What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I still haven't finished The Witness. Goddammit.

And I doubt I'll finish it this week given I'll be heading to the very first GX Australia games convention to see what that's all about.

But I also have a plan, and that plan is to play SUPERHOT. Because I've been looking forward to it for a super long time and it looks super good.

What are you guys and girls playing this weekend?


    Methinks bravely second will get a workout and I may consider getting pkmn blue as well

    XCOM 2!

    Might pick up Garden Warfare 2.

      Are you a save scummer, or do you accept reality and live with your decisions?

        Save scummer :(

        Sometimes I live with my decisions if it has to be done.

          I too, am a save scummer. If I have the power to save a (virtual) life, I'm going to use it.

    Lego Dimensions with my daughter. I'm also hoping to get into some Thunderforce III or IV. Feel like some old school schmups.

    Vanilla WoW - try and get my priest up to 40.
    If the weather turns bad a heap of console games with my young bloke - Mario Kart is a fave of his atm.

      Are you playing on Nostalrius?

        Sure am @ambrew - Horde, PvE Server. Zarakem or Diagoras if you want to hit me up.

          Damn, i have a gnome warrior on the pvp server but i really wish i went pve since warriors are soooo over populated here.

    I could finally start playing some PC games given that I may get a laptop this weekend (after about 10 years since my last one).

    I am a huge fan for strategy games. Any suggestions?

    Edit: Wow thanks everyone for the suggestion and advice and keep them coming! I am touched that so many people take their time to respond to my little question. So many good suggestions. Although now I have to come up with some good reasons why I am looking at all these games when I did tell my wife "Don't worry honey, I will just play one or maybe 2 games a year"...

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      Turn-based, real-time, 4X, space or fantasy?

        Anything history related, turn based or real time. Space and Sci-fi tickle me the right way as well

        Edit: Wow, had to look up what 4X strategy games are (that's how long I have been away from this genre). Definitely love 4X strategy as well.

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          Hugely recommend Endless Space. If you don't mind older games, Galactic Civilization 2 is a cracker.

          RTS: Get the Dawn of War 2 pack, start with the original campaign. Still an amazing game today.

            Wow Alex, I have to say honestly I have not heard any of the ones you suggested. But they do look interesting. Will check them out. Thanks!

              Also, even though its not history or sci-fi, check out Endless Legend.

              same crew as Endless Space, but... newer. & prettier. & takes advantage of feedback & fixes up some of the issues ES had. been playing it a fair bit recently & loving it :D

              Another also, Sins of a Solar Empire. More of an RTS take on the 4X formula. bit older now, but still holds up pretty well.

                Thanks for the suggestion mate. It does look interesting. I noticed it says for windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 only. Does it mean it won't work with Windows 10? Or is that implied? Cause a lot of games you guys suggested are like that...

                  just did a bit of googling & it seems that EL 'works fine' on windows 10.


                  Same deal with Sins.


            Speaking of of 4X gaming - Master of Orion 4 hits Steam Early Access today and it's looking pretty good!

            If you want some super detailed, spreadsheet 4X ...erm... action? Have a look at Aurora 4X. It's free and ridiculously deep.

            Check out Quill18's youtube channel for some great let's plays of a bunch of these.


              I only started to follow Quill18 on youtube recently! Don't think I noticed Aurora 4X though, will check it out. And I was looking at Master of Orion on steam, definitely interesting. Thanks mate!

          What you really need then is Europa Universalis IV. Definitely the best history strategy game out there (it's just a map, but like Crusader Kings II, it tells stories worthy of any AAA title you care to mention).

            EU4! That's definitely on my radar. Am still debating (internally) about Crusader Kings 2 and EU4. Any insight from you about those 2 would much appreciated!

              CK2 tells better stories... like how my wife tried to assassinate me so i had her locked up and ransomed back to her father while at the same time as plotting the death of my brother and father and arranged to have my incapable 12 year old son murdered. It's a delightful web of intrigue.

              CK2 suffers from a lack of clarity in how the game mechanics all interlock... unlike EUIV...

              EUIV tells much bigger stories but with little personal content. Every few years you check on the wider world picture and see that Franze has been subjugated by Norway, or that Italy is now the capital of the Holy Roman Empire. You'll spend your time plotting ahead to understand whose land you want to claim for your glorious personage, or conduct trade wars by pillaging shipping lanes or a massive range of other ways to survive the 400 years the game encompasses... there's no win-state (other than outright owning everything) but there's a stack of cool steam achievements worth hunting down.

              What EUIV gets so right (so much more right than any other strategy games) is in how it gives you information about what you're doing. You might have a newly conquered country about to launch a peasant revolt... from here, I find it akin to deconflicting a calculation error in an excel spreadsheet. Hovering over the fomenting rebellion I'm given information as to what's contributing... high unrest for instance. Hovering then over my unrest stat tells me that it's being negatively affected by the local culture of the place that's rebelling and that my prestige is low (which affects the bonus against lowering unrest). It will also tell me whether my overall stability is affecting the region. Then, you just keep backtracking through each of those... and I might find that I need to increase autonomy in that region and accept less taxes by allowing them to self-rule... I might have discovered I had some overhanging war exhaustion from my last financially ruinous campaign but that's going down by 0.1% a month so I can start to calculate (quite easily) whether the rebellion will trigger before all the factors I've just put into play or if I can leave it and it will sort itself out.

              That's another beauty of the game, you cannot wage eternal war without bankrupting your economy. You need to create strategic alliances, marry into the right dynastys, falsify claims and nurture your total available Manpower or you wont' have armies to fight. There's limits to generals (which massively increase troop survivability) as well as technologies you can slowly unlock that increase your powers in all sorts of ways).

              That probably doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but it's the fact you can hover over any element of the game and be told exactly what's triggered it... and then going back and finding out about what you can do to influence those figures in the right direction. I've never felt more in control of a strategy game, but also never been as challenged and never had as many amazing stories to tell after I finished playing.

              I could talk about EUIV all goddamned day.

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                Haha sounds like you could! I was a HUGE Heart of Iron fan (big reason why I am jumping back into PC gaming is because HoI4 is on the horizon) and I am always interested in Paradox's strategy games. But I have to say, both EU4 and CK2 scares me, the sheer complexity is just overwhelming. But... I am ready to give it a go... I think (hope)

                  You should give Mount & Blade: Warband a go - it's awesome. It's really rather deep, but super accessible. The graphics can be a little bit creaky, but all things considered, it's still a decent-ish looking game. The real-time combat is fantastic too. Don't expect to see the light of day for a while if you do jump on in though :P

      StarCraft 2 and the expansions :-)

        Ah yes, I went crazy playing the original back in the day... will check this one out. Thanks!

      I would recommend Civ 5, fallen enchantress or endless legend for a 4x fix. divinity - dragon commander, grey goo, deserts of Kharak or Starcraft for some real time fun.

        Thanks man, will check these out. By the way, is Steam, GOG.com, Green man gaming and Humble store best way to get games these days? Any other I have missed?

          Nah, you're on to it. Use steam for your library, but buy the games from gmg, or humble store. G2A for cd keys.
          GoG is great too, and you don't need steam for them, they are all DRM free!

      I would recommend Commandos 2 : Men of Courage to tickle history related RTS
      Civ 5 definitely makes the grade but it definitely helps to have a friend familiar with the game walk you through some of the different play styles and the opening few turns/keyboard shortcuts and so on
      The Warhammer 40k : Dawn of War games are pretty great, though it has been a while since I've played them so can't really remember which one (one or two) would be the better choice
      You can't go past a SNES emulator and powering up some old classics like final fantasy tactics, fire emblem series or bahamut lagoon etc

        Thanks mate! I remember playing commando 1 back in the day... will look into that

          C2 is infinitely superior out of 1 2 and 3, a major hurdle though can be getting it to run stably. Even if purchased on steam there are issues getting it to boot and from time to time, loading saves but it is worth it if you can, playing on 800x600 is almost necessary for the UI to look right.

          Oh, another fantastic title, but notoriously difficult to get a copy of even if trawling torrent sites is Cultures 2 : The Gates of Asgard, the colour palette, gameplay, art style and so on just ooze character even with it being a sprite based AoE style strategy that by virtue (or lack thereof) of its engine, will always appear to run a little bit crappily.

      XCOM 2

        That one is definitely on my radar... although being the cheapskate I am, i will have to wait for the price drop. I did have lots of fun with XCOM on PS3. In fact it's one of the few games I still have on it.

      May I suggest Company of Heroes (the first ones and the expansions) if you haven't already played them. Probably my favourite RTS of all time, it has a very extensive single player campaign and holds up pretty bloody well graphics and sound wise for an older game. It is a WWII setting with semi historical correctness...it is also diiiiirt cheap these days. I'm actually pretty sure I have a spare copy of Company of Heroes I can gift you (I already have it and haven't gifted it yet)

      otherwise Dawn of War II and its expansions (RTS), One of the Total War series (id suggest Shogun). StarCraft II is excellent also. The Civ games are good (probably civ5 complete pack).

      Ohhhh man your in for a god time.

      welcome back to PC gaming and I hope you enjoy (you will) my user name on steam is Steed1080 if you want to add me to your friends list (so I can gift COH if you want)

        Wow thanks man. I do remember CoH and I remember it is a pretty awesome game. By the sound of it you prefer CoH over CoH2. May I ask why?

          Yeah I most definitely do. bare in mind I haven't played it in a while so some of these items may have been addressed. I guess it just didn't click with me like the first did (although I'm much more time poor these days so that could also be part of it)

          Its mostly just personal preference but I guess if I had to explain it would be due to the setting (western front vs eastern front), the pace of the games when playing online vs, I think its probably a little more based on actions per minute rather than overall strategy then the first, there is also the common thought that COHII is pay to win due to drip fed DLC with commanders etc,

          don't let me talk you out of it though, it is still an enjoyable game but bang for buck id stick with COH rather than #2 (especially if you are single player mostly although there is still plenty of single player stuff for #2) I also have a mate who swears COH2 is far superior to COH so again probably just personal preference.

            I understand what you are say. My personal preference when it comes to WW2 gaming is the western front as well. Combined with other factor you mentioned, I can see why CoH is your choice (and probably mine as well).

    Probably some FO4.......if I have too. I don't really want to. But...I've come this far....might as well...*sigh*......I guess....keep going. Find my son...or whatever...

      Great game, so much fun. Loved every minute, can't wait for the dlc :D

      Do it, but leave the story behind. Just wander in the North, or find those really cool locations in the city that don't get marked on your pipboy. Or do both of that and as well, invest time in your settlements to ensure they're happy and have enough beds and food to expand and then put artillery in all of them.

        This I have done for many hours my good ser.

        Level 41 and I haven't met Piper at her newspaper office or dropped in to Valentine's dectective agency. I've been everywhere....man. :-)

        I did this for how ever many hundreds of ours in FO3, FO4 is much of the same...which is good and bad. Anyway, I appreciate the morale boost.

    Yoshi's Wooly World.

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    I've got to finish a Wesker Mode run in Resident Evil 0, then do a Hard Mode run and a no healing/no saving run.
    Then, provided I get the chance to base coat it before I leave work this afternoon, I'm going to start painting my Eldar Crimson Hunter.

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    So many good games came out for the 3DS this week so I'm not sure if I'll play them or Etrian Odyssey 2. There'll be some Street Fighter V for sure and SAO: Lost Song.

    Either Far Cry 4 or I might sit down and play through some of my stockpile of adventure games I've accumulated on Steam recently. Maybe Anna's Quest, since it just won an award. I played the original game but I recently repurchased the Daedalic version off Steam which I assume has additional content - I haven't really looked into it, but more than happy to support our local dev. :)

    Final Fantasy 14: Heavensward. 3.2 dropped this week and some friends resubbed, so we'll be trying to clear all the new raid'ish content (Alexander Midas and Savage, Sephirot EX).

    Bravely Second


    Possibly Digimon, fingers crossed it arrives today

    Working my way through Darkest Dungeon at the moment :)
    Maybe with the occasional round of World of Warships with my partner.

    I've caught the Rocket League bug BAD since it landed on Xbox. This may be the most excited I've been for a weekend of gaming in a while. Rocket League and Griffball! 343 finally brought back the Gravity Hammer and also made a dedicated Griffball playlist. I feel like a kid at Christmas.

      An awesome game, I don't think I will ever get sick of it.. It's such a pity that there is no cross platform play with Xbox one :(
      for interests sake, How many players are usually online on the one?

        On the Oceania servers, there's been anywhere from 10-20k on at one time since I've been playing (since Tuesday.) Has been really easy to find games tbh.

    Project X Zone 2
    Marvel Future Fight
    Draw Something

    I tell myself every week I'm gonna go back and finish Halo 5 and Rise of the Tomb Raider...but it never happens

    Jumping on a plane tonight for Brisvegas. Time to bust out Legend of Zelda: a link between worlds again. I'm very glad I played the original a link to the past before playing this. Makes it even more fun knowing the Links between the games (geddit?)

    The original Borderlands this weekend. Got the GOTY edition for $10... have to say I'm having a great time with it.

    Been interesting to see how it was developed and refined into the modern classic that is Borderlands 2!


    More Star Wars Battlefront. There's a tiny chance of some Firewatch action too.

    I can't find Superhot on the Xbox One store... Is it retail only? Or just not out in Aus yet?

    Edit: Looks like the Xbox release is another month or so away, I really need to build a new computer...

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      Yeah the wait for this (on Xbone) is gonna be agonising

        I bought if for PC in the hope it wouldn't be too taxing....

        It chugs a bit on my old laptop and it's crashed completely once but it's playable!

    Let me tell you about this little game called FTL.

    It's this little space rogue like game, that I didn't give two shits about because eh, I don't do rogue likes. I barely have time to play regular games once, let alone the same game over and over again!

    After getting an iPad pro, I really wanted to play some games on that big beautiful screen. Every best of list for iPad games had son good stuff... With FTL on pretty much on every one.

    "This game is better on iPad than PC." "iPad is the way to play is game." "This game is arguably better on a touchscreen."

    Eh, screw it. Why not.

    Over a week later, this game has been all consuming. Pillars of Eternity expansion? What's that? It's downloaded, sitting ready to play... But... FTL is calling...

    If you haven't played this game and are like me in thinking rogue likes aren't for you - give it a shot. It's cheap, it's clever, it's so damn good.

      I'm not typically one for roguelikes either, but I fell into the FTL black hole. Welcome to the abyss, my friend.

        I will return! ... One day. Haven't even tried playing with the advance content yet!

    I'll be thinking about playing Squad, Elite Dangerous, SUPERHOT, Rebel Galaxy, Far Cry 4 and more... but I'll end up playing Fallout 4 instead.

    What I'd like to be playing this weekend:

    - Underrail - Haven't spent much time with this yet, but the idea of playing it has been gnawing at me this week.
    - Endless Legend - Just really want to play this more.
    - Grim Dawn - Seriously. 7 years. I'VE WAITED 7 YEARS FOR THIS AND ITS FINALLY OUT.
    - The Flame in the Flood - Saw it in an article earlier this morning & I'm intrigued.
    - Wasteland 2 - Really should get around to finishing this
    - The Witness - ditto.

    What I'll probably end up doing this weekend:

    Uni work, tidying the flat, & maybe, just maybe, watching an episode or top of Fringe.

    At close to 80% completion of Rise of The Tomb Raider. So that.

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