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Every generation of consoles has its ‘default’.

Sometimes that default is difficult to define, other times it’s clear as day.

PlayStation 2: default. Obviously.

Super Nintendo? Probably default. A close run race. Plenty had Mega Drives. Blood in the playgrounds that one. A dark time for the empire.

PlayStation 1. Default.

Xbox 360. Default.


AMD and Creative Assembly made a big deal of their partnership earlier this year, especially when the British studio talked about all the benefits DirectX 12 would offer. But while things are looking nice and rosy for Team Red, those with NVIDIA cards are having to play a little bit of catch-up.


One year ago my brother in-law and I made a decision. We wanted to do the right thing. We wanted to try and pay to watch Game of Thrones season 5.

Analyse that sentence for a second. I’ll add some italics for emphasis. “We wanted to try and pay to watch Game of Thrones.”

We couldn’t just pay. We had to try to pay.


They say bad things come in threes. There are reports that Testra's mobile network is down once again with a steady stream of customers taking their complaints to Twitter. Currently, the network outage appears to be limited to Perth, Melbourne and parts of Sydney. Here's the news so far.