You Can't Play The Remastered Modern Warfare Without Buying The New Call Of Duty

If you were a massive fan of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, then you'll be able to play a remastered version of the classic later this year. Problem is, you'll have to buy the new Call of Duty to get it.

News of the aggressive bundling was revealed in an FAQ for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered on Activision's support site. The game comes bundled with the Legacy, Legacy Pro and Digital Deluxe editions of Infinite Warfare (announced yesterday) as a downloadable code.

Long-time FPS developers Raven have been drafted in to develop the remastered Modern Warfare. Activision also confirmed that Raven will maintain the same movement system currently in COD4, and it will also have dedicated servers.

"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered will have a full, standalone multiplayer progression system, with the ability to unlock weapons, perks, weapon attachments, and reach Master Prestige," the publisher added.

The Remastered edition also won't be available for PS3/360 users, which might sting for some of the COD audience for whom that game is the sole reason they play a console.

I'm a little more positive on the remaster hearing this news, although there's one key sticking point that Activision hasn't answered. The ability to play at a LAN without having to authenticate online is one of the main reasons COD4 still gets played religiously at LANs around Australia today, and if that's something Activision and Raven refuse to allow then most PC users are likely to stick with the classic version instead.

What would you like to see from the remaster?


    Isnt the point of a remaster to play a favourite game on a more powerful piece of hardware with the improvements that hardware brings?

    If so, why would that fact that its not coming on PS3/360 even be an issue?

      How would it even be possible to play on the same system with increased graphics. I mean, MW1 released on the 360/ps3, why would people expect to play on that system with even higher graphics? Through magic?

        I think I misunderstood his point at first as well, I think he was saying, because it came out on the ps3/360 first, why is it an issue that they can't play the remastered? - because it would see no benefit. You would need a more powerful system to even bother.

          Sorry that's what I was saying - badly worded. It already on the 360/PS3 - so why would they need a remaster of the game?

        Well, engine optimizations would increase performance in comparison wih the origibal release, but I totally see your point and agree with it.
        Guaranteed, though, someone'll end ip having a whinge about it.

    So what you're saying is buy legacy edition, use code, return game.

      This is my plan. Unless someone comes out and says you need Infinite War on your system to play it Id say it will be alot of peoples plans

      I hate to bust ur bubble u need the disk for cod 4 remastered no code activision leaked it on twitter

    Good thing I still have a copy of CoD 4 on PC.
    *Edit* Thought it was going to be the game just with better resolution but it looks like they've remade it in a modern version of the engine they use.

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    It will come out. Eventually. Just need to drive-up them initial sales numbers for the investors looking for fluffy quarterly stats.

    Actually not too miffed about this bundling. Blops III is a pretty good game multiplayer wise, I can guess Infinite Warfare will be of similar par (despite the differences of dev)...and we'll get a remaster of arguably the best campaign in CoD...and it'll have it's own multiplayer.

    ...Did I just get on the hype train for a Call of Duty game? wtf is wrong with me...

      >Blops 3
      >Good multiplayer

      I can't even.

    Big fan they are keeping the movement the same. I only want the aesthetics brought into 2016 thats all - The cutscenes were glorious, campaign was a blast! and MP kept me going for the whole year back then!!!

    Can't wait to escape from that sinking ship with shiny new graphics!!!!

    Achievements goddamnit, tell me MW gets its own set and I'll preorder now.

    there was a modern warfare collection pulled from amazon, so i dare say this is a limited time promo

    Maybe after IW see the COD4 servers full and infinite war servers empty they will finally listen to the fanbase......

      pretty sure they will be the same servers, most likely they will just have the "classic" maps in the new game

    what a shame, this is one CoD game I would be interested in buying again

    Don't care, totally worth it. Besides, I look at it more like I'm paying for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered and getting the new CoD for free instead. I'll probably just pre-order it on the day before release too.

    It's pretty sad that the main reason I want a new game in 2016 is because it comes with a remaster. Which seems pretty common judging from the comments Ive seen. Maybe these devs should have a listen to what people want...

    That's weird. Everything listed there only relates to multiplayer, which nobody plays.
    What about the campaign? Is the campaign being remastered to? That's the part people want to know about!

    Edit: Ah, it's on the FAQ after the link. Yes, the campaign is there in full and intact. Excellent. Well that's an incentive!

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    The good news is that if you are only interested in COD:IW then there will be a heap of cheap copies on Ebay on day 2

    I'd quite happily put any amount of money down that they will release this game as a stand alone.

    I guess this means that backward compatibility for CoD4 won't ever be coming to the Xbox One then. BC will just dilute the market and people won't pay more money to buy Infinite Warfare to play CoD4.

    I would love to see the map "rust" remastered.

    Please, please let there be a server list on PC!
    Say no to matchmaking!
    I still find games with other Aussies in COD4 to this day(as well as Black Ops 1), but all the newer games with matchmaking are silent.

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