What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I'm having a blast playing short games right now. The absolute best time. I knocked off Oxenfree and Firewatch last week and this weekend I'm planning to finish The Witness.

Funnily enough I got a bit stuck on this puzzle but trust me — it's going down this weekend, along with the whole goddamn game.

After that? Well I bought Undertale in the Steam sales so I reckon it's about time I got around to playing that.

What are you playing this weekend?


    I think I might take a swing at 100% of the Resident Evil 0 achievements. Maybe do some Warhammer painting too.

      I've still gotta pick up RE 0, decided to grab the disc, bit keep buying other stuff.

      Looks cool, I finished it on Cube back in the day. Not my favourite RE, but love the classics.

      What have you got on the painting table, mate?

        Far too much would be the short answer. =P Right now I'm thinking Guardians since it's a nice relaxing job, but I'm tempted to take a crack the Crimson Hunter I've been putting off. I'm struggling to decide exactly how I want to paint it so it might be time to just bite the bullet. I've also got some old Fire Dragons and Striking Scorpions I found when I was unpacking, but I'm not really in the mood for Aspect colour schemes.

        @shamrocks I'm playing Eldar, but I use the term playing loosely. I've only recently got back into it so I'm still working on my list right now. Trying to find a balance between the cool units I like, a competitive list and still being fun to play/play against.

          So you're in pretty much the same boat as me, but replace all the Eldar with Dark Angels and Chaos.
          The one currently doing my head in, though, is a Corpse Cart my wife got me years ago.. Painting flames is my Achilles Heel. Even more so than faces are... I need to go pick up a yellow and red from citadel, as the ones from Vallejo are just too watery - especially the yellows. The reds are at least workable, the yellows are just awful.
          I'm looking forward to finishing the Corpse Cart so i can finish off the Magnetised Imperial Knight i have sitting in my closet.

            Heh. That's a big part of why I chose Eldar. It's harder than I thought it would be but I don't need to make up many banners or use other effects. They're clean and they're usually fully armored from head to toe. I think I'd really struggle to paint something like Chaos where everything has to have either blood, mud, fire or flesh.

          Painting Terminators for the 'Angels of Absolution' myself this weekend.

          I just HAD to go the battle damaged option. Time consuming would be an understatement..

          Assuming, I don't get distracted and paint the Turkish Bashi Bazouks I have waiting for the colonial project...

          Good times..

      got a bunch of painting to do myself. unfortunately it averages about 40 degrees in my room at the moment and acrylic paints don't like that temperature. Got a bunch of lizardmen, some dark elves, dwarves, a bit of eldar and my brother may have bought me the new archaon and celestant prime for christmas but until it is a little cooler here, those big guys at least are projects better left til later on in the year

        Yeah, my old place used to heat up like that. Made it really hard to get anything done on even a warm day. Have you tried a wet palette? I always meant to make one but never got around to it.

          yeah I've considered it but it isn't just the paint affected by the heat, myself too has a 40 degree heat sized hole that motivation just oozes out of :P


          mix of my current completed and in progress works, dwarves need basing and skinks/cold one need fine detail stuff done. windrider at the back needs starting :P

            They look really good. Pics like these always tempt me to start a Dwarf army.

      Why not Warmachine painting?

        Honestly on a personal level I'd rather play Warmachine or really anything non-GW, but nothing else clicks with me the same way 40k does (with the exception of D&D and maybe some Star Wars stuff, but even then it's not quite the same). It's really hard to find something with the same sort of community and shared history. Like right here there's a half dozen people randomly talking about Warhammer in a way that I rarely see with other games.
        With stuff like Warmachine it feels too focused on the game if that makes sense. With Warhammer there are all these aspects you can go into great depth with or you can nearly completely ignore. It's not just serious players who get super into which makes it oddly welcoming for a game that requires a $150 just to read the rules.

        But who knows? At some point I might get frustrated with 40k's loose stance on balance and find myself itching for a game that plays a bit better. Wouldn't be the first time something like that's happened to me. =P

          But, Warmachine has books! and Hordes! Which you can play against! and Iron Kingdoms! No Quarter! and a Card game! Plus they're still releasing several board games that can be shared!

    Grabbed Elder Scrolls Online for $16, so that.

    My first mmo since Ragnarok Online, pray for me.

    & if it arrived, Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth. Pretty keen, never played a Digimon before.

    Might actually try The Room 3. It's been out for a while and those games are easily finished in a lunch break.

    The Division Open Beta, its my wife's birthday on Saturday but I'm sure she'll understand that this is a limited time event.

      Pretty sure your life just became a limited time event!

    The Division Open Beta! Played the closed beta and it was enjoyable. They've added a few new things and listened to some feedback (more NPC's in the Dark Zone). See how it goes. Still on the fence about buying it.

    Picked up White March Pt 2 this week so planning on a lot of Pillars of Eternity.

    Dragon's Dogma, in all likelihood. Some Rocksmith, maybe some Diablo. Might drop into the Division beta if friends are playing.

    Finished Rise of the Tomb Raider, working through SOMA now.

      You are a braver person than I. Godspeed. Don't die.

        Sometimes I have to stop playing for a bit so my jimmies can unrustle. :)

      Once you have finished SOMA, which.. good choice it's brilliant, try outlast.
      I've recently done both and now on, layers of fear.

        Thanks for the recommendation! I'm pretty sure I got it free on PS4 with PS+ so I'll keep it in mind for next time I feel like horror :)

    I have some mates coming for board games tomorrow night - most excited about playtesting a very early version of a new board/tabletop game i've been developing for a little bit. Should be fun.

    Road Rash 64!

      Thanks to you I have the sudden urge to ditch work and go digging in the garage for my ol' N64 and play some Zelda, :-P.

        Hahaha, Ocarina or Majora? Never finished Majora's Mask myself, now I've got the urge lol

          I'm thinking Ocarina because it's actually less challenging and I just want to wind down from a hard week's work.

          I'm even tempted to just get away from the computer for a while and just pickup where I left off with the DuckTales cartoon.

    The Division Open Beta! If I get bored of that then probably Tera, started playing that this week and it's been fun so far.

    I picked up SOMA in the Steam sale so will try finish that over the weekend. If you liked Alien Isolation or System Shock 2 this game is a must play.

    Probably Fallout 4, a bit of Destiny and I recently started a new playthrough of XCOM: Enemy Unknown so I might play a bit of that. I've managed to completely finish my backlog so I'm looking for some direction these days, I've considered going the 'try to platinum everything' route but I don't want to ruin my enjoyment of games :)

    I'm repping for team Gary oak in the splatfest.

    Also some condemned since I got the surround hooked up again, and binary domain because it was free.

    Last edited 19/02/16 11:35 am

    Star Wars Battlefront and hopefully some Firewatch.

    Need a little bit of a break from Fallout 4 so I bought Life is Strange. Part way through episode 2 now, it's good but hard to get over the voice acting... is that how kids talk these days???

    Otherwise, i'll keep trying to complete my Pokedex. Anybody got some good tips?

      as someone who is building a living pokedex (bout 40% done) mystery trade is your friend for picking up some random gems, especially from people breeding for 6IV mons

        Good advice. I was trying to build a living Pokedex too but I think I am only about 30-35% done there. Thought I should just try and finish it first because at least I would have a fair whack done right? Whats a pokemon that is valued that someone would trade one of the three legendary birds for? it's basically the only one I will need to reload again for...

          If you have time or can research into rare movesets for cross breeding you can make lucrative mons for trading yourself, they don't need to be rare themselves, a growlithe that has been bred to have close quarters for example, rare move, common mon. or get into mass breeding and check IVs on the post game island looking for high stats that are useful to that particular mons most effective build, special attack on gengar for example. then you can offer up the mon to trade for whatever you want and chances are there will be someone out there who will bite.

        At the risk of sounding dumb, what's a living pokedex? I got my 721 some time ago (got really hardcore into alpha sapphire) but never even heard that term haha >.

          oh, literally having every single version/evolution of every mon in the bank. so rather than having a blastoise that ticked off squirtle and wartortle as it evolved, I have a squirtle and a wartortle and a blastoise all in the bank.
          Also not sure if the term is widely used, but it is the one I use and it seems appropriate given the goal.

      Make sure you pick up those coupons for all the legendaries at EB throughout the year - a different one each month.

      A decent chunk of the mons are found on the islands, which you get more of if you're doing that online thing that brings people's secret bases across, so make sure you do that each day ;)

        I've been checking the mysterious islands etc, is that what you mean? or something else entirely?

          Yeah that's it :) if you do the syncing thing with others across the Internet, you can have more than just 2 islands show up per day :)

    Playing Division Beta. Hitman Beta. Watching LOVE on Netflix and smashing out some Mercenaries Mode in Resident Evil 5 on PS3 with my wife.

    Rocket League on Xbox 1!!

    The really winner is that I watch over my 7 week old daughter while playing it, the short rounds make it a bit more parent friendly. She loves watching it with all the flashy colours, fast movement and music, also it's a bonus for my wife who can actually get some sleep while I'm looking after her.

    Gaming parent FTW!!

    ESO with @jimu at some point I'm sure.

    Hope to complete the final challenge in the Witness and maybe complete a couple more monoliths. If I do, then and only then will I start Firewatch

    Also the "make costume" game. need to begin the work on strapping my armour pieces

    The Division beta for sure, and probably some more Dragon Age; Inquisition... Not sure that I'll ever finish that glorious game.

    Dark souls II. Got the fird one on pre-order, gotta get my shit together and beat this beforehand.
    It's funny how these games are stressful yet satisfying at the same time.
    When I'm having breaks from that I'll try giving Xcom another decent chance.

    Division Open Beta. I jumped in for the first time last night and ended up really tired at work today. Gonna do everything possible in that and then maybe I'll pick up the newly released (for XB1) Rocket League.

    The division open beta and black desert online cbt2

    Helldivers with friends, some Street Fighter V and Mugen Souls Z. There will probably be some Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold in there as well.

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