Tell Us Dammit: PlayStation 4 Pro

After months of discussion, Sony finally gave us a date and a price for the PlayStation 4 Pro. It's $559.95 and it's coming not early next year, but on November 10.

But what did you think of the announcement

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The initial outrage so far has been against the lack of a 4K/Ultra-HD Blu-ray player, although the more I think about it the more it seems like a sensible measure on Sony's part.

A lot of people I know already stream all of their content. Hell, if it's an option, they download all their games too. Having a library of DVDs or Blu-rays is a cool thing in your apartment, and it's always fun to reminisce.

But times have changed. Most PCs, for instance, don't even have an optical drive. USBs are faster, cheaper, and you can have more storage space on them if you'd like.

As for the rest of the hardware, it's the kind of thing you have to see in person. You can't really judge HDR and 4K content on a 1080p screen watching a pixellated Twitch stream. But I imagine that kind of demo will be rolled out across retailers — more broadly than the PSVR roadshow, I imagine — over the holidays.

The price seems pretty reasonable. $US399 converted to dollarydoos and with GST is just under $570, so it's not really much of a markup. At $559.95, it's a tenner more than what the PS4 cost at launch in Australia — so not much of a surprise there. Shame they couldn't bring it to the $499 mark, but on the other hand they do have a massive headstart over Project Scorpio.

So that's the question now. Project Scorpio late next year, or the PS4 Pro from November 10 onwards? What do you think?


    Maybe PS4 Pro in the new year 2017 once there's some feedback about how it gives advantages to the big games coming out towards the end of the year. Also when I get a 4K / HDR TV. Looking for a cheap-ish one now.

    I think I will splash out, not day 1 but probably before Christmas.

    I won't pre-order, in fact if I leave it to chance that might force me to wait till early 2017, which should be long enough for some early feedback to come through.

    I was ready to buy on day one, but no UHD Bluray player??
    I erally don't understand the thinking. I returned my XBone after the Halo MCC debacle and other issues, and really didn't want to have a third console this time around, but I also don't want to have another BD player hooked up just for UHD movies.

    Seriously, what are they thinking? I was hoping the slim would have UHD BD support, but was 100% sure the Pro would have.

    This has mostly made me more likely to look at Scorpio, the Xbox S doesn't support Dolby Atmos, so I am skipping it.

    *sigh* I really wanted an excuse to by the PS4 Pro, but now it is off the list.

      I was thinking the same thing, but it seems Sony isn't backing the UHD Blu-ray format. Without their help I can't see them (content disks) becoming readily available at the local "Blockbusters" (lol).

      As for myself, I recently bought a 4K TV, this will do nicely.

    eh, I'll just wait for it to push the PS4 classic way down in price and grab one of them. I have no need for 4k anything at the moment.

    I'll probably get one, but that's only because I don't have a PS4 of any variety, and I likely won't get it at launch either.

    The initial outrage so far has been against the lack of a 4K/Ultra-HD Blu-ray player, although the more I think about it the more it seems like a sensible measure on Sony’s part.
    A lot of people I know already stream all of their content.

    I too (ADSL allowing) stream my content but even if I had the NBN, I would still like the ability to play from a BluRay disk (especially 4K) because my tastes are not specific to the Netflix-made content.

    Some content I like is subject to licenses Netflix acquires to be able to stream and when the license expires (regardless of reason) the content is removed.

    But times have changed. Most PCs, for instance, don’t even have an optical drive. USBs are faster, cheaper, and you can have more storage space on them if you’d like.

    While that maybe true, internal drives are still purchasible and I (for one) keep two in my machine (one set to region A and the other to region B since my 'life time' membership to AnyDVD HD is no longer valid).

    Times may have changed but some delivery models have not; streaming services still need to get streaming rights for content and when the rights are revoked the content is not accessible.

    Overall, the absence of a 4K drive in the PS4 Pro will most likely have the same effect on them as the lack of a DVD drive on the Dreamcast; it will come back to haunt Sony and many who would have bough a Pro will ditch it for a XBoneS or it's successor.

    Even if they rush to put such a drive in now I doubt their manufacturing process will be fast enough to keep to November 10.

    Furthermore, even if Sony released a 4K drive as an add-on, the echo of the HD-DVD drive for the 360 will most likely knee-cap any sales.

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    i'll wait for some pro vs stock comparison of the newer titles, Horizon Zero Dawn for example, before making any judgement, though understandably any difference may be dependent on the TV its plugged into.

    Exactly the same boat here. 4K Bluray was reason #1 for an upgrade. Such a strange exclusion, particularly considering Bluray is Sony's tech. Sure, 4K streaming is a thing, but there's still so little content available meaning discs are far from redundant.

    Was also hoping to seen an Xbox Elite style pro controller. Hate to see it, but Sony are falling behind MS now.

    Its probably a smart decision to release the PSpro this year and get a head start on scorpio as its supposed specs are much higher than the Pspro. The lack of 4Kblu ray, I consider a daft one. how many people have access to broadband capable of streaming at that res...certainly not most of Australia, and only a few major cities in the US are capable.

    I dont know what to think :(

      Same. I have a PS4 and I like it but it's on death's door with the infernal disc-eject error. So do I want to fork out slightly more than I payed for the PS4 again?

      But I don't have a good TV, so is there any point?

      Should I wait to see what Socrpio is like? Should I save money and buy a PC?


        I dont have a 4k tv but if I can play Bloodborne at 60 frames then I'm interested, I'd say its about $1800 for a new tv and ps4 pro... the Scorpio is over a year away and who knows if it gets delayed. If you're like me and bought an xbox one at launch you'll be hesitant in getting the Scorpio.

        If my Ps4 was dying I'd get the pro, but I really enjoy the sony ecosystem and the exclusives, I guess it comes down to that!

          Thank you for actually telling me what to do. In truth, I'm leaning towards saving up a bit and getting a moderately priced PC. The only reason I hesitate is because, like you, I really like some of the excellent exclusives Sony have got. I don't want to miss Ni No Kuni 2!

            I am in the same boat. My PS4 has disc ejection problem to. I have been getting digital games lately to avoid this but now my 500 GB Hd has no space left at all.

            I will save up and won't buy during launch, just to stay away from faulty ones.

              Good move. It is ridiculous that we have to consider taking such measures, but I had problems with the original playstation (had to turn it upside down, open it and adjust the laser) and the PS4 with the disc eject making it literally impossible to use the system less than one year after purchase. Good luck bro/sis.

    Short answer: probably not.

    Long answer: Maybe sometime next year. If I weren't getting a PSVR, I'd probbaly upgrade to it this year (pending spec/performance comparisons, of course) but for the moment I can't justify the cost. Unless there were some really tempting trade-in offers... Hmm...

    Unless you have a 4K tv, their really is very little point and if you wait a year, not only will 4K tv's be cheaper, scorpio will be out and you can make a real decision about which console to go with.

    The question is can 4K Blu-ray playback be added in a firmware update? I know on the PS3 that 3D Blu-ray playback was added in a firmware update.

    PlayStation have many, many improvements that need to be made to the PSN before I even think about buying another piece of Sony hardware. I've been testing firmware 4.0 recently and I'm utterly underwhelmed about what Sony are offering versus Xbox (and what both offer compared to PC). At this stage, even a PS5 purchase is doubtful. I had hoped for a snippet of news in that regard today, instead I've just left a more angry, bitter old man than I started.

    Has PS4 got any decent EXCLUSIVES yet? I'll probably end up getting a PS4 at some stage but what is there so far? Bloodborne?

      Serious? It has about 3-4x the amount of console exclusives as compared to Xbone.

      Sort by the coloured column.

        Comparing it to Xbone is no good, I'm a PC player.

      Uncharted 4, Horizon: Zero Dawn, The Last Guardian and a few others. I'm primarily a PC gamer nowadays but the PS4 has a steady trickle of interesting releases that you can't play elsewhere, while generally speaking the bulk of the Xbone exclusives also end up on PC.

    I live in a converted warehouse and have four levels of stairs. Don't need any more!
    On a serious note, no. I got the Xbone day 1 and will wait for Scorpio.
    Lack of Blu-ray seems like a cost saving decision that will ultimately swing people away. Very strange decision indeed.

    I'm going to go with the trade-in deal from EB games for 349. OG PS4 and one game.

      I'm seriously considering this as well.

      I upgraded my HDD to 1TB, I wonder if I will get more off the cost of a Pro given this is the case? Probably not. :-(

    Definitely grabbing one, I've been holding off buying a PS4 in any form since the start of the year due to rumours etc, so I'm glad I can finally play Uncharted/Bloodborne/Ratchet and Clank, plus Horizon Zero Dawn next year.

    If PS4 pro improves games on non 4k tvs am all for it in early 2017 when some discounts wil bring the price under 499.

    Otherwise i will grab the PS4 Slim or og.

    You'd get better value selling it privately. The fact that EB also want a game is hilarious.

      I'll go just buy a copy of Knack or Pure Chess and give that to EB

    I'm certainly not interested in supporting this mid-gen upgrade, but I would have thought if you were trying to flog your machine off as a 4K update, it would only make sense that you'd make that include games AND movies... Very bizarre.

    You know what else my PC that doesn't have an optical drive has? An SSD. Jesus consoles are behind when it comes to storage.

    Plus there are still plenty of people out there with shitty internet and 4k TV's. 4k games and blurays? THey can hit that. 4k streaming? nope. Also 4k streaming misses out massively in detail vs bluray.

      Nothing stopping you cracking the PS4 open and putting a SSD in there. It doesn't give much of a performance boost though.

    I ordered one. I have the PSVR bundle on preorder for next month and I own a 4K TV with HDR, so there's actually a value proposition for it for me. Will attempt to sell my old one but I suspect its value is going to plummet. :(

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