Blizzard: That Diablo 2 HD Site Isn’t Ours

Blizzard: That Diablo 2 HD Site Isn’t Ours

You might have heard about a countdown website that popped up recently regarding Diablo 2. You might have also heard that it was teasing a HD remake of the iconic action RPG. And if you heard both those things, it’s understandable that you might have gotten excited. Unfortunately, the site is down right now — and Blizzard has confirmed it’s got nothing to do with them.

Following intense speculation around the site’s appearance — which fuelled into existing rumours about a big Diablo reveal at this year’s BlizzCon — Blizzard came out and explained to PC Gamer that they had no involvement in the countdown page.

“This isn’t ours,” the short statement read, which is about as blunt as Blizzard could have put it. And if that wasn’t enough encouragement to debunk the whole thing, there’s the part where the website (at the time of writing) is displaying nothing but a blank page, instead of the Lord of Terror and a timer.

Still, it doesn’t mean a HD remake of Diablo 2 is off the table just yet. Blizzard has already been working on patching the original StarCraft and Warcraft for modern systems, and Diablo 2 received a compatibility patch earlier this year.

Something’s in the works; we’ll probably have to wait until November to find out what it is.


  • I’m much more likely to play Diablo 2 again than I am Diablo 3, even with the outdated graphics.

  • I look at the article picture and my only thought is the Paladin thinking “Fucking scrubs, I’ve got this sorted….”.

    • “I came here to kick Diablo’s butt and chew bubblegum. And I’m all outta gum”

      Would love to see the old games remastered. No changes to skills/mechanics, just make sure they run on modern systems and if possible update the graphics a little. I chucked Diablo2 on my PC again just after D3 was announced and oh god it looks bad now.

      That said, I won’t be interested if they make it always online like D3.

  • Fakest thing about that picture is the Necro not summoning all his monsters and freezing my dial-up modem. I remember jumping into a game and then 4 other necro’s join and well, welp my 52kbps could not handle that 🙁

  • I still remember being 12 playing with my brother and Just the chill you felt when You went into hell and break all the seals to fight Diablo and him screaming “NOT EVEN DEATH CAN SAVE YOU FROM ME!!”

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