Naturally, People Are Nominating No Man’s Sky For Worst Game Of The Year

Naturally, People Are Nominating No Man’s Sky For Worst Game Of The Year

In conjunction with their latest round of sales, Steam announced today that users would be able to vote and nominate games for a series of user-voted Steam awards.

So naturally, the community started nominating No Man’s Sky for awards left, right and centre. Awards for being terrible, that is.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what’s been filling up the No Man’s Sky forums on Steam:


In a bid to collate all the fury, the No Man’s Sky sub-reddit put together a strawpoll:

“Please Do Not Buy This Game” Award is winning, which isn’t much of a surprise, although “Greatest Game To Play With Your Friends” was edging out “Best Tech Demo of 2016” by a single vote at the time of writing.

There was also this:

Image: Reddit (u/DanDan1369)

I found it hard not to like this suggestion, not necessarily for the No Man’s Sky jab but for its versatility:

Elsewhere, members of the PC Master Race sub-reddit have decided that “Biggest Letdown Of The Year” is the most appropriate way to continue airing their displeasure. That award doesn’t officially exist, and given that Valve’s description for the awards is clearly a little tongue in cheek I can’t imagine they would want to put an official seal, as it were, on the No Man’s Sky outrage.

Still, sometimes a protest vote is just the thing you need to feel good. It’ll probably give Hello Games another reason to continue their policy of staying low though, knowing what awaits once they surface.


    • Yeah seriously. It’s hardly the worst game of the year. It’s a decent game that’s quite enjoyable. The circle jerk is getting ridiculous.

      • Imagine that, people might have different opinions on the game than you do. But their opinions are a circle jerk, while yours are clearly more genuine.

        • And what are the probabilities of a circle jerk becoming so huge it results in an unmerited “Overwhelmingly Negative” and the biggest crash in player numbers ever seen on Steam stats? It’d have to be like 15 quintillion to one… Far more likely is your opinion actually is in the minority. Blast heridium, blast asteroids, blast plants, shuffle shit around your inventory to craft fuel, warp, Collect shiny things, sell it for money which you don’t need to spend on anything any more, rinse, repeat. The first 20 hours were great, but then they didn’t bother.

          • Well that’s how it works, right? If popular opinion agrees with you it’s majority truth. If it disagrees with you it’s a circlejerk. Some people have a hard time accepting that their opinions are in the minority, a nefarious reason why is an easy scapegoat.

        • Just snagged it on the PSN black friday sale. 23 hours left on the download. 🙁

          My biggest disappointments of the year: Just Cause 3 was a huge disappointment for me as it becomes literally unplayable halfway through the game because the fps is a slideshow.

          And Mad Max is way more big, empty and boring than Gnomin’ Sky. I couldn’t finish it.

          • My big disappointments are the same (but also include NMS)

            I’m beginning to think it’s a case of the sandbox genre crossing the line between geographical size and the features and content available within them.
            Endless and repetitive collectables tied to progression become boring, most of the time you grind them early so you actually get the chance to use the skills or items, pulling you from the story itself.

          • Completely agree. I’ve got a severely reduced tolerance for stuff that tries to ape the GTA sandbox or includes a lot of collectibles. Even the good ones. I honestly can’t play Ubisoft games anymore. I really liked the last Batman at first as well, but later on the different threads completely fractures the narrative.

            Open-world RPGs, though? Those are often still my bread and butter. I’m still excited to play Skyrim remastered. Also really excited for Red Dead too.

          • I couldn’t get past Just Cause 3’s almost cartoonish stereotypes and awful, awful, awful voice-acting/script.

            Contrast: I loved Mad Max. Its huge emptiness was kind of a selling point for me. Really nailed the feel of the Wasteland as I imagined it from the movies.

    • I was actually pleasantly surprised by Homefront. I really hated the original, so the Far Cry’esque take was a nice surprise. An even better surprise was how much they toned down the endless sandbox collectible/minigame hunt compared to typical UbiGame(tm), allowing for a tighter story experience. Not to mention how they allowed the oppressive city environments to (de)evolve as you progressed toward anarchy.

        • I think too many members of one of those hate groups like reddit or something decided it was ‘unplayable’ due to bugs that only affected their weird linux setups or their sub-recommended specs. I had zero problems and really enjoyed it, but saying as much was heresy enough to get any such comments bombed into oblivion.

    • Battleborn was a disappointment, but not because the game was bad. It’s like the complete opposite of the NMS fiasco where the game is boring but the release and advertising was on point. Battleborn is great except for the fact that no one is playing it.

    • 36? Yeah totally for $36. That’s like one fancy dinner.

      $50? Well, maybe. But you might still hate it or find the grind dull, and you might regret it.

      $50 is a lot of money. You might be able to afford to go the cinemas, maybe even get a popcorn with that sort of money.

    • Definitely worth it. Personally I love the game. I don’t need every game to be action packed, there is plenty of room for games like this where you can do things how you want and at your own speed. While I agree that the initial price was high, for the discounted price you’re getting a lot of game.

    • I played it with no real expectations on release and really enjoyed it. I think I got about 40-50 hours out of it personally so I never really felt I paid too much, but that’s a pretty good deal. At some point you kind of run out of new things to discover, but I recall finding new things still 30 hours into the game. I am probably biased though, because there were all these little details I really appreciated, like the typography in the ship cockpits using typefaces in old 70’s and 80’s sci-fi movies, and things like the ship designs often seeming to look like they were referencing familiar designs like BSG looking things. :]

    • I think it’s worth it on sale. I actually liked it. It does become a bit repetitive after a certain point, but I feel like I got enough gameplay hours out of it for it to be worth $35-$40. I guess it depends on if you take the take the time to explore each planet or just rush to the center. And also if you like this kind of game to begin with. My son who does not, didn’t like No Mans Sky at all, so for him no price would be worth it. But I love these kinds of games, so feel its worth buying at the right price point. $50 is too much. But $35 is OK in my book.

  • For me Overwatch was my biggest disappointment. I cant understand why it is so over hyped. Its garbage.

    • It’s not garbage. Something with that much polish and production values will never be garbage. But i agree in that I play a few games of it and ask “Is this it?” Definitely a game a regret paying full price for.

      • I had a similar discussion with a friend and came to a similar but slightly different view point.

        A pile of crap the size of Everest would be a monumental achievement, but at the end of the day it’s still a pile of crap, impressive as it may be.

        Gee, I bet we can guess how full the others glass is xD

      • A polished turd is still a turd. I’m more inclined to call something with Blizz-level production values behind it garbage, because they should know better. The difference between that level and some shovelware garbage shouldn’t come down to “looks prettier”.

      • Are you stating facts or making arguments? Because the fact that lots of people like something isn’t an indicator of its success, nor a reason to change your opinion.

        • Id say 20 Million + playing it makes it a success. And yes i am stating facts. Here’s another fact, The OP is butthurt.

        • Because the fact that lots of people like something isn’t an indicator of its successIsn’t that close to the definition of success?

          • I misspoke. I meant quality. Not success. But yeah financial success is only one kind of success regardless.

            But yeah just because something might be widely appreciated it doesn’t mean someone is wrong for disliking it. We shouldn’t be looking to everyone else to decide what we like.

  • surely there’s some crappy mobile game based on a celebrity or something that’s worthy of worst game of the year. There are games that come out that barely work or are unplayable. Some of those vr games released this year were crappy versions of other cheaper games and had graphics worthy of 10 years ago and all you did was stand in one spot

    • My worst game of the year was Dragon Fin Soup on PS Vita. Although technically release at the end of 2015, the game was fixed to be at least playable in 2016. Despite this, it was an awful, awful mess of procedurally generated terrain, pretty vanilla questing and a crafting and inventory system that is one of the most frustrating I’ve ever come across. You have about a billion crafting ingredients and an amazingly insufficient backpack to carry them in. It’s a 2/10 from me.

      • Just nominate steam forums in general.

        Personally I would nominate the official R* GTAO forums.
        Its what I imagine a bottle fight between a hundred monkeys would look like.

        • Bandai Namco forced them to release really really early compared to what they wanted to do. As a results heaps of features were cut.

    • The should offer an award for the Most Deluded Apologists… and give it to the guys on Roberts Space Industries forums 😛

  • they should expand their horizons more and see what a really bad game looks like. Sure its not without its issues but compared to a world full of Steam Greenlight, its just an unfinished masterpiece. gamers should really get over themselves and soon.

    • Shitty developer defender strikes again! People arent allowed to have negative opinions of things you like! Thats illegal! only your opinion is valid!

      • once again its you, back to put more words in my mouth that I have never said. There is no denying NMS is not without its issues but the gaming community these days operates like a mindless school of fish. So while many gamers have many valid reasons to dislike this game and vote for it, what we are seeing (once again) with this game is a mindless sheep (oh wait I was using fish this time wasnt I?) behaviour on a mass scale. The sad part in this rabble some people do have a good point, but it just gets drowned out in this mass gamers need to one up each other in terms of insults, and need to write the ‘coolest’ post.

        So many of these votes have nothing to do with the game but some gamers jumping on a bandwagon. Yawn. So predictable. So tiresome.

  • I loved no man’s sky. I only put about 30 hours into it but I enjoyed myself. Expansive resource sandbox isn’t just a tiresome genre now. If this game came out 5 years ago everyone would be going crazy and logging thousands of hours. It honestly was exactly what was promised and I enjoyed what I got.

    • I think you mean to say, It honestly was exactly what I was promised and I enjoyed what I got.

      I can respect people’s like for the game and the enjoyment they get, it’s not without its charms (As fleeting as they are)

      But it wasn’t what was promised, it isn’t even a question at this stage.
      (And the convenient, but non existent hordes of frothy mouthed brats can’t be HG’s boogeyman forever)

    • Totally agree. I finished the Atlas path and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Will be nice if some patches eventually do come out and add some extras, but I still feel it was money well spent.

    • I also love No Man’s Sky. It gave me months of entertainment, had a great community and provided plenty of laughs along the way. I didn’t know I could gain so much joy from a game I have never played and never will.

  • No suprise really, The game is a piece of shit. The devs have done pretty much nothing to it since release. Drop the price to $20 AUD.

  • I don’t agree with his being the worst game of the year. The game at its core was actually pretty good. It was an indie game that if it had been sold for less, not over marketed and targeted at the correct audience could well have been a mini hit on its own legs.

  • i love that people are so salty over No Mans Sky and want to give it worst game of the year award because of their saltiness, yet there are clearly way worse games around in terms of content, playability, polish, story, graphics, pretty much every aspect of a game.

    • And yet none of those games turned the industry on its head, garnering investigations from various consumer bodies and forcing widespread changes in industry marketing.

      But hey, much easier to blame some cockamamie boogeyman

  • I agree with all the cool, good-looking people who don’t believe NMS was worst game of the year! It was a fine game. Just needed a stronger story mode to give the player direction.

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