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So today is obviously Melbourne Cup day, which means people are going to take time out to have a drink, crap food and all the rest of it.

Our office in particular, like many others, is going to have a bit of a BBQ. And that got me thinking: what exactly do you like to have on a BBQ?

I got sort of forced into doing Cubs and Scouts as a kid. I enjoyed it, don't get me wrong, and it also resulted in spending a lot more time around a BBQ than some kids have these days.

Weirdly, I always liked Sara Lee apple pies done on the BBQ. Yes, it's a thing you can do. From memory you need the alfoil trays, or that frozen pastry gets burnt fast.

But there are always the classics which never fail to please:

  • Grilled veggie skewers: great for vegetarians and a bit of char always goes down well.
  • Caramelised onion on the BBQ: never, ever fails.
  • Thick sausages from Coles/Woolworths: the authentic Australian experience.
  • BBQ minute steaks: for that quick and dirty sausage sanga in public.
  • BBQ octopus: if you're lucky enough to have someone who can do it right, this is amazing.

I was never a huge fan of the grilled prawns - or prawns in general, really. Dry rubbed steaks on the BBQ were always great too.

What do you like eating and cooking on the BBQ?


    Steak (a nice thick fatty cut)
    Burgers (Ground chuck steak with a bit of salt and pepper)
    Buffalo wings

    Has to be cooked over coals. Once you go coals you can't go back to a gas BBQ

    I honestly have to be one of the few guys that really struggles to cook on a bbq.
    Give me a good kitchen over a bbq any day.
    Having said that I'm partial to a bbq sausage.
    As long as they are good sausages from a butcher.

    And one of the benefits of working in a multi-cultural workplace is when we have "potluck" lunches (like today) the food is always amazing. So many different curries, lebanese sweets, sushi etc. It's awesome!

      Yeah, same. I'm a bit naff with the BBQ, plus the cleaning side of it is always something I dread doing.

        cleaning?... you mean scrape scrape scrape done?

          I always think there is more to it than that and that I need to wash it down etc.

        Yeah I always thinking cleaning a BBQ is harder than cleaning a pot or pans. :)
        I always feel that I need to wash it down etc.

        It's always good to leave a layer of oil on the hotplate and grills, it stops the iron from rusting.

        Also a good and quick way to clean the grill is the grill daddy, it might be "as seen on tv" crap but it genuinely works a treat.

      The mistake most people make cooking on a bbq is having it too hot. They whack the burners on full, and the result is burnt on the outside, raw in the middle.

      It's the same principle as a stove or an oven. Heat it up, turn it down to medium, and let everything cook nice and evenly.

      And ALWAYS put your onions and sausages on first, they take the longest to cook.

        Yeah this is true.
        I have gotten a lot better with my temperature control on my oven.
        So that could mean I would do better on a BBQ now.
        May give it a shot again this summer.

        I know someone who cooks their BBQ's on high and 9 times out of 10 the meat comes out burnt, no amount of tomato sauce will redeem his snags. The worst part he is very egotistical so you cannot tell him he is cooking wrong.

        I mostly cook on low, it might take a bit longer but nothing is burnt and it saves a bit on gas too.

    BBQ chicken skewers (honey soy)

    BBQ chorizo slices

    BBQ steaks (scotch fillet)

    BBQ sausages (thin better than thick)

    I love a bbq - my favourite is a wood-fired one in a camping ground in the middle of winter. We have a standard gas bbq at home, but it's getting rusted out and I'll probably replace it with a mini gas weberQ for portability.

    I love cooking thick sausages, corn on the cob, whole butterflied chicken and things on a stick :)

    BBQ's are for sissies. Camp oven feasting via an open fire is where the action is.

    Of course, inner city dwellings may have a problem with this concept...

    Man I'd be set if I could crap food :p

    Caramelised onion on the BBQ: never, ever fails.Except for the part where there's never enough of them to go around and there's still half the sausages left but no more onions and you've only just gotten to the front of the line and what is even the point any more.

      See? Even the people who don't get any want some. Always great.

    Thick sausages from Coles/Woolworths: the authentic Australian experience.
    I guess if you like the taste of fat & salt.. It's hard to find a good sausage that has flavour that doesn't take like you're just eating a tube of fat & salt.

    We've got both a gas & wood fired BBQ. Also i'll pretty much BBQ just about anything that you can cook in a fry pan honestly it also helps the gas BBQ has a side burner making it even easier to do caramelised onions. So bacon & eggs, burgers, snags, steaks, any form of chicken whether it be skewered, pieces, drum sticks etc, I also have a spit roast for it, so whole chickens, boneless lamb, chicken & pork go well too along with the occasional beef roast, pizza is also a good one, but I need to invest in something better than what I have i've been eyeing off those mini pizza ovens that you pop onto the BBQ they seem neat.

    Korean BBQ. Nuff said.
    Edit: Soju included of course.

    Last edited 01/11/16 12:33 pm

    Grilled haloumi is the best. And it has the added bonus of having some protein in it. One thing that annoys me a bit about being a vegetarian at a bbq is that I usually wind up with tonnes of salad and no protein, so I end up still hungry.

    Marinated field mushrooms and eggplant are other really good veggie options.

    My brother and i converted our BBQ into a mix charcoal and gas with a fireplace grate and some steel zip ties to make a basket, Awesome for spit roasts, get a mixture of the heat of gas and the smokey flavour from the charcoals.

    A good quick marinade, mix some soy sauce, oyster sauce, tomato sauce, Sriracha sauce, salt, pepper, garlic and whatever herbs you have, mix them up and marinade whatever meats you want.

    Bloody splayed chicken over coals, chicken ribs and beef sausages, none of that fancy lamb and chicken sausage cheese apricot malarky

    Aussies don't BBQ we grill. I have converted to a traditionalist low and slow US style BBQ. You really dont come back once you have perfected a slow cooked smoked brisket or proper pork ribs. Dry and wet rubs, temperature control, smoke, wrapping, and resting.

    I still grill over coals when i can or use the old LPG grill when i have to, but my new love is low and slow.

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