A Month On, Firewatch Is A ‘Sales Success’, With 500,000 Units Sold

A Month On, Firewatch Is A ‘Sales Success’, With 500,000 Units Sold

I don’t think anyone doubted that Campo Santo’s Firewatch had done alright in the cash-making stakes, but until now, hard numbers weren’t easy to come by. Publisher Panic however recently obliged, revealing the title had moved half a million copies in its first month.

As the publisher, Panic admits its “metric for Firewatch’s success” was “calibrated a little bit differently” to Campo Santo’s:

…of course we wanted to make the best possible game we could, but we also had made an investment we really hoped to recoup.

Which is fair enough, really. Did it recoup the investment? I think you know the answer, but here it is from the equine’s food cavity:

Firewatch’s budget, while huge for us, was modest for a game of its quality and scope, but we made our investment back in about one day. Firewatch has sold around 500,000 full-price copies in its first month. (It was even the top PlayStation Store digital download in February!) As an indie game, or heck, even as a “real” game, ok fine but not as a Call of Duty or Star Wars game, Firewatch can be considered a sales success.

Good news for sure! Who knows what Campo Santo will move onto now, but it’s safe to say the developer has plenty of breathing room for its next idea.

Firewatch: One Month Later [Panic]


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