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Nobody managed to get Wisehacker's scribble on the second try — although a mix-up on my part probably made that way too difficult. Sorry about that. Anyway, the game was Panzer Dragoon for the Sega Saturn.

But a new day brings a new scribble. Let's go.

Today's scribble comes courtesy of Spandas Lui at Lifehacker, who is way better with a pen and post-it than I am. Speaking of which, if you'd like to have your own scribbles featured then email me at any time.

But for now we have Spandas's scribble. Let's see how you all do. Good luck!


    Magicka! (also biker mice from mars)

    Anyway, the game was Panzer Dragoon for the Sega Saturn.

    @alexwalker: I think you mean Panzer Dragoon Saga.

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      SORRY :( what wisehacker said.

        No need to apologise; these things happen.

        Truth be told, I'm surprised no-one guessed it. Based on past posts, I though for sure @dr_neeson or one of the other veterans would have guess it in five seconds flat.

        Serious question to everyone here; has anyone both heard of and actually played Panzer Dragoon Saga? I can't be the only one.

          I've... seen a copy of it. My friend has it, and showed it to me once. Though just the box, not in action. But presumably he has played it :P

          The image link was broken for me :( I only have the 1st disk of PDS I would love to play more of it but it's so hard to get your hands on it.

            I think I heard of that. To promote the game, Sega actually had the first disk given away as a demo on some magazine.

            Sounds generous, until it turns out even with the FMVs there is only around two or three hours worth of game play on the disk.

            I'm assuming both the "demo" retail are the same because that is how long it took me to finish that disk.

            But you are right about copies being rare. I only got mine out of sheer bloody luck finding a listing on Game Traders back in the day.

            And truth be told, I only ever finished the first two disks. I was on disk three and had been playing via the GuriGuri (?) emulator (real pain to get working) which wouldn't work in newer version of Windows and even newer graphics drivers.

            But dayum, it was a good ride while it worked. Gotta find me a working Saturn one of these days.

              Yeah the official Sega Saturn Magazine gave out the entire 1st disk and called it a demo. Pretty awesome for the time. Yeah there isn't much to do on the 1st disk lol. I got my Saturn mod chipped so I can play burnt games but I still have to convert the ISO region to PAL.

                Speaking of which despite having better packaging there is a major problem with the PAL version of PDS.

                Like many games of the day, the muppets in Sega's localisation department didn't optimise the game for PAL. It's not just Saga, the other games as well.

                But I think that given Saga is driven by it's FMVs, it suffered the most. The FMVs seemed choppy (looks like they dropped frames to fit the PAL rate) and some in game cut scenes seemed torturously slow because the animation still expected 60Hz.

                And the final battle on disk 1 between Edge and Azel. Might have been better if it didn't start to resemble a freaking slide show!

    Chronotrigger? Background of the court scene?

    Diablo magic vile. I sense a soul in search of answers

    Reminds me of one of the Heroes of Might and Magic games for some reason...

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