Star Citizen Cracks The Magical Million Mark

It was bound to happen eventually, but considering no other game is even close to having this much support this early in its life it would be remiss not to tip one's hat to Chris Roberts and co.

The goal, of course, was Star Citizen's backer count. It's since surged past 1 million, with the total figure at the time of writing standing at 1,001,218.

Star Citizen itself has raised US$92,443,506 (again, at the time of writing), leaving the average pledge per backer at just over US$92.33. That's comfortably over three figures in Australian dollars, more than what most people pay for a new game, let alone one years away from release.

For posterity, the lucky member to break the seven figure mark was Edenstar. They were initially confused by the overly warm welcome, but the reasons soon became clear.

For TAYbies who are backers, how much have you spent in the 'verse? I jumped at the start and I've got a 300i, although it's been an awfully long time since I've even thought about flying. (I should rectify that soon.)


    I've spent around $160 including getting the plastic citizenship card sent to me. I don't even remember how long ago that was.

    I'm $250 deep at this stage:
    Freelancer+ package (dem physical goodies)
    M50 (gifted to @rize)

    Super hyped for SQ42 now! Can't wait!

      Best guy!

      I don't know how much I spent on my physical Freelancer copy any more. Something like $130 or $150AUD? Regardless, I've managed to avoid buying more ships, mostly due to your gift. Freelancer and M50 is a great combo for variation :D

        Freelancers represent! just upgraded to the MAX for space hauling through the verse

    Spent $75 USD on an Avenger bounty hunter pack... Will not be spending any more.
    I really want Squadron 42 to come out.

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    A 315p for me, at $70 or so.
    I've only messed around in the alpha a little bit, but with the first draft of the persistent U on the horizon I might start giving it a proper crack.

      Ditto. The I went and got the base Freelancer do I could go SPACE TRUCKIN'!

        Man I was tempted by the Freelancer but wanted to keep it under $100.

          I can understand that. I figured that both was around the price of an expensive Collector's Edition, which was as far as I was willing to go. I can't fathom how people can spend thousands of dollars on ships.

            Yeah, I mean even if you had money to burn and bought an Idris to start with, then what?
            You already have the biggest badass ship, why play the game? What have you got to work towards?

            I'd prefer to earn my shiny.

              Things like the Idris are corporation ships. A bunch of people in a corp contribute money to getting a flagship vessel. The thing needs a minimum of 3 people to operate key systems and up to 25 players to fully man, not counting NPC crew members. It can also carry many more players and their ships. Think of it as a corporate carrier.

    $700. Got two packages, a Constellation Aquila, M50, Sabre, a shirt, dogtag, and I'm a subscriber. Still looking for a third package in the future. Have played Arena Commander a fair bit. And have no regrets about the money I've spent since this is turning out to be the type of game I've been wanting to play for YEARS.

      Holy crap, $700?
      I was blown away by the thought of that...then read the next message.

      I gotta get a better job.

    I have spent a decent amount $1534USD. Most of which has been some of the larger ships (Constellation Taurus, Reclaimer and Merchantman) and about two years of Imperator Subscription. Can't wait to hit the 'verse.

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      Wow. That's a chunk of change. I cant comment much though, given the amount I spend on cars.

      Must say Im tempted to buy... one day.

        That is what, around AUD$2100?
        Which is about $600 more than my car cost!
        So, at what point does the subscription start from?

    Can't recall. I know its more than what I backed originally though.
    I have the 325a starter pack, a Super Hornet and a regular Hornet (both purchased during the Hornet sale a while back)

    I bought whatever the initial Kickstarter entry was, USD$45 or so? Back whn the Aussie Dollar bought something.
    I've kind of given up on the game to be honest, if it eventually comes out and is good, I will be happy, if not or it is crap, then, well, I helped keep a lot of people employed.

    Hahaha, yeah, no. Not saying. Let's just say I have a few ships and most of the physical goods that have been released.

    I'm about the $2,200 AUD mark.

    No kids, good job, so I don't mind investing that much and it's the most I've ever spent on a game that's for sure.

      Come over to my house...I have some investments for you ;)

      I remember burning a fair amount of money on things when I was in that situation, but now with four kids, and not all that much income, I'll watch from the sidelines and cobble cash together for my film scanning projects. I hope the game turns out to be everything you want it to be.

        Unfortunately my investment portfolio is now closed :P

        Yeah exactly why I'm doing it now as I know when I do have kids, spending this amount on a game just won't happen lol

    I promised myself I'd back the project closer to the $100 Million mark, well that's nearly here haha

    Yay finally hit the million mark :D

    I've got my main pledge package, which is the Freelancer, then I've got a Carrick and a sabre. Also a monthly subscriber for nearly a year.

    So about $600 so far. Looking at getting a Connie in the near future :)

    At the start of the week, I wanted to play a cool game that dealt with space travel. I wasn't sure whether to get SC now or E:D, but I ended up getting E:D. The only reason I picked E:D over SC was because I couldn't work out what I would get if I bought SC now.

    There seems to not be much simple to understand information about what buying SC now gets you =/

    I haven't even started E:D yet and I'm already worried about all the noob ganking pirates that hang around in the starting area, that I've read about =[

    Could someone explain what SC offers that E:D doesn't? I'm still up for buying it as well, if it will offer what I'm after atm...

      I played E:D quite some time ago and got bored of it pretty fast personally. You can fly around, manually dock at stations and basically do missions or do trade runs and kill bounties to get money and bigger ships, which is about all the content there is. When I played you couldn't go around with friends easily and there wasn't much to do.

      SC at the moment has the hanger which you can view and jump in any flyable ship, Arena Commander which lets you fly ships in various game modes (there's a good tutorial now), and the Social module that lets you walk around a small city zone with shops. The next major update that should be this year will come with Star Marine the FPS module with a few game modes and maps. After that they'll start to combine things and have a small playable system, if you look at their youtube channel you can see videos about stuff that's upcoming.

      Jump on the forum or main subreddit if you'd like someone to help you out starting off, plenty of players happy to teach newbies!

      They're completely different games, really. Star Citizen offers a more structured, hand-crafted universe, Elite Dangerous gives you the galaxy to do what you want in.
      I'm a backer of both (Freelancer Dur for Star citizen), but I'm having so much fun in Elite at the moment, and feel that SC feels and plays, just so 'wrong' at the moment (I know it's early in development but still). Happy to wait a couple years till SC is actually a complete product.

      By then you should be able to walk around in Elite too!

      You don't get much in SC at the moment, it is still mostly future promise. I'd hold off until some more of it is released.
      It is really, baffling for anyone that looks at SC for the first time now, I don't think they make it at all clear what you can play today, or what the final thing will be and how it all hangs together, and what the real costs are as a player.
      It could use a much clearer 'overview' page.

      I'm curious about how much you'll actually encounter these noob-ganking pirates. I mean it's been a while since I played and apparently instancing might have been tightened up so people are more likely to actually cross paths now, but in general I never really tended to see that many people around. But it could be that I just don't seem to hang around the more populated systems. Also I got landed in a different starting system to the current one, so have no idea what that area's like :P

      There are plenty of players who patrol around hunting down people like that though. But if it does turn out to be a rough place, I found Treschov Orbital (I think it was called) in Suyarang to be quite a nice place to set up shop. Good outfitting options, and had a nice variety of systems nearby with reasonable travel times so running missions wasn't too much of a pain.

    I've spent US$895, most of which was back when our AUD$ was at parity or above. I originally kick started the Aurora and have since bought and changed many ships. So now I have all LTI ships: Aurora LN, Hull C, Aegis Vanguard, Aegis Reclaimer.

    Looking at the amounts that some people here have spent on the game, I wonder if there is any way it can possibly live up to expectations when it finally comes out. I know that if I were hyped enough to spend hundreds or even thousands on a project I'd want it to be a masterpiece of game design.

      Simple. You don't have absurd or unrealistic expectations. Don't put in what you can't afford to lose, I want it to be a masterpiece of game design, but its being made by humans. Then Again, humans have done some pretty amazing things. If you've invested in the game you also get to air your opinion as to how the game continues to develop as its being worked on in the forums, Chris has a good track record at making fun, engaging games. He wants to play this game as much as he wants to make it, I seriously doubt it will be a Derek Smart Battlecruiser 3000AD.

    Can someone explain to me the whole TAY thing ?

      Which TAY thing?

        "For TAYbies who are backers"

          Regulars who frequent the Talk Amongst Yourselves post that goes up every morning and runs for like 4 million pages

    I can see the game being good, I really can, but I still find it hard to believe a few of you spend that much then decry the price of DLC these days...

      It sounds absurd, but then I have probably pointlessly spent many hundreds on CS:GO and gotten far less. I think one thing with this game is there is also a message being sent with the money. It's a game that would never be made otherwise. So I think people are rewarding those making the game for this and from everything I see, they are constantly knocking it out of the park. The game does sound epic, those making it have experience and they do seem to be delivering. As well as it seems the more money they get, the more they are making.


        People spend money on CS:GO?

        Im not being a smartass, I USED to play CS, I haven't in years now, but seriously people spend real money on it outside purchasing the core game????? HOW?

          Skins! All the skins! But seriously my friend sold some butterfly knife he got in a drop for around $250USD.

    I've got a freelancer and a 315p myself . However I haven't touched any of the modules for fear of spoiling myself/burn out.
    I am trying to go in "blind" so I am not in the loop. So forgive me for slowly having serious misgivings due to the sheer size of the SC now. I really do hope my feelings are wrong and I will be blown away during launch.

      If you are purposely ignoring the piles of information they are constantly releasing, I can't really forgive you for having seriously misgivings because your misgivings are completely unfounded because you haven't bothered to actually look at what's going on on a regular basis~

    Endeavor, SuperHornet, Khartu-al, Sabre, 890Jump, Starfarer Gemini -- I have stopped spending money on it and now melt and swap when something tickles my fancy.
    Although I do want an Orion Miner.....hmmm what to melt?

    I'm about 95 USD in. 50 on a Reliant Concept. I melted my first package (+$5) for this. And I recently repurchased a package to be 'game ready'. Baby persistent universe 'SooN'.

    I am a payed up subscriber. If you're after game assets for the persistent universe, subbing probably isn't for you. You get Hanger flair and rental points to use in Arena commander and a thanks for making community content possible in like every video.

    With the amount I spent playing WoW for years...I'm not even close. But I'm not planning any new acquisitions.

    Let's see.. I am so far $685USD deep in this game. It started with a $60 pledge, then every now and then I feel like spending a little more to help support development (which usually coincides with a new ship on sale :P).

    $1250 in for me, High Admiral with a Citizen Number around 3600. Hornet and Constellation Class ships.

    Bought the cheapest pack. Not because I'm cheap, but because I only wanted the starter ship. The feeling of earning enough to get that next ship is the reason I play these games.

    Also because I'm cheap.

      Yep, I got in on the early-bird Kickstarter pledge of $30 US. I like space sims, but not enough to spend more than that.

      And because I'm cheap also.

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