Telstra's Mobile Network Is In Trouble Yet Again

They say bad things come in threes. There are reports that Testra's mobile network is down once again with a steady stream of customers taking their complaints to Twitter. Currently, the network outage appears to be limited to Perth, Melbourne and parts of Sydney. Here's the news so far.

Complaints on Twitter are steadily mounting as more customers experience disruptions on the Telstra network for the third time this year. Currently, Telstra has been responding to complainants asking for more details and recommending they restart their devices. However, the flood of angry tweets from multiple customers suggests that user error is not to blame.

The Aussie Outages mobile tracker site also recorded a huge spate of reported outages in Melbourne, with a smaller amount of problems in Sydney. Nearly 1000 reports have been filed to the site over the last hour, and users in Brisbane and Perth are also experiencing problems.

This latest spate of technical issues follows nationwide network outages on February 9 and March 17. The previous service disruption was caused by an identified problem which caused a significant number of customers to be disconnected from the network. The problem was greatly exacerbated by affected devices all automatically reconnecting at the same time, which caused congestion to the network.

For what it's worth my Telstra phone is still working fine here in Sydney. We'll be updating with more details as we get them.

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    And they wanna be my NBN salesman. I think the CEO should be executed on live TV for this and everything else.

      Thats a bit harsh, maybe bonked on the head with a pool noodle. he still has to make sure it gets all fixed.
      CEO generally just keeps things rolling, its the tech most likely at fault here

        Bonk on the head? What are you, some savage? Our nation prides itself in our boot to the butt.

          apologies, I will break PCPP Yellow boots out of retirement for this one

            Always salute our flag.


    I am laughing my ass off as the business i work for Uses telstra for telephony and not getting any calls coming through is nice (work in service desk).

    currently in melbourne, no issues at all with reception, able to surf the web fine

    It's almost like the technology is..yknow..technical..and prone to developing faults that need to be fixed..

    or someone forgot to feed the hamster.

    knowing telstra and working there previously i'm almost certain someone forgot to feed the hamster.

      I have some sources that work in the big T that heard the issues they've been having are related to outsourced programmers not familiar with the technology trying to re-route traffic but not applying throttling to the customers reconnecting. This has caused parts of the network to crash when the services involved all tried switching over at the same time.

      So not really a technology issue but more of a user error. Most of the guys familiar with the tech have either been made redundant or retired.

      Hooray for outsourcing.

        I've heard much the same from a friend of a friend who works there...

      What part of Telstra did you work in? A sales branch?

        christ no, sales teams are the bane of everyone's existence. i don't think i've ever met an honest salesman. they get fired for not hitting targets.

          So, you were a CT? Or call center?

            dsl/cable activations & boh, grandfather/legacy/satellite & velocity billing & activations "specialist" (no one knows how to fucking work webtrak.. or wizard, scarily)

            i miss my d number. it's weird how it kind of becomes your identity.

            Last edited 26/03/16 10:27 am

    I'm going to enjoy my free month of data. Thanks telstra

      I think we will deserve it after all of this blows over

        Perhaps you should read your contract.
        You aren't entitled to anything.
        Technical faults out of Telstra's control occur.
        You signed an agreement stating you accept that.

    Its not just mobile. My telstra email account went dead yesterday afternoon for about 9 hours (which is when i then went to sleep) and im in brisbane.

    Woke up this morning to it working again.

    call the ombudsman. Not that fucking difficult to do.

      the ombudsman will just tell you to contact telstra first. I contacted them to see if I could cancel my services with out any fees, they were happy to waive cancellation fees but said outstanding hardware costs would have to be paid (mobile phones), seeing as my wifes phone still has over a year left, we negotiated to a free month of services, so not too bad. Hope the network stays active to use it....

    Try TPG guys!

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