Off Topic: Do You Still Watch TV?

And if so, what do you watch? If not, what are you watching? Is it Netflix? Do you just skip TV altogether?

In my house regular terrestrial TV still gets a run out. Mainly because ABC Kids is really great and I've got a two-year-old. Also: my wife and I sometimes watch The Bachelorette. Secret shame.

Mostly though, our television is used for Netflix or video games. We are following that trend of watching less and less 'regular' TV.

What are your watching habits?


    I watch the news and the football (during football season).

    Other than that, I'll occasionally turn it on to see what's on if I'm feeling lazy and just want to slob around and not think about what to watch. I'll probably watch season 2 of Fargo when that starts on SBS soon.

    Other than that, it's really just Netflix all the way.

      Fargo S1 was so good. Can't wait.

      Also, the cast for this season looks insane. Kirsten Dunst, Ted Danson, Brad Garrett. Wow

        Gonna be hard to top Billy Bob from season 1, though.

          He was good, but he was given serious red meat to chew. I thought the standout was Alison Tolman. Such a good performance

      I'll occasionally turn it on to see what's on if I'm feeling lazy and just want to slob around and not think about what to watch.

      I used to do that all the time, but about ten years ago I just stopped. I think looking back I replaced channel surfing with the internet and DVDs. Now I don't even think about turning on the TV unless it's to load up some digital content or games. The thought of seeing what's on TV never crosses my mind when I'm bored.
      It doesn't help that they don't produce TV I'm interested in at a fast enough pace to keep up with the way I consume it. When I was young Saturday and Sunday were a bit of a wasteland but the rest had something I'd watch going on at most hours. Now I'd be lucky to find four shows a week and they'd no doubt be separated by sixteen hours of low budget kitchen/home renovation game shows. Netflix runs a little dry on fresh content but at least there are a lot of repeats and it's all on demand.

    Not by choice for over a decade now. But I will watch it with my wife or son.

    It's not likely I'd complain while visiting someone either.

    If I could afford the spare cash (give up video games???!!!) I'd probably get Netflix.

    Does Foxtel count? I watch AFL during the season. That's about it. I also series link programs (i.e. The Walking Dead, Orange is the New Black) to watch at my convenience. The only show "currently" airing that I have series linked is Last Week Tonight. Everything else is waiting for seasons to start.

    Nope, avoid watching TV at home.
    I work on TV shows during the day and cant stand AD's!
    Its DVD's or Video games for me.... NetFlix once internet situation improves.

    I haven't watched National TV in years, I get all my TV from Netflix or Torrents.

    Netflix and the occassional questionably acquired show.
    I do have a keen interest in alot of new TV shows every season.
    Walking Dead new season just started so am watching that. Also watching the new Muppets show, catching up on Mr Robot, Bob's Burgers, Review with Forrest Macneil, and a bunch of others as well.

    And of course, the final season of Downton Abbey. :)

    Yep. Netflix, Free-To-Air. I still watch it if there is something good on.

    If it wasn't for my wife and son I would hardly ever watch TV. I think games are just a bazillion times better entertainment. Bring on Fallout 4!

      I don't think there's anything on TV beside sport and the occasional series on ABC that would get me to switch on. My wife watches a lot more TV than I do, so we're often channel surfing together; other than those occasions though, it's very rare that I can't find a game I'd prefer to be playing.

        Same here...the only times I actually watch TV these days are when a sport is on that I want to watch, usually NRL (I've stopped watching the F1 on free to air and prefer to stream it now). Aside from that I do watch Netflix but that's not really "TV". If it wasn't for my daughter watching ABC Kids the TV would probably barely come on at all until I got home and started playing games.

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      That seems to be the running theme here. People who know how to plug a XBOX in don't watch free to air anymore, unless they live with someone who does.

    US Netflix and torrents for things that aren't on Netflix. I'll have ABC news 24 on for background noise at times.

    When I first moved in to my new place it took a week and a half to get the Internet set up. Man. Free to air tv is just the worst.

    Yeah i do, Just got foxtel ready for basketball season and to watch the new series of flash. I would stream a lot more if i had a working internet connection into my home.

    It's just not worth the hassle. For whatever reason, getting a working antenna connected to our TV has taken a fair bit of effort at the last few houses we lived at. We did not make that effort.

    After all, the only thing I really want to watch on TV is the footy. I'm a Brisbane Lions supporter. I do not live in Queensland. The footy I want to watch is never broadcast on TV and I'm not shelling out for Foxtel just for that. Now that the season is (thankfully) over, it's a moot point anyhow.

    So Netflix does the trick nicely. Netflix, Youtube, Twitch and the occasional other service. I get what I want, when I want and pay a reasonable price for it. Seems like a no brainer.

    Aside from when Foxtel is playing in the background when I visit my parents, I haven't watched TV or cable in over 10 years. That includes Netflix as well. All my shows are online.

    Youtube pretty much fills the TV shaped void for me so no, I don't really watch TV. I'll watch it if I'm a hotel and there's nothing else to do but if I have access to an internet connection I'll almost certainly watch Youtube or browse the internet instead. There's probably one or two TV shows I might stop to watch, and maybe if there's an interesting movie on, but that's about it.

    I had Foxtel for ages, but it was always just background noise, I never actually watched it. Always felt weird in a silent living room.

    I was actually thinking about this the other day, I never watch TV anymore, not by choice at least. For me, I just cant' stand adverts, they drive me nuts. The only time I watch it is if I'm with the missus and she wants to watch the voice or some other show of that nature, but otherwise I'll only ever turn it on if I'm working on the laptop and want some background noise.

    Aside from a couple of shows that I watch whenever they're running, nope. I do pay for Netflix for the occasional movie, tho.

    I haven't watched FTA TV regularly in 8 years. Australian TV sucks and the only things worth watching are on ABC (Gruen, Chaser) which I watch on iview.

    I don't have a digital aerial, so I haven't watched traditional tv in a long time. For a couple years, I made do with FTA streaming services, which are mostly abysmal on my crappy net. I recently jumped on the Netflix bandwagon with better internet, and I am loving it.
    I should point out that I could get an aerial. When I visit mates who have tv though, I'm struck by one overwhelming thought.
    I don't miss it. At all.

      Just felt the need to point out: there's no such thing as a digital antenna. As long as you have an antenna for the right frequency band, you'll pick up whatever is broadcast there, and it's up to your receiver (TV) to decode. When the digital switch-over happened a bunch of services switched frequencies to different bands, so that might be why your old antenna doesn't work. Calling something a 'digital' antenna is just marketing malarkey though.

        Well, I don't have a working antenna then. Result was the same. I had tv, now I don't, and I don't miss it.
        Thanks for the info, though.

    We still watch a lot of TV shows, however I became so disgusted at the continuation of low quality SD transmissions that I moved to get them elsewhere. A 700MB-1GB MKV file contains the show is much better quality that I get the shakes anytime I see SD TV now. Netflix tops it off, and maybe Stan now that they have a PlayStation App.

    We built a new house and haven't installed an antenna yet, the points are there, just not the antenna in or on the roof.

    We have fiber and quota free Netflix (and xbox) though. We use Netflix and Youtube everyday and ABC iView a couple of times a week. We watch Good Game the day after it airs, when they upload it to Youtube and we can watch it in 720p (at least).

    If we haven't installed an antenna by the time the next AFL season starts (and we're in no rush, we haven't watched FTA tv except AFL for years), I'll sign up for the AFL live streaming thing. I think I read somewhere they were streaming in 1080p next year so that will do for me.

      Other than the AFL stuff, you just perfectly described my viewing habits with amazing accuracy.

    Got rid of Foxtel several years ago and stopped watching free-to-air at the same time since we get horrible reception and TV is basically unwatchable without cable.

    We kept up to date on a few particularly good/popular shows and movies via iTunes/Apple TV, buying on DVD/blu-ray and other less legitimate means, but with the arrival of Stan and Netflix, I have significantly ramped up my viewing again, and I'm 100% legit now. Everything I watch is streamed online - either Stan, Netflix, or YouTube. I watch a fair bit but the online format means I basically binge. I'm catching up on old shows I missed, enjoying whatever movies I happen to have an interest in and any newer shows/seasons I usually let get a few episodes ahead before I jump in. I'm also watching more documentaries than I used to, which either speaks to availability, the quality of the documentaries, or the fact I'm getting old.

    The only time we watch broadcast TV is for the news (ABC 24) and when the Wallabies are playing. All other TV watching is Netflix or torrents. No ads, and you can choose what you want to watch and when.

    I don't watch much free to air TV live these days. I still watch things from ABC, but usually via iView (it beats remembering to record things, even if it does have reduced picture quality).

    Looking forward to seeing The Ex-PM this week (Shaun Micallef's new show).

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