcher 3 behind me and am moving onto Until Dawn.

      Finish it, or just exhausted?

        Finished the main quest and (as far as I can tell) every sidequest, witcher contract and treasure hunt, except for a couple that were bugged so couldn't be finished. Play time about 29 days.

        And yes, I'm exhausted :P

          Good job! Will be at it a while longer, methinks.

    Gonna be moving house all weekend but if I get some free time I'll try to run a few rifts in Diablo 3. That'll probably be the extent of my gaming weekend :(

    Maybe some Freedom Wars with friends, then MGSV mostly. Perhaps there will some Disgaea, Etrian Odyssey Mystery Dungeon and SAO Re: Hollow Fragment too.

    Metal Gear... maybe, if I find the time. Busy weekend.

    MGSV - Only just up to where you encounter Quiet for the 1st time.

      MGSV for me too, but I just got the puppy. I've been really looking forward to being able to just get into this.

    No time for gaming this weekend.
    Just moved house, and need to setup the 35mm scanner, edit table, colourist/restoration suite and all the associated cabling. It is going to be a nightmare. Still have no internet connection either, they are not even sure if I will get ADSL1 speeds reliably - Welcome to the 21st century.
    Might sneak some Wii-U time in with the kids though.

    I'm gonna play Ace Attorney Investigations 2 fan translation now that I got it to work on the R4 cart. Also bought Miku Project Mirai DX last night, SO GOOD SO CUTE!

    Destiny. Want to get the Dead Orbit faction quest done on my warlock by Tuesday, so I can get the exotic bond before I recreate him. The PvP is pretty fun now that the meta's been shaken up, and the new maps are pretty cool. Leaving a lot of the PvE stuff (the questified story) until next week so I can get level XP for it.

    Maybe some more Hacknet, MGS:GZ, Mad Max, Rocksmith... but Destiny is taking a surprising amount of my time.

      What do you think of Hacknet?

        I love it. If you want to give it a try, there's an alpha on indiedb which is a pretty good intro to how it plays. The full game gets a lot more involved, hacks get more stressful, incorporate elements of social engineering and hacking mobile devices... but the 2012 alpha's a great way to get a feel for the basics.

        I like the way objectives are part self-guided (the failure states even more so), how it introduces new mechanics, and the way it handles failure states. You can't really "fail" per se - failing a hack just means you'll have to fix your operating system before you can continue (although the last few times I've encountered a different trace system, which I haven't failed yet, though I came very close the first time, and don't know what failing would lead to). I like the command-line focus, and that you really need to know your commands (or learn fast :P) - one of the early failure states has someone breaking into your system and deleting part of your OS, forcing you to use the terminal - no time limit, no obvious goal besides "someone broke your OS, figure out what they did, and fix it."

        Hacking itself is mostly a case of knowing what you're capable of (which protocols/ports you know how to exploit, and which you can't yet), what needs to be done (is there a proxy that will prevent you from accessing some of the ports directly, is there a firewall in place, do you need to completely ignore the technical security and go after an employee's email account, maybe their phone, looking for passwords) and what order it needs to be approached (exploits take time to run, and use different amounts of RAM, so you need to figure out what exploits can run in parallel and what needs to be done on its own) in order to complete the hack before you're traced.

        As someone who works with command line for a living, its kinda cathartic to be asked to break into a system and absolutely destroy stuff. :P The commands it uses are similar enough to the irl Linux commands I use daily, so it's fairly intuitive for me, but it's definitely not for everyone. It might be a bit intimidating if you're not used to interacting with a computer via terminal.

        My only gripe with it was at one point it gives you the option of a side-objective that is actually crucial to completing the next story mission. Starting the story mission prevents you from accepting the side-quest, so you won't be able to complete the story mission. Only way around it is to look up a guide online for the side-mission and just go through the steps to get the exploit you need for the main mission.

          I bought Hacknet in a humble bundle last week, I think I may fire it up tomorrow!

    I've been playing Metal Gear every spare moment I have recently. Spare chunks of time are somewhat of a luxury for me at the moment - and you never know when you're going to trigger a cutscene.
    I've played through MGS1 and am up to the FUCKING escort mission in MGS2. It's not particularly difficult but holy shit that E.E. woman is annoying. I just had to laugh though - in the equivalent amount of time it took to have a conversation and traverse half a flooded corridor E.E. went from pissing herself in a cupboard to being cracked onto by Raiden.
    Raiden really needs to raise his standards.
    So this weekend is MGS2 and I'm hoping to start MGS3.

      Knock her out then call her.

      Also when she's walking around the struts, pull out your microphone gun and aim it at her. One of the conversations she has you can call and yell at her about.

        Ha ha really? That's the exact section I'm up to - the sniping sequence. I'll definitely give that a go!

          The second conversation only makes sense if during the meeting when you find Ames you aim the microphone to the left towards the toilets and hear Johnny from MGS1 with diarrhea.

    Competitive CS Go ....again. Seriously addicted to it. Add me on steam if you want a game panic_at_the_office will be on about 6:00pm tonight

    Destiny. Enjoying checking out all the new stuff. The new weapon balance and maps seem great.

    MGS5. Barely scratched the surface of this game but am loving it so far

    FIFA 16 demo. I've got to give it a play to check the new stuff out.

    I'm working my way through the Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC. The Jaws of Hakkon DLC is kicking my butt, so I'm interested to see how the other two are.

    Hopping back into the ACC and mopping up the last few missions and side ops in Afghanistan before heading to greener pastures.

    Oh and hopefully some Super Smash Bros.

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