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Sony finally dips its toes into the virtual reality waters this week, with people picking up their first round of pre-orders.

I've already had a few things to say on the topic, but I want to pivot the conversation slightly to games. What exactly do you want to play on PlayStation VR?

A fun experiment I've been running over the past couple of days is to play normal games in VR. I ran my mother through a mission of Destiny the other night; I've played a few rounds of NBA 2K17 to see how it fared, and I've watched a bit of Netflix and some of the PlayStation movies just to see how it all held up.

Now that's all well and good. But what would you actually want to play on PSVR in the proper VR environment?

Here's some thoughts:

  • The Witness: add Move controllers to this or ignore them entirely. Doesn't matter. Something like this would be perfect.
  • The Talos Principle: Much for the same reasons. And given that Croteam is already working on VR for Serious Sam, you'd imagine it wouldn't be too technically challenging.
  • Windjammers: This will never, never happen. But a first-person, reimagined Windjammers in VR. The movement could be an issue, but I'd give it a go nonetheless.
  • Star Wars Pod Racer: Don't deny it, you'd play this too.
  • Wipeout HD: Maybe I'd be the only one keen on this. It does sound a little vomit inducing.

Other stuff that comes to mind, but I absolutely would not want to play, is all the indie horror stuff. Resident Evil, games like Outlast, SOMA, Amnesia would be great when immersed. Even something like Until Dawn would be really neat just for the added atmosphere of the headphones and the way your vision of the outside world is completely shut off.

So. PSVR. What games would you actually like to play on Sony's crack at virtual reality?


    I still need to try it. I'm keen and ready to go, but my stomach is warning me to have a good go before diving in. I really want to experience it, it looks awesome.

    I agree with the Witness, I think that would be fantastic in VR. Or something like Myst...ooh ooh, what about an old school point and click like Monkey Island or Space Quest.

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    I'm just hoping my pre order gets delivered today... :(

    I don't know why i didnt choose to pick up in store now I just have to wait and hope for the best! It is a painful wait...

    I'm interested, but I want to do a brief demo of some sort before splashing out on it.
    Does anyone know if there are going to be stores with demo stations setup?

      There were just recently. I don't know if they'll be doing it again though.

        Yeah I saw them but problem was they were nowhere near where I live (I'm in Adelaide, those were all NSW or VIC).
        Was hoping some store like EB or JB would have a demo setup, but no luck so far.

          I'm also in Adelaide, i'll be keeping an eye out for any reports of demo stalls set up. I pre-ordered the 2nd shipment so they say "hopefully" by December

    I am mad keen on giving Battlezone a crack.

    I think Wipeout VR is a total no-brainer for this tech. My understanding is that cockpit based games aren't nearly (potentially) as nauseating as those that have you walking about in first person, as the brain has trouble reconciling your actual static position in space vs what your eyes perceive as your body's movement. I'd give my left one for Wipeout 2097 updated and adapted for VR.

    Any third person perspective game. One of the biggest problems with games from that perspective is camera wrangling so being able to look around using your own head movements will make it so much easier to gain situational awareness. Especially when you're trying to shoot at enemies off screen while the camera would normally be catching up.

    I think any game where you're seated would be the better experience.. cockpit, race car etc. I'm hoping Battlefront VR delivers

    Wish they had psvr to try instore coz I'm definitely not keen at the moment.
    I would have to try it to be convinced nd even then there's no games I'm interested in.

    Picking mine up after work. Excited! Gonna get Rigs and Until Dawn

    Wipeout VR would be amazeballs.
    Seated games is definitly where my interest lies. Not even gonna pick up move controllers - just seems gimicky.

    There needs to be an RPG, any RPG, please.

      Danganronpa maybe. I think VNs and other games where you don't need to move around a lot would be well-suited to VR. Games like The Witcher 3 not so much. Deus Ex... maybe.

        Yes DR would be brilliant. Needs to be custom made for VR though. Can't wait.

          If it comes west...

    Zero interest in it. I've actually bought a Gears Xbone and Forza Horizon 3 to tide me over until the whole fad goes away then it's back to proper gaming on my PS4. Can't wait for Horizon though.

    Given I cant afford an OR or Vive, I want to try Elite Dangerous on it, which apparently coming to PS4 at some point. From whats coming out, the Jackal from COD or the XWing battlefront thing are probably my biggest highlights.
    Instead, there's a VR demo for Resident Evil 7 up, going to try that after work as my first vr experience.

    I really, really want Eagle Flight... but will have to wait. Picked up VR worlds and Until Dawn to keep me busy for now. Not super excited about any launch titles tbh.

    Would like a first person view version of Abzu on the VR, but it's just a dream...

    I got ripped off. Firstly by having no store in my area advertise they will have PSVR at launch. Then after tracking down a sales person in BigW and convincing her that the Sony site says they'll be getting them. Then having her charge me $50 but not putting my name or number on any list. Only today to find out pre-orders were deposit based, If I'd laid down $100 (instead of $50) I would have gotten the first round sets. Thanks a bunch If I'd known that I would have paid the thing off.
    Now I have to wait until *unknown date* for the second shipment.

    The lineup is solid. Until I get to try whats on offer I'm hesitant to suggest anything more.

    just picked up mine with valkyrie and vr world for the young fella

    I'd love a combat/rescue helicopter sim. PS VR is perfect for cockpit simulator type games, and this would be a blast (pun intended). Desert Strike VR, anyone?

      You know what you just reminded me of? G-Police. G-Police VR. Damn that'd be good.

    I want to play No Man's Sky in VR. I'm keen to see how DriveClub is, the game at launch wasn't great, but it became one of the best racing experiences out there.
    Annoying to have to buy it again though.

    Ok, played mine for a few hours now...
    The sense of space and immersion is defiantly wow, they way you move around and things pass by you is pretty amazing. Over all I am really enjoying it and am happy with my purchase, it really is very different and that make it great.
    On the down side, the blurry out of focus look of distant objects in some games is a bit of a bummer. The graphics look good, but not great, but that isn't a problem for me. The experience is where it is at. For most games think high end PS3 but maybe you are sitting a bit close to the TV or it is and old crt tv...
    Pretty damd good.
    Really looking forward to seeing how the kids react to some of the playroom games.

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    I would so love to see The Unfinished Swan in VR. It would be amazing!

    Really happy with my purchase, eve valkeryie is my favourite so far my body reacted as if i was on a rollercoaster, didnt feel sick just felt like fast violent movement which was awesome

    I just got done playing that Shark Encounter thing and the Resident Evil "Kitchen" demo. I want more of that. Sit my character in a chair and make scary shit go on around me!!!

    The game that HAS to be done is a Madden Quarterback game done by EA. Throwing stuff around in Job Simulator and Tumble is so satisfying and this would be sensational as a first person QB game. Headmaster shows how even heading a ball into a goal is so satisfying already.

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