These Real Life Bloodborne Vials Are Perfect

These Real Life Bloodborne Vials Are Perfect

These are amazing. Everything about them is amazing.

They were made by Reddit user Crippledplaything for her boyfriend. Apparently he wanted something Bloodborne related for Christmas. There wasn’t anything out there worth buying so she decided to just make something instead.

She made these incredible Bloodborne Blood Vials.

There’s a lot of great detail here. I think my favourite part is the way that the item description is on the bottles themselves. Also: that fact that she’s made Iosefka’s vial (the one-off special vial that gives you extra health). That’s amazing. It has a keychain.

I would consider buying these. Seriously. At a high price.


  • There has been so many times I have seen people who are a lot more talented than I make these type of game related items. I am in awe and like Mark, I really wish some of them would sell them, assuming the publishers would let them of course (ha ha!)

  • Amazing work. Hopefully he doesn’t have any accidents and need to smash them against his thigh to recover.

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