What Are You Playing This Weekend

Dark Souls. I am playing Dark Souls.

I am sorry. By the mere act of mentioning the words 'Dark Souls' I'm sure I have sent many of you on a trajectory, on a path that will no doubt end with you also playing Dark Souls. For that I humbly apologise.

I was playing some other games, like Black Flag and Super Mario 3D Land, but I stopped. Now I'm playing Dark Souls.


What are you playing this weekend?


    We are having a long weekend LAN
    Anything is a possibility :oP

    Probably Dark Souls. Because I can feel that virus creeping up on me.

    EDIT: And I just read the text of the article. Apology accepted.

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    I'm going to play through the original Deus Ex. Gonna try a baton only run.

      Good luck. I've been meaning to finish that game for ages.

      Just finished that a couple of months ago and damn, with the high res mod it still holds up really well.

    Kozicki want's a 12hr marathon of BF4 multi, so probably that..

    I'm gonna be a good boy and finish Batman Origins and New Vegas before I even consider booting up Dark Souls again

    If I have access to the TV/Xbox, I will start Tomb Raider. If not, I feel like starting a fresh playthrough of X-Com: Enemy Unknown on PC so I feel like I got my money's worth before I spring for the Enemy within expansion.

      Dude I was absolutely amazed by how much i loved this game. literally every minute was awesome. Enjoy man.. make the time to play it.

      Enemy Within just expands and adds variety to what you can do in the regular game its not a new campaign or anything, It made the game a lot more fun and was well worth the 20 bucks from Ozgameshop

        Oh, I'm absolutely sure of that, I just want to have another crack at the vanilla version before the extra stuff is added in, because I only played it/finished it once.

          I never finished it the first time around, I made some stupid mistakes and then left it for a few months. Enemy Within was what motivated me to have another go and complete it and I was really glad I did.

          Its funny to think how The Bureau was meant to be 2Ks big payoff on the X-com license and Enemy Unknown was kind of a fan appeasement thing.

    Dunno. Feel like playing something, but haven't really played much at all this year.

    well i am going camping... So ill be getting a lot of Fire Emblem on GBA played :)

    I don't know. I just finished up Diablo 3 so I might need to select a new game. Kinda hard with a wedding to go to on Saturday. Maybe it will be Dragons Crown.

    Or I can get some custom games in Reach or some co-op for ODST happening.

    Necromancer on my Atari 800.

    I bought Halo: Spartan Assault from Xbone marketplace...I've done a couple of levels so far and not that in to it, but will give it some proper time this weekend.

    Also, if Dark Souls is still cheap on XBLA...I might see what all this fuss is about.

      Sure is, for this week Dark Souls is $7.48 for gold members on the XBox Store.


      I'm gonna buy it right now, but I probably won't get to play it for a while as I've hit my download cap for the month already, still got a week to go before it resets, might have to see if I can upgrade to unlimited.

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      It's a fun Game (Spartan Assault) but the achievements really dissapointed me. You can clear every single Singleplayer achievement and still be under 400 Gamerscore out of 1000... and ive been struggling to find ANYBODY at all ever in the matchmaking.

        Yeah I only did one search when I first got it and I didn't find any body either. That's a shame.

          yeah it seems odd that it wouldn't find anyone. seeing as its so new. and Halo branded to boot. so i am hoping its maybe a bug or something that will get fixed up soon.

    I just bought the incredibly dumb, overpriced and addictive NES Remix, so probably a bit of that. Also want to finish SM3DW (I'm at Bowser at the end, which I know is not really the end, but whatever - run out of steam a bit). Speaking of steam, I might go back to The Stanley Parable, which is my first ever steam purchase.

    Also Guacamelee. That game is awesome.

    Have not really played much lately but hopefully get more into Bioshock Infinite. and most likely some brain dead games like FIFA and COD just to zone out a little. I can't play large story based games in quick succession. I need a break in between them.

    Got my wife's family staying for the long weekend, which means I probably won't get much time for gaming at all, let alone on the big TV. So Persona 4 Golden on Vita it will be.

    Toukiden demo, Dead Rising 3, with smatterings of DayZ/Rust/WoW.

      Have you downloaded the 13GB update for DR 3? I haven't touched it since the last update, which I think was 5GB.

        Nah, not yet. I played it last night and there was no update yet. Assume it's still forthcoming?

          Hmmm, I was under the impression that the update was already live.


          Maybe they've pulled it.

            Only had my Xbone for a week or so - maybe I'm doing something wrong? Maybe it downloaded and patched overnight or something, not sure. Now that I think about it, how do I check whether it's done the patch or not?

              Yeah, I think it's set to auto-download updates when the console's in standby mode by default.

              Also, as far as I know there's is no way (at the moment) to view the content of the hard drive.

                Thanks for the info, I'll check when I get home. I can usually hear when the Xbone is doing stuff in standby mode, very faintly. I think I heard it last night, so maybe that's what it was up to.

    I will continue packing my life into boxes. Yay.

    Have been slowly turning my fiancé into a Gamer!!
    She told me yesterday that we will be spending the long weekend playing Rayman Origins on Ps3. Then i get to play GTAV when she gets her nails done.
    (Inset Success kid meme here)

    I got Dark Souls last night on that $7.50 deal that SOME GOD FORSAKEN GAMING WEBSITE TOLD ME ABOUT. Died 15 times on the first boss. Nearly deleted it off my hard drive and punted my controller through the TV in sheer blinding rage. All I could see was red and the words 'You Died'. I swear they are etched on the back of my retina.

    Thanks for nothing Serrels.

      It gets better, believe me. Bookmark the wiki, and you'll have all the help you could need. After the first couple of bosses you'll start really enjoying it.

      The tutorial boss?

      Quick question, are you fighting him with your fists or a sword?

        Unless you've run away and collected your class weapon, you're basically fighting with fists anyway

          That's why I'm asking, to see if he is aware that there is a door to the side he should be going through.

            Yeah I have a long sword and a shield - what I seem to be missing is 'Talent'... whatever that is. I thought it may be somewhat similar to DMC - and I'm pretty good at DMC. Boy was I wrong.

              Did you try performing a melee attack from the balcony above as you fall, which wipes out half his health?

              Play a Pyromancer and choose the black fire bombs as your gift to cheese him by just throwing 3 bombs at him.

              The Pyromancer has nothing to do with the fire bombs but its just a very easy class for beginners. I find the game much harder wearing heavy armour as it really slows you down.

                He's dead guys. Rest assured he is dead.

      I've put in about 5-10 hours on my PS3. Was getting my arse handed to me on the first (tutorial) boss, but once I worked out what to do, I discovered that he's actually pretty easy to defeat.

      The Asylum Demon? The first time you see him?
      Run away. There's a small door on the left wall (from where you enter) that opens, allowing you to book it to grab some weapons ^_^

      When you beat that boss it's glorious (says the shell of a man whose been stuck at the third bonfire for 7 months!)

      Yeah run away from the asylum demon the first time through that door @thecracks mentioned, APPARENTLY you can kill the demon with the broken sword fragment you start with but I know I've never managed it. There's absolutely no shame running away from something with a weapon bigger than you are when you're basically unarmed.

      Especially if you're playing a magic using class since you can't cast until you get the focus you pick up later in the level. I tried out a pyromancer yesterday, once I got the focus I took the demon down in I think 3 fireballs after I did the plunge attack on him.

        Oh I ran. Should have seen me. I was like a gazelle. Its when I HAVE the weapons that I am useless.

        Practice makes perfect I guess.

    Think I might actually try and finish XCOM Enemy Unknown with a fresh playthrough.
    Always get put off after a couple days of playthrough since the enemy have a natural ability to have a better accuracy, more power.

    If not XCOM, then I will either start to play the Jak and Daxter HD Trilogy or finish Borderlands 2.

    The Witcher 2 and possibly some more Demon's Souls

      The 2 best games I have played in a decade!

    Dar- No, wait, FTB. Also Rocksmith. And I'll try to find time for Metal Gear Rising. And Broken Age...

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