The $270 ‘Ultimate’ Version Of Final Fantasy XV Doesn’t Come With A Season Pass

The $270 ‘Ultimate’ Version Of Final Fantasy XV Doesn’t Come With A Season Pass

To be fair, the $US90 ($117) ‘Deluxe’ edition of Final Fantasy XV doesn’t contain a DLC season pass either, but then it’s not calling itself ‘Ultimate’.

Answering questions as part of a Gamescom event, game director Hajime Tabata confirmed the fears of fans who laid down $US270 ($351) for the incredibly limited version of Final Fantasy XV. While they will be getting the action figure, the art book, the steelbook case, soundtrack cds and digital content, they will need to shell out $US25 ($33) extra for the newly-announced season pass.

Look folks, you get what you pay for, and what’s presented in the images is clearly exactly $US270 ($351) worth of stuff. You can’t expect a company to just throw away $US25 ($33) worth of potential revenue on its most dedicated fans. God.


    • The bulk of the price is because it has a Play Arts Kai figure with it, one that’s exclusive to the set as well. Depending on the size and character those generally retail new for around $130-140 USD, and those are standard retail releases.

      It’s still vastly overpriced and taking their biggest fans for a bit of a ride but it’s maybe not as eye-watering as you might think.

      Also the season pass looks like it’s going to be giving you access to a series of utter junk DLC.

      • Well this is the company that sold Final Fantasy ‘calendars’ which were just a bunch of high res JPEGs, for $10 on the App Store.

      • Indeed, which again makes it pretty disgraceful when all things are considered. This really is not looking good for FF15. It’s dropped it from ‘Must get’ to ‘I’ll wait and see what people think in general’ for me.

        That and with Hitman, Deus Ex, Homeworld Deserts of Kharak and like 5 other games I just got, I’m pretty set at the moment lol

        • Yeah, I’m the same. Not exactly hurting for games to play. My backlog grows faster than I can finish stuff at the moment and the fact that I just end up wasting time in World of Warships half the time doesn’t help that much either. Honestly I was kind of glad that FFXV got delayed. The original date was going to be only a few weeks after Trails of Cold Steel II and I still haven’t finished the first game.

  • I get the impression if Square Enix doesn’t make some money on this, they’re going to go the Konami route and give up on game development. 10 years on a game as big as Final Fantasy must have been a hell of a money sink.

    • It’ll certainly give them reason to rethink their console strategy for Japan. Their western studios eg Eidos seem to be doing very well for them though, and FFXIV has become a strong money-maker now that it’s been rebooted, so I don’t think they’re just going to up and leave.

      Besides, the FFVII remake is going to print money for them regardless of how FFXV turns out. Stakes are high though. And I wish they weren’t because personally despite being a fan of the franchise since I was a teenager, everything about XV has left me cold.

  • This is surprising why? The money from these Collector’s Editions always goes to the plastic toys they come with.

  • Seriously tho.


    $130 – Play Arts
    $60 – Game
    $50 – Blu Ray Kingsglaive and Brotherhood
    $40 – Artbook + Box packaging for everything.

    Can’t be serious if people couldn’t see it is valued at what it is.

  • Only 30,000 available worldwide

    And the breakdown:
    * 20,000 in Japan
    * 19,200 in the US
    * 500 in Europe
    * 296 in other countries
    * 4 in Australia, all of which at EB for 3 times the price.

  • Yeah, none of this matters since no one in Australia can buy one anyway. Also, it will never come out anyway.

  • Didn’t the Moogle airship for Final Fantasy Online cost $40 too? That’s pretty terrible.

    But I’ve noticed collectors editions are doing this more often.

    Dark Souls 3 collectors ( Ithink I paid $240 for it) didn’t come with a seasons pass. Same with Dishonoured 2 preorder, though I think that has no season pass announced. Still bought both. Not getting this one though.

    • This is why I’ve ditched collector’s editions altogether; there is just nothing worth while in them even if they get a Aus release after having all the great extras stripped out. The last time I got said edition was the Day One release of the Xillia games (and even then, Xillia 2 was a lucky find in a pre-owned bin).

      It may not be the full soundtrack but a sampler CD of the soundtrack always sucker’s me in.

      • I only get collectors of games I have a strong personal attachment to. Dark Souls artbook and soundtrack sold me on it. Dishonored 2’s mask and art book look sexy too. Both games are my favourite ever of their kind. I aim for platinum trophies on these games.

        Otherwise, I get the Digital Deluxe editions for games I really love, and these tend to come with season passes. Trying to stop myself getting Deus Ex Digital Deluxe on account of the regular sales PSN has. Only a few months after Far Cry: Primal and Battleborne came out, their Deluxe editions were on sale.

        The preorder bonuses on X-com and the extra content of the digital deluxe made me preorder that, though. This one is a totally an excellent trap for me. Exclusive preorder content plus extra content on a game series I love. I really don’t want to miss out on that extra content. Try and stop me getting that.

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