Fine Art: 2016's Best* Video Game Concept Art 

Every year, around the time of E3, an exhibition called Into The Pixel is held, which celebrates the work of professional video game artists. With a panel made up of veterans from companies like Blizzard and 343 Studios, it's a great way of recognising the best work in the field. While there's no way to ever say this stuff is literally the best — it's art, who cares! — the selection of winners each year nevertheless tend to come from a quality selection of artists, regardless of whether they're working at a big AAA studio or toiling on a tiny indie project.

If you're around LA during E3, these pieces will be on display June 14-16 at the LA Convention Center. Or, if you're not, you can see them all below.

Note that while this is the 2016 edition of the exhibition, it's mid-year placement means that some games — like The Witcher 3 — are being represented from 2015, while others — like Dishonored 2 — aren't even out yet.

Fine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists, showcasing the best of both their professional and personal portfolios.

Unravel by Martin Sahlin, Dick Adolfsson, Henrik Söder, Mikael Kainulainen, Leif Holm

Dishonored 2 by Sergei Kolesov

Dreadnought by Yuriy Mazurkin & Mathias Wiese

Edge of Nowhere by David Guertin

Far Cry Primal by Patrick Lambert

Guild Wars 2 by Daniel Dociu

Headlander by Derek Brand

Layers of Fear by Paweł Kot

League of Legends by "League Art Team"

No Man's Sky by Kuldar Leement

ReCore by Todd Keller & Kip Carbone

Rush Blast by Chris Chamberlain, Tommy Kinnerup & Esben Rasmussen

Song of the Deep by Sing Ji

The Witcher 3 by Bartłomiej Gaweł


    I'd love to have video game concept art hanging on my walls... How do artists feel about their work that ultimately sits on the periphery to the final product?

    Fine art, aka new desktop backgrounds to add to the collection.

    Love these, thanks guys.

    And this is Kotaku's post of the year. Beautiful.

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