What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Honestly, the choice is kinda overwhelming right now.

I'm very close to finishing both Oxenfree and The Witness, but I really want to make a start on Firewatch and continue playing Unravel.


But it's a good 'argh'. Sometimes when I have a lot of games to play it feels almost like an obligation. At the moment I am really, truly having a blast with video games.

And despite being a father to newborn baby, and basically drowning in poop, I'm finding a surprising amount of time to play them. A large part of that, I think, is the type of games I'm playing. It's so good to have some really high quality non-violent games to play. I can play these games with children floating around without worrying. It's a real relief actually.

Anyway — what are you all playing this weekend?


    I'm thinking I'll alternate between Fable Legends and Battlefront.

      Battlefront is quite addictive, isn't it? I was having a little trouble finding games midweek though (PS4). Only the 'mode of the week' and Blast were getting any traction. Other modes would go searching down to 40% or 35% full games.

        Yeah finding matches on the XBOX has been pretty hard too. It's a bit worrying considering I've only just brought it. Seems like I'll never get to play half of these modes.


    Possibly also Bloodborne, but farming blood vials is annoying.

      You do the Central Yharnam run for blood vials?

        Yep, with the rune that increases drops. I'm up to Ebrietas, though, and that's vial intensive.

          Yeah, I needed help with her.


            That was fun.

            It's pretty easy if you can convince it to get stuck behind that rock :D


            Edit: was supposed to be a reply to @redartifice

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      The easiest way I found was to just buy blood vials. Spam the ghost students in the lecture hall 1st floor (you get +/- 10500 echoes per run depending on runes) then buy tons of blood vials!

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        ooh, Good plan. The slime dudes on the second floor of the lecture building are even better for grinding, but I've now opened up the ladder between floors so I can hit both.

    I'm not sure how much time i'll get this weekend.. would be nice to revisit world of tanks, though.
    Just some mindless booms.

    Plus i would like to start chipping away at my steam library...

    Rise of the Tomb Raider, and I just picked up SOMA which I'll play after. :)

    Fucking witness. I've seen the ending, but haven't finished it (445, +117, +3 for the record). I refuse to cheat, and it's doing my head in.

    But I will properly finish it this weekend or die trying. I hope I don't die.

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      I envy you man, I hope you get it on your own! I finally got 100% of everything (everything known at least) Wednesday night, but there was no way I would've found The last few of those + ones without a guide (or another 50 hours of play time maybe.) it's a good feeling though when you do figure it out yourself, so I wish you good luck!

    Mostly it will be Mugen Souls Z and Etrian Odyssey 2. I kind of feel like I want to thrash out Undertale too just so I can have an informed opinion on it.

      Undertale works well as a single sitting game if you have 5 hours dude - totally worth it to understand ;)

    I'll probably still be in the same puddle I was splashing around in with Yarny in Unravel. Damn is the water physics pretty. Other than that, I'm treating one of the housemates to dinner and a movie to try and help him get out of his funk. Gonna go see Deadpool in gold class

      How hard is that game?! I'm still only on the second level, but man it really does require more thinking than I expected. But yes, it is so pretty.

      And man... Deadpool in gold class sounds fricken amazing.

        I've only finished the first level, so I can't be to sure. My main issue was that I knew the end solution for stuff but was having issues finding where to anchor stuff or just getting distracted. It's a blast of a game though and I'm super hype for deadpool

    Witcher 3, bought it on steamsales and tweaked it to run at about 30-40fps

    Need to do a bit of a GPU overclock this weekend as on 30fps it feels abit sluggish

      Ouch! I know that feel! I recently upgraded from a 660 GTX to the 970, and the difference is night and day.

        I just built a new rig with an i7 5500k but im still using a R9270

        I was surprised how well its going for the witcher with a few mild tweaks, 40fps in most areas with just grass and shadows turned down to medium and a few other things off, I have AA and SSAO on at the moment but AA might need to go

        Got to the 2nd area and the rain effects are killing me, 30 fps should be fine but it just feels wrong.

        I haven't overclocked the CPU yet, probably will just do a mild non voltage GPU overclock and try turning off some background tasks to squeeze out a few more fps

          I'd be really surprised if overclocking the CPU helped at all, because the game is more dependant on the GPU. I'm still using my i5 3570k with the 970 GTX and consistently getting 60fps+ on max settings.

          You don't have HairWorks turned on do you?

          Last edited 12/02/16 12:07 pm

            Hairworks is off, haven't tried it at all, the rest of the settings are all just where they need to be, shadows on medium, grass density low, grass range medium

            SSAO and Anti Ailising didnt make much of a difference in the fps when on, its just the rain and sky effects in the 2nd area thats hurting.

            If i can get 5-10 extra fps of the gpu it should keep the minimum frame rate at 35 or 40 and ill be fine.

            When i sweep the camera around there's no stuttering at all, just feels sluggish when moving about on the horse or fighting.

            Might try disabling one of my monitors next time and a few other things, the gpu overclock is only going to be memory speed and not voltage.

              Was the same with my 660 GTX; it felt "okay", but there was a sluggishness to the movement I couldn't quite place that's beyond the framerate. When you turn everything to low it becomes clear the game isn't supposed to feel that way as Geralt zips around happily then. Doesn't help that it feels like an accumulative thing as you don't really notice how sluggish it gets until you turn half the settings on.

              Good luck!

                averaging 42fps with a slight overclock, happy times!

    Digimon cyberslueth. Good do far Story is kinda lame but at least my vita is getting some much needed love.

      Is it? I'm at chapter 13 and story is pretty good so far.

        i'm only at chapter 5 so far, maybe it picks up its mostly fetch quests and unrelated ghost stories so far.

          Ah yeah that's why. The beginning of the quest is mainly fetch quests. It will hit it pretty soon.

    If I can tear myself away from The Witness I'd love to play some Firewatch.

      I recommend it - you can beat it in a short amount of time, but I'm loving the Internet discussions about it post finishing it. The witness will always be there...

    I just grabbed Oxenfree, so looking to make a start on that. I also got gifted XCOM and Armello from friends, so I'm spoiled for choice right now

    Diablo 3, no doubt. Maybe some Fallout 4.

    Might try Pokemon. Never really played it before but my girlfriend has a couple of them on the 3DS. Maybe some Yokai Watch as well.

    Battlefront and maybe a walking simulator such as Everybody's Gone To The Rapture or Firewatch.

    I'm in game limbo atm. Nothing really grabbing my attention, can't afford games that would (like Xcom 2 for example). Holding out for the Division beta next weekend.

    Downloaded Tera last night to check it out so probably play some of that.

    I really need to stop doing all of the sidequests I run across in Xenoblade Chronicles X, but I can't help myself. More of that this weekend for me.

    Will try to finish the last area of the Witness, get through Firewatch, play some Helldivers, and maybe some Xcom.

    Finishing The Witness tonight to make way for Firewatch tomorrow. My 6yr old's screen ban is lifted this weekend so probably Mario Kart 8 at some point too.

    NBA All Star Weekend yo. May pop in the old 2K16 and try give it another go.

      Looking forward to it, I got time booked off on Monday to watch the game proper.

      Yeah 2k16 sounds like a good partner for dunk comp/skills/3 point challenge and rookie game if I can drag myself away from XCom2. thanks for the suggestion.

        I wish I did...I'll be watching that one on record for sure. Kobe's farewell game. I'm not a Kobe fan, but god damn do I respect him.

        Looking forward to LaVine retaining his title.

          Yeah LaVine has some crazy hops for sure, not sure where he will go from last years Space Jam dunk but I'm sure it will be pretty slick. Looking forward to the 3 point shootout too, lets see how Curry v Thompson goes

          Yeah not a Kobe fan either (I'm a Celtics fan so technically I should despise him) but you gotta give him his props.

    Axiom Verge - so good. A love letter to Metroid that has some really cool innovations.
    HoN- ofc
    Firewatch - right in the feels, plus the game is fairy floss for the eyes.
    Xcom 1 - watching people get into the second one makes me want to give this another chance.

    American Truck Simulator, XCOM 2, Crysis, and Dragon Age: Inquisition.

    XCom 2 My soldiers just got Plasma Rifles and Plasma Gatling Guns... and I wanna melt alien faces with them. But I also have to blitz a few Avatar sites as resource gathering had made fall behind.

      My Avatar Project counter got up to only one empty space last night :|
      Managed a daring raid that knocked off 3 blacks, though ^_^

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