DayZ Devs Hoping For Another Major Update Before Christmas

DayZ Devs Hoping For Another Major Update Before Christmas

It’ll be touch and go — it always is with DayZ — but in the latest blog post, the developers behind the standalone version of DayZ have delivered another info dump ahead of the massive hive and server storage wipe that will happen once 0.59 is rolled out.

Bohemia Interactive has reached out to let everyone know that while the 0.59 update for the standalone version of DayZ, which will trigger a server and hive reset across the board, is working hard on converting the experimental build of 0.59 over to a stable, worldwide release.

It’s not quite there yet, thanks to issues with server side performance. “So the big question everyone wants to know – when will 0.59 move to stable,” they posited on their blog.

These are the three things that are holding a stable release of 0.59 back:

– Once we are satisfied with server side performance at maximum player count vs 12 hour uptime
– Vehicle Position Sync is at a marked improvement over 0.58
– High repro (reproducible) server and client crashes are resolved

A major feature of the patch is the overhaul of the lighting and graphics, with updated HDR, glow, post-processing effects for rain, multiple cascade shadow maps, ocean rendering, true sky rendering and small bodies of water all planned to be added. The team’s also working on optimising the game to take advantage of multiple CPU threads, which should go a long way to improving the game’s overall performance.

Bohemia added in the blog that while “they’re desperate” to push it out to players before 2015 comes to a close, players shouldn’t expect to get their hands on the new player controller or animation system until the new year.

“The change from the clunky old fashioned method used by DayZ, DayZ Mod, Arma 3, Arma 2, and so on to a new and more dynamic system will change a hell of a lot more than how you eat a bag of rice, or pick apples. I genuinely believe this will be one of the most massive changes to DayZ gameplay and completely redefine how the title is experienced.”

The new damage system also won’t be rolled out to the experimental branch roughly mid to late January. “Currently in the hands of the gameplay programmers – once this is completed on their end, it will need to be fully configured on the side of the design team.”

What would you like to see the DayZ devs patch in first and foremost?


  • So, it’s been a few years since a standalone version was announced for PS4, and my initial excitement has tapered off into indifference. Why has this taken so bloody long to come out?

    • Especially when most of the content is just being ported from ArmA, I dug through the files ages back before they had vehicles there there was scripts and all that for the UAZ.

      EDIT: I think most people probably would have preferred a well polished ArmA 3 mod aswell.

  • I’ve given up on DayZ. It neglected the fans for far too long and did nothing for months on end.

    Right now, the survival genre has moved past zombies and DayZ is trailing in the dust against games like Ark which offer better gameplay, better mechanics and don’t treat the consumer like an after thought.

    • Very, very much this. The simple fact the Ark devs converse with the fans on an almost daily basis on Reddit, that they take actual mods from the Steam workshop and make the best ones *official* regularly, speaks volumes about their intent to work hand in hand with the community to make the best product possible for the consumer. Bohemia needs to take a step back, re-evaluate what it’s doing and reconsider the whole DayZ project. With the communities assistance, like Ark, it would become incredible, without it, it’ll continue along the current meandering path.

  • I loved DayZ standalone, I played it excessively. But patch .59 has taken TOO long. I understand it’s in Alpha, but since Rocket left the game, production time on it has increased exponentially. They’re *not* hitting their own roadmap any more, they’re not realising their own promises in times claimed any more and it’s really sad to see this start happening when prior to Dean leaving the game, quite frankly it was going along fairly smoothly. It’s been nearly 3 months since the last patch went live and this is the longest period of time for a patch ever. It’s disgraceful, the zombies aren’t even in the game properly atm! Fix your shit Bohemia, the games going down the gurgler quick, stop treating it like a leper and fix your shit!

    • Oh man, they still haven’t implemented proper zombies?! I stopped playing about twelve months ago… Not fussed on giving it another go until they sort that out.

  • I chimed in on this game only last week after I noticed it’d been over a year since I last played it. Can’t say it’s changed much, zombies are still naff. Still true to form this games moving about as fast as an original George A Romero zombie.

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