What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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What are all the cool kids playing these days? I'm so out of the loop.

I'm playing Dark Souls 3, Super Mario 3D World and um... World of Warcraft.

Yeah, I'm not very cool.

But I doubt I'll be playing any of those games this weekend. I'm heading to my in-laws place for a nephew's birthday. This most likely means I'll be looking after hordes of children, eating birthday cake and looking for a corner to curl up and die in. Once the kids are asleep I might play Drawful with everyone. That's about it!

What are you all playing?


    I'm Cool.

    I'm playing Amnesia: Memories on my Vita, Hatsune Miku Project Diva X on another Vita, Deus Ex Human Revolution Director's Cut on my PS3 and Overwatch on my PS4.

    The Witcher 3 DLC - I started the first one and man the writing is so good and funny. Tax auditing for farming cows and a deal with the devil that involves you becoming a rakish, socially tonedeaf nobleman. They had so much fun with this.

    Gravity Rush Remastered - Was on sale. Supposed to be good.

    Maybe Star Trek Online on PS4, but it was so janky when I tried playing it. MMOs are not like real games at all.

    Hoooge fighting game night tomoz! Four sticks, a bunch of new games to try, and a backlog of arcade classics to bugger around with.

    Im looking forward to getting stuck into the new Guilty Gear, it's an amazing looking game.

    Red Dead Redemption for the first time

    Enjoying the new iRacing build. We finally got our hands on Le Mans or Circuit de Sarthe, so lots of testing being done there for me.

    Axiom Verge, and I might revisit Phantom Pain. And Journey!

      Have you played the new F1 2016? I saw the positive reviews, picked it up and loved it. Just grabbed a G27 second-hand so I can drive with a wheel - it's hard but rewarding - I keep pushing too far and saying hello to my lil friend - the wall :(

        Not a fan of the series. Don't feel Codemasters captures the right feel, and public racing is a nightmare.

        That said, iRacing's lobbies can be hell too but its generally cleaner racing

          F1 2015 vs F1 2016 is apples to oranges - the difference is massive.

          Might try out iracing eventually!

            Last Codemasters F1 game I played was 2010, but since I've gone to iRacing I've never wanted to go back. Not a huge F1 fan these days anyway, prefer watching GT3 or Multi-class racing. Much more entertaining. And I can get my GT3 or MC racing fix with iRacing. Plus they offer oval racing too and have Nascars blessing. Hope you do join iRacing, it can get expensive once you start buying content but the community in most of the series is great and are willing to help new racers get started.

    Lets get ready to RRRUUUMMBBBLLLEEEE! Rocket League Rumble!

    I slipped and fell... into WoW. Haven't played since BC, and never even got to level 50 before. I'm constantly amazed by how much its changed in some ways, and not at all in others. Probably try and get a bit of time into Deus Ex MD this weekend, too - really want to knock it off before RoI launches on the 20th.

    This is probably as good a place as any to ask:

    If I was to start a "Nuzlocke" Pokemon playthrough, what should I do?

    Best 'rule-set' to follow?

    Best Pokemon game to actually do it in? I have all the DS carts, the Pokemon Y and Red/Blue digitally on my 3DS.

    All I know is I need to release my dead critters. I don't know if I'd be able to muster up the enthusiasm to re-start if I lose them all though.

    I don't think I've ever been that skilled enough to last to the first gym even if I try this. Each game is always a new experience as well, like I'd forget what order the elemental gyms are in and probably shoot myself in the foot instead of giving myself an edge before I started.

      Well the base rule set for nuzlocke challenges that I know of are

      1. You need to name all your pokemon
      2. no healing items, only use pokecentres
      3. if it feints, you can either release it or put it onto a box on the pc but never take it out.

      There's also other things you can add like only catching the first pokemon you see per route, so if you walk into some grass and a caterpie pops out, you can only catch that caterpie. If it runs or dies, you can't catch any other pokemon in that area ever and the like.

      Use any game, although as the older ones have less type sets and things to worry about they'll ultimately be easier.

      There are a lot of options out there. I think Bulbapedia has a list of good Nuzlocke rule sets, but it's mostly just mixing and matching based on what you think would be fun. I recommend the nickname everything rule. If you're not too confident you could try skipping the 'you're only allowed to catch the first Pokemon you encounter in each area' rule.
      Personally I think FireRed/LeafGreen work best but they're a bit hard to play if you don't have a GameCube or a DS with a GBA port. The Ruby and Sapphire remakes might be better than XY. XY is pretty easy and they throw a lot of free Pokemon at you.
      I've been considering doing a Gold/Silver run where I choose a team before I start, send them over in egg form, and those are the only Pokemon I'm allowed to use (releasing them if they get KO'ed). I'm not sure if it'll be challenging or boring.

    My weekend will mostly consist of Project Diva X, God Eater: Resurrection, Touhou Genso Rondo and Trillion in some kind of mix.

      That reminds me, I got some suspicious looks on the bus when I had Kaito in his Speedos dancing to one of Miku's songs. He was dancing with Miku's dance moves and I was worried that someone would think he was some topless under-aged girl. Stupid androgynous vocaloid men!

        Damn Kaito always ends up with his speedos on for me when I'm trying to find new modules. Meiko is just as bad.

    I'm not cool, I'm gonna get back to Dark Souls III as well.

    Also Lego Star Wars: TFA with the boy.

    Also footy final start this weekend! Yay! But my team didn't make it again this year. Boo :(

    Well, I finished my knitting projects so I've got a lot more free time to deal with. Might keep mashing my way through Dragonball Xenoverse since it was on sale, play a bit more Hue and keep watching Critical Role because I'm hype as shit about playing d&d because of it.

    Smash & Grab BETA test this weekend with a friend. Followed by more Overwatch and F1 2016 for me!

    Legion and TW3

    I'm trying to hold off going further in TW3 until I've hit 110 on my DH in WoW.

    Even with the new graphical updates to WoW it just simply pales in comparison to the beauty of TW3

    Probably keep plugging away at Just Cause 3 and Yakuza 5. Might take a look at Lords of the Fallen and/or some of the other new PS+ stuff.

      Amnesia: Memories is pretty good so far if you like Otome Visual Novels.

        I haven't tried one before, but I'll probably get around to giving this one a go at some point. I've got SteinsGate which I think is a simiar kind of thing isn't it? Picked it up cheap in a sale a while back but haven't got around to trying it yet, so will give that a go at some point, too.

        I recently upgraded the memory card in my Vita from 16 to 64gb and it is absolutely overflowing with games, so every time I turn the damn thing on it takes me half an hour just to decide what to play. And I usually end up picking something different each time so I'm unlikely to ever actually finish anything on it ever again :P

          I was thinking to go from 32GB to 64GB on one of my Vitas to try and fit in more of the PS+ games. I read that certain games couldn't run on a 64GB card and that they sometimes had problems, so I ended up getting a second 32GB card to swap out. Working OK so far, but unfortunately my Vita dowloads updates for physical games that are installed on the system, so I've got a couple of GB wasted with that. It's strange that physical games will stay on the system despite swapping out memory cards. It also seems that installed wallpapers will do the same although you can't apply them to other screens.

            I've had no trouble with my card so far. I've also never bought a physical Vita game! Don't want to carry extra stuff around, I'd rather have it all digital.

              I kind of share that sentiment but I have kids and I'll generally swap game cards around between the three Vitas that we have. Quicker than re-downloading stuff generally speaking, although not always.

                Hmm yeah that's probably different to me having 1 Vita and 0 kids :P Plus I think there's a limit to how many consoles you can download a digital copy of a game to, isn't there?

                And I only really tend to use my Vita regularly when I'm travelling, not so much at home, so carrying a bunch of cards around would just be a pain.

                  Fun fact, the number of Vitas you can digitally download to is now three :-)

                  I know what you mean about traveling - half of my backpack space is taken up by two Vitas in their own travel pouches with power supply and game collection plus 3DS XL and charger. I travel prepared :-)

    Started playing Shovel Knight again last night after only getting halfway through. Having a blast. I think it's exactly the game I want to play right now. With Bioshock next week, I'm hoping I'll be able to knock it over in time!

    And also Overwatch. Always Overwatch.

    Abzu and The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine for me... while drinking some real wine too.

      Try Sam Plunkett's The Victorian 2015 Shiraz from https://www.nakedwines.com.au/wines/the-victorian-shiraz-magnum-2015.htm

      I highly recommend it.

    I got sick of waiting for Star Citizen so I pulled the trigger on Elite Dangerous. Been smashing that all week so I'll be on that for as much of the weekend as I can get away with. Wife just bought me a Steam Controller so I'm fumbling with that at the moment too

    WoW. Specifically trying to up my skill level from "Never healed in my life" to "Myth dungeon/heroic raiding with a team of hardcore players" in the space of a few days.

      I haven't seen you heal yet :o gotta give me some tickets to the show.

        Haha, soon enough.
        I do not bad so far on heroics but I've got Mythics scheduled for tonight with team Bel. Crunch time ahoy.

    I finished Fire Emblem Birthright yesterday so i pulled the trigger and started Revelations. It's an absolute blast and my mixed children will demolish all! :P

    Also, sneaking my way through Deus Ex Mankind Divided hassling into my colleagues computers and stealing things from their locker and what not. Moral of the story, it's not wrong if you don't get caught!

      Dread Fighter Mozu is still the best character for my money, although a Benny/Camilla Ignatius is a tank that just cannot be stopped (and has decent RES as well). Just be aware though that you can get sucked into grinding children... I put in over 100 hours into Revelations, which was almost as much as I put into Birthright and Conquest combined.

        How do you get a dread fighter? I'm still in the early stages with a level 10 villager Mozu. I largely ignored her in Birthright for some reason...

          Go to your crystal ball and then path bonuses. If you have the special edition (Birthright/Conquest/Revelation) or any physical/digital or digital/digital combination of at least two of the three Fates games, you should have a bonus called Dread Scroll (or two) which can be used to re-class into Dread Fighter.

            Ok. Cool thanks. I only have the standard edition but i will check it out. I saw the Dread Fighter in Awakening but was too cheap to spring for the DLC. :P

    Finished my play through of The Witcher 3 expansions... so, so awesome.
    Probably some Mad Max, Forza 6 Apex, Alien: Isolation.

    WoW - Just playing the Demon Hunter
    A.O.T.: Wings of Freedom
    God Eater 1 & 2

    Probably Fallout 4s Nuka World DLC. Maybe some Witcher 3 if I'm booted off the TV.

    Also planning anothet Mass Effect trilogy run. I've said that before but I mean it this time.

    Hoping to do a few rounds of Rainbow Six Siege and then, maybe, fire up Destiny again to see if I can be bothered giving Rise of Iron a shot...

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