ASUS Will Apparently Have The World’s First 144Hz 4K Monitor

It took a while, but eventually manufacturers were able to give gamers monitors larger than 23″ with the high refresh rates they’ve come to know and love. But the bar didn’t stop there. People are looking towards a 4K future, and they’re not prepared to sacrifice their buttery smooth 144hz for it.

Problem is that’s too much for the current generation of monitors. But it looks like a 4K, 144hz future isn’t too far off.

The first manufacturer to show off their prototype is ASUS, who showcased their monitor to German website PC Games Hardware. It was shown off at their Republic of Gamers booth, and you can see the details of it in the first minute of this video.

The trick here is that the monitor is using Displayport 1.3, which supports 5K/60Hz screens and 4K resolutions running at 120Hz. It’s not the latest standard of Displayport — that’s 1.4 — but that hasn’t been around long enough for manufacturers to be able to support it.

It’s also massive overkill for the content currently available. The thought of having a monitor that can do 8K at 60Hz (which is what DP 1.4 supports) is nice, but there’s no 8K content to watch. My PC certainly can’t play games at 8K. Consoles sure as hell can’t. My internet doesn’t even like streaming videos in 4K; imagine how long it’d take to buffer something in 8K.

ASUS’s 4K 144Hz beauty, in the meantime, will run off a IPS panel produced by Taiwanese manufacturer AU Optronics. That means excellent viewing angles and colour reproduction (if you’re not familiar with PC monitor lingo), although it’ll undoubtedly have a price to match.

The spec sheet viewable in the video also reveals that you’ll be able to tilt, swivel, pivot and adjust the monitor’s height from the stand. I’d be surprised if something with all of these features was available for less than $1000 in the current market, especially since the ASUS ROG Swift 27″ monitors with G-Sync start from $932. Hell, you can even spend $2000 on a 34″ 100Hz IPS screen if you want.

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