Tell Us Dammit: Recommend Some Mobile Games

Once upon a time I played a lot of mobile games. Now, not so much.

But I recently picked up a new iPad and I'm looking to check out some new stuff. Anyone have any recommendations?

I feel as though, with mobile gaming, a lot of people just stick with their staple games and rarely move outside of that. That's sort of where I'm at.

I'll still mess about with Crossy Road when I have a spare minute, but I'm looking for something weird and interesting. Any suggestions?


    Final Fantasy IX is turning out to be pretty great. Updated character models, proper touch controls (no gamepad overlay), faster loading, constant autosave, can turn off the random camera angles at the start of battles. I'm pretty stoked.

    EDIT: Just saw you were after something weird. Check out Grayout (; text based game about having a language disorder where you struggle to put your sentences together.

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    The Room series of games. Good puzzles and good atmosphere.

      +1 for The Room games, they are fantastic.

      Also, if you're into platformers, Leo's Fortune is definitely worth a look.

    Crashlands is pretty awesome

      Agreed, this is what mobile gaming should be; shitload of content, reasonable price, no ads or in game store or premium currency!

    Yo Mamma. Sequel to Yo Daddy but not as good.

    Year Walk and Device 6.

    Also, because it's tangentially related; any danger of Kotaku bothering to talk about the Miitomo stuff from yesterday/over-night? That's practically a week ago as far as this site is concerned. I swear if this was an Aussie tv channel the PC stuff would be all the reality shows and the Nintendo stuff would be the re-runs of King of Queens on at 3.30am.

    I'm sorry but I've been sitting on that analogy for MONTHS :D

      probably just waiting for the American article to propagate across to here rather than writing their own.

    Android or iOS? If Android, how do you feel about installing stuff cross-region using a third-party app? Japan has some interesting mobile games and if you don't mind the language barrier some of them are reasonably good.

    Subterfuge so you can hate all of your friends!

    Hearthstone and Clash Royale seem to be taking up most of my time

    Shadowrun is pretty awesome.

    CoC, Boom Beach are pretty much all I play lately...

    not exactly new but if you haven't gotten around to tales from the borderlands yet then definitely give that a whirl.

    I'm going through a phase of Cartoon Wars 3, but kinda over it already. Still play a lot of Hearthstone. Just built a new Druid deck and its sucked me back in big time.

    You seem like a most noble fellow who might enjoy my chivalrous new mobile game 'You Are A Knight'. If you liked my old gladiator web game series 'Swords and Sandals' , this is a medieval take on it - you live the life of a knight, fighting, fishing, jousting, getting robbed in taverns and generally causing malarkey. I don't think there's much out there like it on the App Stores.



    More thank happy to provide a promo code for this game too, just hit me up! Cheers, Oliver Joyce

    Alto's Adventure, snowboarding/collision avoidance/points accumulation game. Easy to pick up, but achievements on the higher levels can be tricky to obtain.

    Vector, it's like a 2d Side-Scrolling Mirrors Edge.
    Has some free bits and then some in-game purchases for more levels if you like it

    No one else noticed that's the first episode of Archer on the screen? I was always a fan of things like Tiny Tower. Had some fun with one called Ragdoll Blaster for a while as well.

    I have been playing Monster Strike (4 player co-op) for a few weeks with my mates. It's quite addictive and fun! Available on iOS and Android

    I didn't mind transformers: battle tactics but there's no one playing now so it's just against bots all the time

    Drift Girls if you want crazy. It's racing/dating sim.

    Crusaders Quest if you want pixel RPG fun.

    Best mobile game out there is ingress. Go lone wolf or meet up with your teammates or recruit your friends as team mates. Go on missions, discover your city. Play in other countries on holiday etc.

    You can play the game casually or you can go extreme if you want co coordinating multi country operations.

    It's the only mobile game I've been playing regularly for years.

    No other game has had me meet up with people I've never met before in an overseas city and go on a road trip with and stay overnight in a city I've never been to before. Met loads of cool people. Get to an anomaly if there is one near you.

    Gems Of War - Same guys that made Puzzle Quest and still very much awesome. Get on it!

    My current timewasters on Android
    Rpg- Ravensword 2
    Racer- NFS most wanted
    time killer- TAP Titans

    ZigZag, Monument Valley, Fairway Solitare, Jetpack Joyride and Inside Out: Thought Bubbles are my most played iOS games.

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