What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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Hello friends, what will you be playing this weekend?

I'll be watching that Nintendo Switch trailer a lot, and then playing PlayStation VR. Probably.

Or I might be playing Tricky Towers, which my wife has fallen in love with. My entire in-laws actually. They play this shit religiously and I always get dragged into it.

What are you guys and girls playing?


    Just discovered Puzzle Quest is now backwards compatible on Xbox One so I'll be playing that from scratch despite the fact the computer is a cheating bastard (it's a turn-based bejewelled style game and the enemy AI "knows" how to trigger cascades and damage combos based on tiles that haven't appeared on the screen yet so it always gets extra turns and opportunities to screw you).

    If I have a stretch of time I want to try and get through the Division story and make a decision about deleting it from my nearly full hard drive or think about getting some of the DLC first. I want to continue playing Forza Horizon 3 but I drove to Canberra and back for work on Wednesday so I feel like I've done enough driving this week.

    In keeping with being +12 months behind on game releases, I'm might start up some Batman Arkham City now I'm done with Witcher 3's main story.

    Paper Mario Colour Splash. I'm besotted by it.

    but not in VR.... coz im grinding away a new ship 200h in
    to play in VR.....

    big patch soon!

    Grinding gifts in Hatsune Miku Project Diva X.

    Grinding loot boxes in Overwatch. Want to get that Roadhog skin...

    Not playing Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni.

    Still playing mostly No Man's Sky.
    Just finished Gone Home last night, great ending.

    Working this weekend. But if I get time, then will tackle the Shangri-la missions in Far Cry 4. And maybe some Lords of The Fallen.

    Battlefield One. I dont mind saying that the History teacher and Aussie patriot side of me is absolutely elated with how respectful and brilliantly they've handled the Gallipoli campaign. This game is truly a labour of love.

      Can you elaborate? I don't give a hoot about spoilers.

        The dialogue, the way they speak, everyone is authentic Australian. There's no jingoism in there to sell it to the broader world. There's no "AYE COBBER HOW IS YA" or any of that crap. When you see two soldiers (I THINK one is played by Bryan Brown?) discussing bombardment of the cove, one is a young man, around 17, one is clearly late 40s, early 50s, the older man refuses to let the younger go on shore until it's all clear, chastising him for coming to war at such a young age. It's a small moment, but very touching, showing an absence in it of the 'hoo rah' and gung ho mentality. The setting of the scene, talking about marching to Constantinople etc had me grinning, as we covered that last semester with the year 9's. It's utterly fantastic.

        It's great seeing Australia represented with *actual* historical accuracy, *actual* accents instead of put on ones, a severe lack of jingoism and a real approach to a dignified storyline, it's really well done.

        EDIT: It seems to be Peter O'brien, not Bryan Brown, thanks for the heads up @psylar :)

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          Thank you for that. Very relieved, I think that's my biggest feeling at reading that.

            Plus there's a few friendly, nationalistic digs at New Zealanders in there, nothing bad at all, just those 'you have a stab at us, we have a stab at you' kind of things, national pride, mateship and all that, that you get if you're an aussie or a kiwi. The rest of the world might baulk a bit, but Aussies and Kiwi's tend to love it :)

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              I quite enjoyed the light horse men v infantry stoush from the Gallipoli movie, any class rivalry like that?

                Yeah you can definitely hear it in how they talk to each other. Your character is a 53 year old man, looking after a young kid who lied his way into the war. He's got no tolerance for the British, later in the 2nd mission gets angry over a certain decision that's made. The classism and the Brits abuse of the aussies as their foot troops really comes across loud and clear trust me. I'm quite impressed with this. After being heavily disappointed by every BF game since BF3 (I loved 1942, Vietnam and 2) I'm digging this immensely.

                  Damn, sounds like I really need to get on this then. Thanks for the summary mate!

          The voice actor appears to be Peter O'Brien, not Bryan Brown.

            Yeah it does seem to be indeed, thanks for the correction. I just watched Breaker Morant the other week, so Browns face was fresh in my memory. Though between Obrien, Brown and Jackman, you could easily see all 3 in there lmao. Either way, just finished the Australian story, it's a pretty emotional ride to be honest. One of those 'less is more' moments, where they don't overload it with story, it hits that sweet spot with having 'just enough' to do it right. I'd love to see a full fledged 9 hour campaign made out of this quality in future though.

    Zelda: Twilight Princess. It's kinda funny to be playing the older Zelda on a Wii U while there's all this new Nintendo system hype around.

    A little BF1 - my first, first-person shooter in a while
    A little FIFA 17 - can't.. stop.. Ultimate Team
    A little Digimon: CS - I'm still emotionally charged from watching Tamers the other week

    Battlefield 1 followed by Battlefield 1

    Red Dead Redemption all the hype about the new one made me realise i never ever played the first one. Also probably some NBA 2k17, Pokemon Go with the kids.

    Dragon quest Builders man! That game is a sneaky potential GOTY pick. It's just so charming and fun!

    Destiny, Gears, and Arkham VR. Might try Rush of Blood again... maybe some more Thumper. Still looking for a good place to put the PS camera - tried top left, which not only screwed up the tracking something fierce, but it insisted in orienting the virtual environment to be facing the camera, so I can't seem to avoid obscuring the headset with the controller when playing, eg. TumbleVR - got really frustrating last night.

    Dragon Age: Inquisition. Picked up the DLC's when on sale a few weeks back, have finished Jaws of Hakkon & The Descent, just have Trespasser to go. I've been quite impressed so far, hoping Trespasser is a fitting end.

    With the release of the Heinlen patch and the Leviathans DLC, back to ruling over the Imperium of Man in Stellaris. Gotta show these xenos who's boss.
    I can also relax on the Overwatch since I finally managed to get the Junkenstein skin for Junkrat.

    Eve: Valkyrie and Wayward Sky on the PSVR. Will probably keep plugging away at Mafia 3 as well. Maybe some Gears 4 if the mood strikes.

    I was going to vomit all over @rocketman 's expensive sofa while attempting to play Sony VR drunk. But that good-for-nothing @sernobulos got the wrong camera & RUINED my ENTIRE weekend.

    Civ VI. What I played this morning has me salivating at the prospect of more.

    Here's my take on the 40 minutes I could play this morning... (reposted from TAY)

    So far it is a sexy sexy game. The graphics are crisp, the explorers map style fog of war is a wonderful aesthetic addition, with the added bonus of actually making it easier to read where resources and the likes are on the map.

    The reworking of the religion and civics screens is brilliant. Civic advancements are now a tech tree on their own. That means you earn culture and unlock things as you would earn beakers and unlock technology. This now feeds into a government tree which is a more flexible arrangement of what we had back in Civ IV with the government options in a much easier to use interface.

    Also the bonuses principle is a brilliant idea! You are now actively rewarded for small side quests around the board to advance technology and civic principles. EG if you kill 5 barbarians, it gives you a 50% boost on bronze working for spearmen and barracks good times. If you discover a second civilization, it will give you a bonus towards trade etc etc. These are all listed below the relevant civic or technology so you know exactly what you need to do.

    The worker function is brilliant now too. Even though they're only a 3 use unit, it makes management a lot easier. Once you hit build, the tile is automatically converted, so no endless waiting for workers. It actually makes the game a lot smoother so far and I can foresee it removing the tedium of worker management/putting workers to sleep in the future. Roads are apparently automatically built by trade caravans too.

    Ya'll got some more of that Civ VI?

      Sounds pretty good, thanks for the quick review mate. I look forward to playing tonight now. After Civ V (which I only got an hour or so into) hopefully I can enjoy this one.

      now I just need this stupid work day to be over......

      also lmao at the pic in the link

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    I've spent years playing Borderlands 2 on and off. Nearly have my siren to level 50 so I'll be playing to achieve that trophy.

    Been finding a lot of good deals on the PSN store lately. Will play a couple of recent purchases like Grand Kingdom and maybe Middle-Earth: SoM.

    I dipped my toes into the Skyrim mod The Forgotten City last night and I quite like what I've seen so far so more of that please.

    Also Rise of the Tomb Raider, which is on my personal game of the year shortlist so far.

    Oh, also that game where you read Kotaku when you should be studying. I pretty good at that game.

    Have 3 trophies left for the Platinum in Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, then either 100% batman VR or play around with Sportbar VR.

    I'm on the final mission for Valkyria Chronicles Remastered A Rank run. Will finish that tonight. Tried to finish it last night but literally had a black out while shotting the big boss.
    Other than that not much...there is a lot I want to play but limited funds means I have to wait for prices to either drop or something super meaty and worthwhile to come out.

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