What Video Game Would Actually Make A Good Movie?

What Video Game Would Actually Make A Good Movie?

Oh dear. Seems video game movies are having a really bad time of it as always as of late. Angry Birds got fried. World of Warcraft and its orcs apparently have no real bite. Ratchet and Clank needed fixing. And I'm running out of even more terrible ideas to use in this word play exercise.

The last time I saw a video game related movie it wasn't Pixels, I can tell you that. Honestly, I don't even remember! I stay away from them for the most part.

But if I wanted a movie to be made from a video game franchise, I think we should go with... Neko Atsume. Because it's so simple and silly. And we're kinda living it already. The world loves cats. What could possibly go wrong!?

No, really. Don't answer that.

While we're waiting for Assassin's Creed's potentially stealthy take down of the big screen (oh hey! I had one more bad word association left in me after all!), tell us, Kotaku readers: What video game would actually make a good movie? Any video game movie you actually enjoyed?


    Deus Ex could make a brilliant movie. The whole subtext of man vs machine, and of a world divided between the rich and poor (incredibly relevant right now), could actually translate pretty well to the big screen, especially if handled by a director such as Paul Verhoeven.

      Ghost in the Shell coming soon, see what they do to that before wishing for a DE movie.

      I would love something with Neil Blomkamp. He does good sci-fi with robot stuff. Chappie was a bit tropey but with help from another writer it would be aweseom

    Games that focused on story instead of gameplay, so Last of Us, Uncharted, Pacman, Bioshock....

    Spec Ops: the Line

      Spec Ops is, I think, what would happen if you asked, "Which movie would make a great video-game?" and someone replied, "Apocalypse Now." The fact that you control the actions of the character (to an extent) helps make you - the 'viewer' - complicit in a way I'm not sure a movie could pull off.

    Mad max has probably been the best adaptation of a movie game franchise, that game is worthy as a standalone title in my opinion, its really well made and not just riding off its movie tie in.

    2nd choice would probably go to the resident evil series..

    I put on Pixels recently as white noise while I worked, I don't remember finishing it though. Did the trick.

    But really, video game movies either need to be crafted from the ground up by their home studio/publishers and then adapted to the screen (this is the Marvel method, backed by Disney $) or the alternative is to trust and allow a director/story-teller to create their own take on the property.

    You can't have both.

    I actually prefer the latter, it's why some of the most famous characters and stories that get this treatment always endure throughout the years.

    I'm not really a Star Wars or Star Trek person but isn't there a large enough fanbase now that's vocal enough to say they actually liked the 'bad' movies? I thought there was for Star Wars at least.

    It's already happening, but: Final Fantasy XV. Shit already looks so great.
    Kingsglaive though, looks fantastic.

    Didnt Gizmodo go through this a week or two ago? I jokingly said Tetris, only to find out a day later that someone WAS making a Tetris movie...

    But there were some great suggestions there.

    Any movie made of a game should be focusing on complimenting the games rather just trying to mimic them. I think its one of the reasons a lot of adaptations struggle myself, where they just try to be a non-interactive version of the game they're portraying.

    Flesh out the backstory that gets skimmed, and compliment the games, and it could be more effective.

      Trilogy. They're making a Tetris trilogy!!!!!!

        Which is wrong. Should be 4 movies to make a tetrology...

          If they box the DVD's in square boxes that clip together, and change colours depending on how you arrange them, then I'm on board!

            And when you've had your fun you just put them in a line and they vanish from your life forever.

    Well y'know how fighting games were inexplicably so popular as movie adaptations in the last few decades? Well where's Soul Calibur!

    Just slap something together with the awesome 'Crouching Tiger - Hidden Dragon' style choreographed swordplay and set it against a bombastic soundtrack by Junichi Nakatsuru.

      Sammo Hung was working on a Soul Calibur movie for a while. There was a website and everything. It seems to have just vanished, though.

    dead space / red dead redemption / last of us /

    The problem with most video game movies isn't that the games weren't good for movie adaptations, it's just that people try to make a video game into a movie. As weird as that sounds, what I mean is that instead of telling the stories that happen behind the scenes or outside of a game, people seem to be intent on translating the video game itself into a movie. One of the reasons I like the Prince of Persia movie is that it tells its own story with commonalities to the games but doesn't try to be the game. It's not perfect but it has the right idea.

    Ratchet and Clank should have been a shoo-in since the original game was already a movie plotline with gameplay.

    Last edited 30/05/16 10:01 am

    Uncharted then,
    Uncharted 2 then,
    Uncharted 3 finishing a year later with,
    Uncharted 4. Then reboot the franchise.
    Hollywood can begin the milking me.

    P.S. Hollywood don't you dare make Tom Cruse Nathan Drake!!!!!

      So basically remake the Indiana Jones movies but with more shooting? ^_-

      Last edited 30/05/16 10:05 am

    I'd probably say the Uncharted series would make a good film franchise. Chris Pratt as Nathan Drake would be awesome.

    Mass Effect might make a good movie trilogy too, but I imagine it'd be hard to cram in all of those hours of content into movies.

    The Witcher might be pretty cool too, but it's originally a novel series from Poland, so would it be The Witcher based off the novels, or the games, or a bit of both in its own adaptation?

      God no. Not Chris Pratt. It will make uncharted into a comedy.

      There's been a US Witcher movie in development for a while. Latest update appears to be a mention that it was in pre-production in March.

      If you're really desperate, you could pick up the Polish Witcher (called the Hexer locally) movie which has been around for years. General consensus is that it's pretty terrible.

        The Hexer is actually a film made out of a Witcher TV series - imagine hacking bits of GoT season one into a two hour film and you'd get an idea of it (minus the quality of the source).

        The show is naff, but after a few episodes it's not too terrible. High praise!

      Ken Marino or Nathan Fillion are my picks for Drake, to be honest though i want movies to stay away from Naughty Dog stuff, they will do a poor job to say the least.

        Seems to me, Drake was pretty clearly based on Nathan Fillion, but their argument against casting him is that he's too old.

        Personally I like the idea of a Uncharted Movie set after the games, so I think he'd still be perfect.

    Bioshock maybe, you could probably craft an emotional tale about saving the little sisters.

    As for Warcraft, by all accounts from the fans of the game (as opposed to movie critics), you just need to walk in with an open mind. If you're expecting LOTR level of awesomeness, you've already set yourself up for failure.

    and on that tangent, why the heck are we getting the movie a week later when it seems most of the region actually got it early

      even non fans like it. Warcraft will actually be one of those movies that critics will hate but audiences will enjoy. Case in point critics are giving warcraft a 4/10 while most reviews ive seen from audiences in europe are giving it a solid 7/10. and we all know how shit jasons review of warcraft was

    Wait. Didn't you guys already do an "article" like this? No wonder my answers felt so familiar - http://www.kotaku.com.au/2016/05/tell-us-dammit-what-games-would-make-good-movies

      See, the first article was just for joke suggestions, now we have the "No really guys, what games would actually make good movies?"

    Warcraft movie appears to be killing it in the foreign markets like China and Eastern Europe... Its not the video game movies are bad... what they need is to stop giving away control to movie makers.

    Here is our game, our vision, our expanded universe... now let me sign the rights away to it all and hope you will hire us for creative input that you will completely ignore them.

    There was this game called Escape from Butcher Bay. I reckon the protagonist would be great for a film... ;)

      Yeah. And what about all those Star Wars video games? Some of those games are shit, but the universe seems like it would be ripe for a whole bunch of movies. Maybe only 3 or 4 good ones, though :P

    I would love for movies to have some original content again, instead of being reboots, remakes, sequels, or movie versions of books, comic books, TV shows, video games etc.

      Not going to happen, Hollywood does it more often than people realise... I was surprised how many movies are remakes of foreign films or screenplays of books not creditted directly.

    With the right director at the helm, Silent Hill 2 would be an absolutely fantastic psychological horror movie. Bonus points if they use the "In Water" ending.

    Tetris. Make it a trilogy.

    No movie studio would possibly be brave enough to take on such a project though.

      You are trolling. :)
      You know it's coming and it's true.
      For the guys who don't know, Tetris is coming as a multimillion (~80ish) horror sci-fi production.

        Horror pretty much reflects how most people feel when told Tetris will be a movie trilogy. It makes the stretching out of plot in The Hobbit movies look positively respectful.

        There are some Japanese visual novels that were made into decent TV series which had decent spinoff movies. Does that count?


        Some of the entries in the list are moderately watchable. I'm not sure that Pokemon deserved 23 films, however.

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