Here’s 45 Minutes Of Star Citizen 3.0

Here’s 45 Minutes Of Star Citizen 3.0
Image: Supplied
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If you want the simplest summation of how things are coming along with the gargantuan project that is Star Citizen, here’s 45 minutes from Cloud Imperium Games’ presentation at Gamescom without annoying commentary or bugs.

The demo kicks off with the player getting out of their bunk, showing off the inventory systems, environment trackers, stamina and basic avatar customisations. It’s basically a demo of Star Citizen 3.0, with a few features to be released at a later date, according to Chris Roberts.

After running around and accepting a contract mission, the player then leaves the breathable atmosphere and then drives an ATV before taking off in a craft. After the initial phase, the whole mission becomes a co-op affair, with a picture-in-picture throughout, with both players landing and exploring another planet.

Just briefly, here’s what the overhauled MobiGlass – your “smartphone in the future”, Chris Roberts calls it – looks like:

Image: Star Citizen

You can see the suit status on the lower-right, with oxygen levels, your suit’s power output, and the pressure of the external atmosphere, which is neat. Chris Roberts stressed that 3.0 was still reasonably buggy, so don’t expect a smooth-free experience any time soon.


  • Here’s my thoughts that I posted on the Reddit:

    “The scale of the game still has me in awe, knowing that yes you can go down to that planet, yes you can drive around on it in a car, and yes you can then get in that ship and walk around while someone pilots it to a whole other planet, seamlessly. It’s something I’ve always wanted in games.

    I just wish it didn’t look quite so buggy by this point, I see a lot of issues that I have seen since I bought into the game years ago. Not only bugs but things that just look awkward like general movement through the world, using the “inner thought” system and so on. There’s so much ambition it almost seems unbelievable and I really hope that one day they can pull it off but my faith in the game isn’t unwavering by this point in time.”

    • Welcome to game development. Every game goes through a period where it seems like a complete buggy mess. It’s just that you don’t normally see that. The more complex the game, the messier the bugs, and this is quite a complex game. Bug bashing only really becomes top priority when you’re 3 or 4 months from final release; basically, Beta phase. The game is still a fair way from that.

      I think CIG are doing a pretty fine job. Sure, the game is very ambitious, and that means it’ll take longer than expected to complete, but all that will eventually mean nothing if they manage to make it work. Here’s hoping they don’t need to compromise too much to get the game out. I love their vision for the project, and their ambition.

    • So it’s Alpha 3.0. They are still developing core functionality and then on to Beta phase. Could be another few years maybe more.

    • Who knows? Not CIG. Not at the moment. Still too many variables to determine a release date. Any guess at a date now will eventually turn into a lie. And we all know how gamers hate developers lying.

  • To all the people (like me) waiting for season 2 of The Expanse on Netflix – it’s finally coming 8th September. Sorry, off topic, but i figured a lot of fans of the show would likely be reading this article.

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