What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I'm still currently plodding my way through Dark Souls III. I don't see this changing any time soon.

I'm okay with this. It's amazing.

I suspect a large number of you will be in the same situation. That's awesome. While it's good to get in early on a game like Dark Souls, it always gets a bit more interesting when everyone else is playing alongside you. Now my brother in Scotland has a copy, my buddies on Twitter are all playing. There's a back and forth flow of information that makes the experience so much more rewarding.

Anyway — enjoy. Most of you have caught up to me already!


    Elite: Dangerous, Just Cause 3, and maybe some Destiny with @os42 tomorrow!

    Dark Souls III...

    ...is what I WOULD be saying if I wasn't going to visit my Mum for the weekend. So it's more likely going to be "socialising" and "walking" and so forth. But I'm sneaking along my Vita and 3DS, so I may put some retro time into MGS 1 on Vita and/or Majora's Mask on 3DS.

      MGS1 doesn't run well on my PSP and was told it is the same on Vita, i read up on it and supposedly it's an emulator issue.
      Does it work well on your Vita?
      The sound stuffs up for me.

        I'm not super far, I think I only just ran into Psycho Mantis, but it seems smooth enough to me. No complaints.

          Did you purchase it on the vita store or did you transfer it via PS3?
          I transferred from PS3 to PSP and in the opening cutscene the music dialogue and all sound is unbearable it skips and makes awful sounds.
          Really keen to play it on Vita would appreciate it if you could let me know, cheers.

      The key is to get them to visit you. My mum is coming over, but she's bringing my nan and my sister so they'll all just annoy each other while I play Dark Souls III in the background. =P

        I seriously considered packing up the PS4 to bring along too.

    well having discovered that a gear score of 155 is too shit to complete the incursion or daily challenges, I guess I'll be grinding some maths

      It sounds like we'll be needing monstrous gear scores to complete the incursion...

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        watched a streamer last night complete it with a gear score of around 170, his group was all higher and he actually said on the stream that in his opinion you need the group to have a gear score of 180 to reasonably expect to finish it (without glitching through the wall)

        My current DPS is only 108,000, health is only like 51,000, I was the lowest gear score in my group, but they were only mid 160's and we got to waive 6 twice in about 2 hours but in the end we gave up.

          Interesting... I'm at around 157 gear score at the moment so yeah, grind ahead but it's good to have the 180 to aim for.

            it is worth noting that he said the group needed to be about 180 in order to all but guarantee a successful run every (most) times, but I'm sure with some good coordination and team work it would be achievable with a much lower gear score. Even with my group, it we had of stuck at it a bit longer we probably could have got there, the trick is to make sure nobody went fully down, as soon as we had 1 person go fully down, we were screwed. We either had to fight on with 3 of us or try to revive which almost always meant the reviver going down. a really great group for a bunch of Rando's but eventually the frustration got the better of 1 and he rage quit, we disbanded after that and I haven't tried since.

              Did you all have mics? I imagine it'll definitely need good coordination to succeed...

                The 3 of them had mics, unfortunately I couldn't find my adapter thing to make my headset the 2 into 1 for the bottom of the controller so I didn't have 1. The 3 of them were talking well with each other and I just followed their instructions the best I could, they figured out I could hear and understand what they were saying, it worked fine except once where I was the only person that saw a yellow come up behind us, I did my best but it nailed 2 guys before I could bring him down, It was like the old horror movies screaming "behind you!" at the tv lol

                  Haha the sneak attack! I've been taken out many a time by an unexpected shotgun from behind.

      Think it only took a few hours in dark zone to find enough gear to get to recomended gear score for me, drops are much improved

        Getting to the recommended gear score is easy enough, it's actually beating the mission itself where it gets tricky =P

          recommended for Hard is only 140 isn't it? it would have to be a very well coordinated team to get it at 140

            Yep 140 is the min for hard... I can't see any team composed entirely of 140s finishing it.

              Nope, would be a hell of an achievement. Out of interest, did you end up grinding up levels and getting the incursion done over the weekend?

                I didn't... One of our regular squad was away for the weekend so I got lost in the Battleborn beta. We'll probably have a run at it this week sometime. You had any luck yet?

                  Nah didn't have much free time in the end :( Got some Gold gloves to replace my purple which would of increased gear score from 155 to about 160, they moved my DPS up to 114k but my health down to 42k so no good. I do have 196 phoenix credits so I need to decide between getting some blueprints for a gold sniper as a secondary (current is purple with 75k DPS), a gold assault rifle to see if I can get more DPS compared to my current primary Vector 45, or spend it on Armour to increase my very average health of 51k.

                  I've discarded so much high armour gear because it's too much of a drain on my stats... Still waiting for some gear with a decent electronics score =P

                  That gold sniper does look nice. I guess it depends whether or not you tend to use it much. If not, the assault rifle upgrade would be the way to go.

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    Seriously considering getting Dark Souls III at lunch time or on the way home from work. Otherwise it will be more D3 and Splatoon for me.

    Some MGSV - I am absolutely loving the game. So glad I finally decided to try it and also persist through the inital stages (getting used to all its idiosyncrasies).

    Going through my pile of shame games.
    Beyond: Two Souls - not a bad game, I like it but not as good as Heavy Rain.
    May start Limbo and I probably play some Mario Kart 8. Not many aussies play that game unfortunately.

      I played beyond two souls ages ago and really enjoyed it, last weekend I played through all 5 eps of Life is strange and motivated by that I booted up Heavy Rain (owned but never played), am about 1.5h in and honestly struggling to get into it. have spent Far to long walking around doing SFA, i.e making sure my son gets fed and does homework and goes to bed on time and such, if I want to do that kind of shit I'd just turn off the PS3 and talk to my family lol.

      At least I now understand "Press X for Jason"

        Heavy Rain is a little bit slow to start off with as I guess they wanted you to get a feel for the controls but after that the story picks up.
        I'm probably 1.5 hrs in Beyond Two Souls and I'm hoping it'll pick up soon.
        Heavy Rain is also a lot less action oriented compared to Beyond FYI.

        Stick with it man, Heavy Rain is an incredible game!

          I have heard that! I'm hoping it's just a really slow and dull start and then it builds to something awesome. I didn't get a chance to play over the weekend but i'll give it another hour or so, if it hasn't hooked me by then It'll be a battle to keep plugging through.

    Currently away from my Xbox for a couple of weeks so Dark Souls 3 will have to wait :( Until then, I got the SEGA humble bundle so I am currently playing a bit of Company of Heroes and Valkyria Chronicles (which I have never played before). They are both awesome!

    Buying Quantum Break tonight! Ohboyohboyohboy :D

      You might want to have a backup in mind while you wait - it takes a while to install!

    Just finished my first Dark Souls 3 run. Cant wait to go deprived and do it all again!

    About half way through TitS:SC (it's smashing!) on Vita.

    About 35% synchronised Ass Creed Irish Pugilist Simulator (Rogue) on PS3 (good fun!)

    Just got Gardening Mama for the kids, lol.

    Nothing for the third week in a row. Renovations suck. Still my builder is telling me he is almost done (almost for about 3 weeks now).
    The only thing I think I'll be able to do is get onto my four pokemon cartridges and download some Jirachi's before it runs out.

    Finally... after two weeks I get to say: Dark Souls 3

    Enter the Gungeon.

    Harder than Dark Souls 3 confirmed.

    Decided on a whim to get back into The Secret World.

    Also got told by a friend to try Yousician on my phone for learning guitar. so will be giving that a go too.

    Probably blog a bit.

    Ever heard of a little thing called Rocket League? I plan to indulge as per.

      I wish I could stop playing that. It's my current fall back game. Only got 30 minutes? Play a bit of Rocket League. Bloody masterpiece. Considering moving over east to get that sweet 12-20 ping. I'm sure the family will understand. :)

        The 12-20 ping is a dream and I'd imagine a key factor in deciding on a move.

        It's just the perfect game.

    I'm playing several hours of "Moshing to Trivium and Opheus Omega", a few hours of "It's dad's birthday lunch" followed by many many hours of "Dark Souls 3" and a little game I like to call "Ignoring the Mrs while she yells at me to spend more time with her"

    I may also throw in an hour or two of "sleep"

      What is it with Mrs wanting to spend time with us? I can't play Dark Souls 3 tonight because I promised to spend time with the Mrs like a damn fool. :(

      Moshing to Trivium live on Saturday! Though I hope I don't spend half my time thinking about Dark Souls 3.

    Don't know, I was thinking maybe I'd play a little Dark Souls 3?

    Dark Souls 3. Currently half way through the Undead Settlement. I am seriously impressed with it so far. First chest I found was a mimic and thought, Fromsoft you cheeky buggers. Had an awesome Dark Axe in it though.

    Yep Dark Souls 3. Maybe FF9 and maybe the Doom beta and maybe the Overwatch beta and maybe the Battleborn beta

    Does it count as playing Black Desert Online if I have it running in the background so I can fish or train up stamina/strength while playing Dark Souls 3?

    Think this is a weekend of How Good Is Your Liver. If not, I'm playing some older games at the moment, like LotRO and Rollercoaster Tycoon 2, just because I want to :)

      Oh, the hours I sunk into my Lore-Master! I should check in on her - it's been years.

        Hasnt changed that much. Servers have merged, so you might find yourself lonely, and the various expansions have pushed the level cap to 100 or 105, but on the whole its pretty much the same.

        I hadnt looked at my minstrel for 5 or 6 years, came back to being the guild leader of a level 10 guild :) And only member :(

    Metro 2033 redux .. same as the past two weeks. At least now I have figured out the controls.

    Diablo 3. Always Diablo 3.

    Might dive in to some of my 3DS pile of shame. Still got Yo Kai Watch and Bravely Default to play through.

    Battleborn and Doom betas for sure, with a bit of Division gear grinding thrown in for good measure.

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