Grab A PS4 Pro And Spider-Man For $489.95

Screenshot: Sony, Spider-Man

Sony are slinging their own bargains today with cheap Playstation 4 Pros that come with a copy of Marvel's Spider-Man.

You can grab a 1TB Playstation 4 Pro direct from Sony for just $489.95. On top of free shipping, you'll also get a copy of Marvel's Spider-Man.

The free copy of Spider-Man isn't just for people that buy PS4 Pros, anyone that buys a 500GB or 1TB PS4 can also nab a copy.

It's unclear if the PS4 Pro model being sold is the newer, quieter PS4 Pro or the previous model. If you're set on having the latest and greatest model then you can grab that from JB Hi-Fi with a copy of Red Dead Redemption 2 for $479, although you will have to wait until November 26 for that.

Still, if you'd rather zip around New York as your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man then the current offering from Sony is still a great deal.

Sony are also selling Dualshock 4 controllers for $59 and PSVR for $299.

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    I could be wrong, but isn't the PS4 in the link a non-pro version?

    Looks like the JB PS4 deal is just the PS4 Slim. Got a little bit excited for a minute thinking it was a pro for $479.

      You could get PS4 Pro + Spider-Man $465.45 from Sony's website earlier. It might be out of stock now.

    Gah. I knew this would happen. The moment I buy a PS4 Pro and Spiderman someone starts selling them for way cheaper.

    Deal seems to have expired as of today...1 day deal, really Sony?

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