We're Livestreaming Star Wars: Battlefront! Come And Watch!

We've gotten our hands on a Star Wars: Battlefront beta code, and we're making the most of it. Come and watch us play!

For the next two hours at least either myself, Alex or those chumps from Gizmodo will be playing the Star Wars: Battlefront beta. We will probably suck. Don't judge us too harshly!

Watch live video from MarkSerrels on www.twitch.tv


    Just joined.

    Whats happening?

      Mark couldn't get a multiplayer game so he's running through the survival missions and trying to beat their time.


    Nice, can't wait to play this weekend on my PC
    Will probably decide to buy it or not depending on how it plays.

    Eh, looks bland, honestly.
    Looks like I'll be skipping it...

    Mark's more entertaining than the game :P
    Seriously though it looks impressive, more interested in how it feels to play though (especially on PC) so looking forward to trying it out.

    What type of hit detection is used?
    Hows the latency/lag and how does that seem to effect the nit detection.
    This will be the decider for me to buy it or not, if its as janky as BF3/4 - then i wont bother
    Client-side hit detection would be a horrible mistake on the devs end as it only realy (thus far) works for consoles.

      That's not entirely true: client-side hit detection works perfectly well for CS:GO and a legion of Source-engine games (Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead and Titanfall good examples).

        I wasn't aware of this. Glad to see that it can be some what acceptable in its useful form.
        Thus far I'm yet to see a game with as good hit detection as found in older games like Unreal Tournament, Quake 1-2-3,Call of Duty Modern: Warfare, CS beta and pre-CS:GO days.

        Honestly i find games from the 90's had better core mechanics than current games. They've sacrificed play-ability for hype.

    The battlefield series is going in a bad direction. Battlefield 4 was acceptable, hard line was terrible and star wars is not going to save it. This game will end up like Evolve, enough marketing to sucker people & dead in a week.

    do you need to have pre-ordered or bought the game to do the open beta?

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