Even 7-Eleven Is Offering PlayStation Discounts Today

If you're looking at the deals on the PlayStation Store, then this cheeky tip to save a further 15% might come in handy.

Reader deathduck earlier today pointed out that you can get 15% off $30 PlayStation Store cards from any 7 Eleven in Australia.

The deal runs until December 5. It's not a massive saving by any stretch of the imagination, but 15% is better than bugger all and if you do the math it might make quite a few digital purchases more worthwhile.

Image: Kotaku

Something to think about, while you're buying that $2 mint choc top on the side.


    Fuck 7-Eleven. I won't give them my business after what they've done to their employees these last few years.

    Fuck 7 eleven. Never spending a cent in there again after how they treated their staff, especially demanding cash back out of paypackets after they were forced to pay properly. It's extortion, its workplace bullying, it's theft. The franchise has no place in Australia.

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