We Named A Planet In No Man's Sky

Rest in peace, buddy. The cosmos will never forget you.

For what it's worth, this is the dossier that No Man's Sky gave us on the planet when we originally arrived:

In other news, there is also a Kotaku planet out there, which you'll be able to discover once No Man's Sky is officially out on Wednesday.

And for those of you who are confused: If you discover a planet in No Man's Sky, it allows you to name it whatever you'd like. We're not 100 per cent sure of what words the game censors yet, if any.

You can watch us play through the first hour of the game, including the naming of the Harambe planet, here.


    Super dank meme guys keep it up

      Came to make mention of the super dankness of the meme; see we're all over this.

      Last edited 06/08/16 11:30 pm

    They're wiping the servers before launch so...

      I so hope thats true.
      Please let it be true.

      Id doubt they would have time to do that between now and release? Most games go down for a week to wipe servers and prep for release.

      Or is this a sign? PC delayed for another 2 days already.

    I can't wait to find Planety McPlanetface. :rollseyessarcastically:

    Last edited 07/08/16 2:34 pm

      Tell me about it. This articles so edgy, I almost cut myself on it...

        Cheer up, emo kid?

          YOU DON'T KNOW ME! YOU DON'T KNOW THE REAL ME! Everything in my lifes emo mum! My lawns so emo it cuts itself!

    Edit: mobile fail

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    The game where nobody wants to hear about the review copy lol


    But seriously, good job.

    The first planet I encounter I will name MIANUS

    For the record, 3 days ago I named a planet Planet McPlanet Face so that's a thing and officially I did it first.

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