Star Citizen’s Crowd Funding Soars Past $US110 Million

It’s almost getting to the point where I’m starting to wonder if Star Citizen is actually a blockbuster Hollywood film and not a game.

I say the above in jest, of course. But it’s difficult to not be stunned at the never-ending stream of cash flowing into Cloud Imperium Games’ bank account, especially considering how much some fans have already invested.

At the time of writing, 1,309,943 gamers have invested $US110,022,261 into Chris Roberts’ vision. That’s an average pledge of almost $US84 per backer, noticeably more than the $US60 fee for a standard retail video game. $US60 is also the same asking price for the two Star Citizen + Squadron 42 combination packages, introduced after the singleplayer component was split from the persistent multi-player.

The increased funds come as the developers continue to improve the stability and performance of the game’s persistent multiplayer, which can currently support up to 24 players per instance. CIG has also finished 66 days of shooting and recording with actors for Squadron 42, the space epic’s singleplayer element.

Squadron 42 is scheduled for release later this year. Chris Roberts has also confirmed that he would be attending E3’s PC gaming show this year, while ticket sales for the Star Citizen convention in Hollywood, CitizenCon, are expected to go on sale sometime next week.

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